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Hi Everyone,

We are humbly reaching out to your kind hearts today as we try to help the father of my children while he is currently battling to save his life.

Dennis, or Densoy to his friends and family, is a kind-hearted man and a truly loving father. He has always had his children first on his list especially our 2 young girls, Micah (7 years old) and Maxine (5 years old). As a family, we are all trying our best to make sure that Densoy will be around as our daughters reach every milestone in their lives. He is only 28 years old.

As of January, Densoy has been diagnosed with Hepatic Encephalopathy Grade 1 and Liver Cirrhosis. Due to the nature of his illness and lack of financial capacity to attend to his needs, his situation has not improved and your help will allow us to consistently send him to the hospital to definitively understand the severity of his illness and lay out a plan of treatment with the help of medical professionals.

He's currently admitted to the hospital where he received several bags of blood as his Red Blood cells took a significant dip. His current status has been brought about by the lack of funds to seek for medical attention and this is why we are creating this drive to knock into your hearts today for any amount that you can donate in order to save the father of my children which hopefully could lead to him living a fuller life.

(These were screenshots from a video taken today)

As of today, he's admitted to Chinese General Hospital where his current bill of charges is amounting to Php 47,487.62. He will also require regular constant monitoring, medications and several visits to the hospital to track his progress.

I know that this is not the best time for everyone with the pandemic still a burning issue for us all, this is why any amount of help will do, anything that you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

I've attached photos of documentations from the hospital and I am around to answer any questions that you may have.

Here are some of the ways that you can send your help:

  1. GCash - Monica Braza - 09177825648
  2. PayMaya - Monica Braza - 09177825648
  3. BDO - Monica Braza - 001120458224
  4. PayPal - by clicking the link from this website

Densoy has the drive to fight this battle. He lights up whenever he hears Micah and Maxine telling him, "Papa you have to get well so you can take me to school when the quarantine is over". Here is a screenshot from their video chat today where our Ate Micah is trying to look silly to make her Papa smile.

Here are some of our photos and him with our girls.

We are thanking you in advance and God bless us all.

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Mar 17

Continuous Medication

Update posted by Jenica Mey Braza at 08:17 am

Through your help, you can see the improvement on his appearance and how he is slowly regaining his strength. His health is improving but it does not end there, he will still need continuous intake of Peptamen and Lactulose and regular visits to his doctors to nourish him back to. . . . .

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Mar 08

March 8 Update

Update posted by Jenica Mey Braza at 04:43 pm

Through your generosity and kind hearts, we were able to buy provisions for Densoy to further aid his recovery. As per his doctor's advise, he needs to have a regular bowel movement (more than once) in a day in order to flush out the toxins in his body. This is. . . . .

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Mar 03

Discharged from the Hospital

Update posted by Jenica Mey Braza at 07:55 pm

Hi Everyone, We would like to give you an update on Densoy's status. Densoy has been discharged from the hospital and is now at home. There were several donations received offline which greatly helped in paying for the hospital bill. Here are the results of his most recent laboratory testsAnd

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