Delilah is off the streets and needs your help!

Update posted by delila On Jul 18, 2014

We have raised a grand total of $692.00 for Delilah's heartworm treatment.  Our target was $1085.27, which was to include $400 for having Delilah spayed after her heartworm treatment, but the foster has decided that she would like to take care of that on her own, so the fundraiser is being stopped today.  Thank you to all who supported Delilah.  She is on her way!  I think of poor Delilah on the streets for 6 months, burying herself in leaves to keep warm in the autumn, surviving a Korean winter, running around crying on the streets after her babies were stolen from their nest, then her buddy Sammy disappearing, and now she is loved and safe.  All is well. 

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Update posted by delila On Jul 09, 2014

Justine has made a 2nd donation to us from her fundraising efforts for needy animals, called "Let's Go Bananas for our Furry Friends."  Baking her amazing banana bread, she just sent another $62.00 (62,700 won).  Thank you, Justine--what an incredible gift to Zoey and to us.

Delilah/Zoey has started her 2nd and heaviest month of heartworm treatment after a short rest period.  So far, she is tolerating the strong treatment well. 

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Update posted by delila On Jun 12, 2014


We are just about 60% funded now.  Thank you to Let's Go Bananas for Our Furry Friends recent donation after Justine worked hard to bake, distribute banana bread, and send money to help Delilah/Zoey (and we hope Sammy some day).  Thanks Justine! 

And thanks to Missy (my sis) all the way in Southern California for her donation to help Delilah/Zoey.  Very sweet. 

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Update posted by delila On Jun 04, 2014

Thank you to the many kind donors who have helped Delilah get off the street and recover her health.  So pleased at what we have been able to raise. Delilah/Zoey will soon be starting the 2nd and toughest (and most expensive ;) month of her heartworm treatment. 


We have raised $555, $175 through the gogetfunding and $380 in outside donations, so we are at about 1/2 of the total for what we need, but we have been able to cover her heartworm treatment which is the most critical right now. 


A special thank you to Katherine Hall who had a weekend fundraiser and raised $200 for Delilah, plus gave her own personal donation of $50.  Sammy is still missing.  He was spotted approximately 3 weeks ago but not seen since then.  A few local people are looking out for him, and I continue to search the local pound website and hope that we can get him and reunite him with his gal Delilah(akaZoey). 


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Missy in HB, CA

Backed with $25.00 On Jun 11, 2014


Hi Alison, Deb, Monique, and Marty (aka Mom :) I did not realize there were comments here and was happy to just read them. Thanks again for your support of sweet Delilah/Zoey. Thank you for giving your hard-earned money to help this little street dog. What a nice thing you did! Her foster mom says that she almost trots now when she is on her potty walks (a huge change from her 10 minutes to move 5 feet on a leash), and she is regaining her confidence. She was always a loving little thing but is blossoming even more in that way, too.


Posted On Jun 04, 2014


It's wonderful to see this happening! ~M

Marty Walters

Backed with $25.00 On Jun 01, 2014


For gorgeous Delilah. Sorry it can't be more, but ia lot of expenses at the moment. X

Monique Kauffmann

Backed On May 19, 2014 Amount Hidden


I keep thinking about her and Sammy...thank you for caring for her.

Deb Wolf

Backed with $50.00 On May 18, 2014


I hope you get a load of donations! You did such a great thing in saving this sweet dog! It wasn't easy and you didn't turn away and leave it to others,as many would! Thank you!!

Alison Johncox

Backed with $50.00 On May 17, 2014

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