Fundraiser to open skin care business in my city

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Executive Summary

The company

Small business company I plan on opening a storefront naming it

Dee Dee's inspirations

The Ownership

The company will be structured as a sole proprietorship.

The Management

Are there silent partners? I am looking for a few silent Partners if I can get some to help support the business, and this would be my product testers and advisors.

Do a few select partners make all management decisions?

I'm looking for people to invest in this business and those people who invest in this business will have access to my thought process and where I'm taking a company to. I will also make available meetings, planning, and product development.

I'll run by my ideas to them and they will help me to make my final decision.

Use complete sentences.

The Goals and Objectives

Briefly describe the business goals of the company: (Describe the growth of the company in measurable


What do you think the company can reasonably accomplish? a reasonably think that my company will grow , by using crowdfunding money I won't be upfront owing money to a loan so this will give me a chance to bring money in and bring products in and profit so that I'm not in the red I'm in the black. In terms of growth what do I think that I can do I do believe that in six months time I'll be able to invest in a mobile skin care just like that mobile food trucks a mobile skin care van, I'll be driving around just like Amazon saying the truck is in the area would you like to order some of my skin care products and they can order it or they can just come on site and buy whatever they want. But my hopes are to have $60,000 in the bank in order to be able to do that. So this may be a 1-2-3 year goal that I have depending on how many people love my products how many customers I have and the sales.

What are the sales forecasts of the company? what I was managing in the restaurant business I see that they did anywhere from $900 to $1,500 a day well I'm of course this is a restaurant but I want to keep my steak hi and say about $500 a day is my short term goal for the company. every company has growth spurts especially when there's holidays and special things and gifts and things to be bought. so I can take note of holiday special gifts and things like that and make up some products that would you know look like gifts so that they would be able to purchase these things as gifts pampering gifts.

Will you grow the market share of the company? Well skin care business is expected to grow to over 54 billion by 2027 so I do believe that I will be able to grow my market share.

What do you want to accomplish in the next 12 months? the next 12 months I'll be establishing my presence here in my neighborhood and my company and my products and perfecting and listening to the customers, and perfecting mine and their ideas. so that I can successfully grow my business here in my neighborhood online also.

What do you want to accomplish in the next 5 years? like I was saying before I hope to accomplish in the next 5 years that I'll be able to buy a food truck but overall it so that it would be for selling skin care products on the go instead of looking to open up more stores I'll be able to go different places and make it so that my stuff is really high wanted because they can only get it for me or to the internet through my websites.

Use complete sentences.

The Product

Briefly describe the main products of the company: I mean products of the company are skin care products anything involving skin care bettering the skin and helping people stay moisturized and younger longer. Also I want to focus on hair products hair care products because it's a lot of eczema in the hair or dermatitis itchy hair and problems with sulfates and products so I want to perfect that.

What is the main product of the company? I could say that the main product of the company as soap but I'm going to say that it's going to be a mixture of these things.

What does the product do? Clean the body clean the are leaving it moisturized and not dry without the itch

Is there a technical aspect that distinguishes the product of the company from the competition's? Technical aspect is the base that I'm looking to use has a lot of organic components to a lot of certified organic components in it and no sulfates no parabens. I'm only looking for product that actually going to work and people have highly reviewed this product. What's making it different from other people is this this this I'm looking to get a product that has a lot of Highly certified organic ingredients in it to make a different from other people. another different thing that I could say is different from my competition they go into Walmart and buy stuff off the counters I'm hoping like if they come up into my store that they have a good experience with the people working there and good customer service and people knowing what they're selling and being able to help them one on one.

If you are opening a retail outlet, what is unique about the service your company offers? What is unique skin care is a growing industry, in the area I live in there is no rush but I do see the ingredients that lost uses and I want to stay away from a lot of the ingredients they use, which will make me unique because I'm going to look to make products and make homemade soap and provide quality lotions and body wash and bubble bath all without using sulfates, I want to extinguish the use of petroleum also because a lot of hair care products that people use have Petroleum in it. a lot of diaper care products have Petroleum in them like diaper rash product products have Petroleum in it and I want to replace petroleum with products that can be like trolling but it's not petroleum, I do understand that people are trying to stay away from beeswax though if you want to do something why would you want to use petroleum, so I would have to find a vegan solution for people who don't want to use beeswax to make un petroleum jelly 4 using balms and things like that. I'm not looking to take the cheap route out like a lot of these companies that are using petroleum and using sulfates because it's cheap to do it I'm looking to into investing into two products that are sulfate-free and that have a lot of certified organic ingredients.

so who is my target market everybody is my target market my target is targeting everyone all the way from babies to grown adult men.

this mean I'm going to have something for everybody in the family even for seniors for mature skin.

This is why I'm talking about extinguishing petroleum jelly products.

Cuz we're going to make something for the baby's bum that has no petroleum jelly which means we are going to carry diaper ointment that uses some sort of essential oil like lavender and calendula and yarrow and chamomile that are sensitive for sensitive skin see a baby can use it and people with sensitive skin can use it also.

so when I talk about getting rid of petroleum jelly for men they use balms different bombs for their skin for their beards

Are we got shaving cream, shaving soap, conditioners that are suitable for women and scents they're suitable for men.

so we're going to have something for everybody we're going to have something for people with mature skin that tightens the skin a product that tightens the skin I'm sort of lotion or cream it has some sort of organic certified ingredients in it that causes the skin to stay young longer and tightens the skin some products that help with cellulite.

Is so instead of talcum powder we'll come up with a powder that has no talk in it that's you know certified organic and it's sensitive for the skin so that you can use it instead of the powder that causes cancer ovarian cancer study. so we'll be creating sensitive skin products for people and for babies will dress it up and make it look nice with put little towels in it for babies things that babies can use little comb brushes stuff like that. Will have sort of balm for pregnant women for their stretch marks making sure that we use organic certified ingredients but also making sure that we know what ingredients pregnant women shouldn't be using.

and yeah we have all different types of skin type so I will try to address the dry skin, will try to address this oily skins,and will try to address normal skin products.

The pricing strategy of this company is a little complicated and easy at the same time I'm not trying to overpriced people. However the cost of the material must be doubled or tripled in order to make a profit and in order to account for reordering material.

so I will have high end luxury items in my store but I also have mostly carrying things that are fordable for people that they can afford.

I'm not going to substitute cheapness for quality, the items that I have research and the companies that I want to do business with do not substitute cheapness for quality. I only want to deal with things that actually work the quality of product does allow me to charge more but I don't want to charge high price for things. I have been looking around a lot of work at it products and products online products on Amazon and seeing what other people charge for the ingredients that are in some of the products that I'm going to buy and I see people charging high and cost when they only paid a fraction of the money so they're getting high profit margins even though I know that place is like Amazon charge a lot of money for you to put your items in their stock so I think that this is part of the reason also. so if you get something in my store on my online store and might be less money than on Amazon because Amazon does charge people to keep their items in stock and they charge people to ship their items so it makes things more higher then normal. I'm same time I'm not going to be at least cost provider because if I'm at least cross provider that means that I'm providing sulfates. I might choose to put a little bit of soap it's in the store but what for they can get all the Solfege they want at Jewel-Osco Walmart and all the big box companies so I might choose not to provide any sulfates these are the items that are least cost providing.

I've already explained to you that my competitors will be Walmart Target Jewel-Osco all the local store the people go do their shopping at and they add on products to their carts a lot of these things are expensive in the stores to but they get more of it but there's a lot of ingredients in those items and there's a lot of chemicals in those items to make them work.

I'm not sure the market share of my competitors this is something I would need help to research Market sharing of Target Walmart businesses such as Bath & Body Works as a favorite company for a lot of people so I would be interested in knowing the market share of them but same time I know that they use sulfates they are using the cheap rotten people love their product because it filled up with a lot of things in them. They are high-end provider but at the same time they're providing sulfates.

I don't think my business is alone in the market because the skin care business is growing to be like they said in the billions but 2027 a lot of people are getting on this business. I believe I have good chances as a stand-alone store because right now winter time is coming and people are going to be doing their shopping for Christmas and you know holidays birthdays things of this such.

does a company I'm looking to start off small I'm thinking no were larger than $100,000 is what I'm going to need to start this company because if I started in time by October I'll be there for the Christmas season with your help boost my company for the next year.

the good thing about a skincare business as people will always need skin care and if they like the product will come back and they'll keep shopping if they like the people will come back in a few shopping a customer service is excellent they will come back and they will keep shopping in my store.

the money is that I'm using his capital for it so that I can renovate the store put everything that the store needs to have and also have money to be able to purchase the items that I need to sell in the store. and since I'm looking for Crown funny money I won't have to owe anybody anything right away this will give me a heads up on you know being able to be in the black for Christmas.

I have a feeling though that things will sell off of the shelves and I'll have to keep inventory up for this part of the year. money also will be spent on salary for people working here obviously right away when I'm starting the job starting to open up my Company the company doesn't have money to pay employees this is why I'm including that in the hundred thousand dollars. so that way also I won't get into the red trying to pay employees and I won't be you know having people work here and not being paid even though this is a small company and I'm working here I also need to pay bills.

The company's going to reach its goals by working hard getting people in the door getting out there advertisement part of the money will go to advertisement mailers and on obtaining the website no be easy to use that people can go online and also purchase the products.

I do think that one of the goals of my company would be to have people working on the side who want to work for commission to go out and demonstrate the products to people sort of like Mary Kay but not really you no makeup skincare, sort of a referral program this is something that I want to get done within the first 6 to 12 months.

says this is a new company and we're talkin about organizational timeline I can't have a timeline until I have the money to to begin as soon as the money is in my hands I will go to my neighborhood storefront and start inquiring of them at such a space that my needs that will suit my needs of my company.

Half of the space of the storefront that I'm going to be releasing will be for products the other half of the company will be for classes in case people want to learn whatever like how to make sober crafting and things of the such in the back.

this is also another thing that I will probably bring in some teachers to teach people how to make bath bombs teach people how to make soap teach people how to make candles it's another way to bring the company's income up and me and my family love crafting and we love making crafts so the front half of the store will have the the products but it's going to be separated by hopefully up to three classrooms in the back totally detached from the store.

I'm hoping to open doors by by October Indian food production everything in the store will be new every service will be new employees will be hired ASAP.

although it's going to be a small company it's not a big company so I'm going to be the employee and my children I have four adult children.

I have worked in the management and I have work with paperwork and I have my associates in business management.

I will invest in software that will help my transition work good with the company so that things will flow softly and smoothly everything will be attached to that inventory system of the computer.

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