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Update posted by Mandy Day On Mar 23, 2020

I have been trying to raise funds or materials to help a man save his home. This is not a once off for me - I would liked to grow this initiative and started helping more fellow South Africans.

For starters I did not think that it would be this hard to raise funds for a good cause - but I guess there are so many good causes out there and people in need. I was hoping that even if a 1000 people donate R100 each that would give me R100 000 - which would complete the basic needs of this house and I could start on another.

Ideally - for my next home I would like to focus on a single working mom, so if you have anyone that you think could benefit from some assistance please email me a motivation. #singlemom

To big corporations out there - it does not have to be financial assistance - it could be legal advise, architectural ideas - Maintenance advise - it could be left over materials that you can not sell and would normally dump. Example - Paint, wood, bricks, sand, cement, tiles

Ideally the owner of the house has a green finger and it is his passion - so I would love donations of materials to make a grow tunnel (vegetables etc) - a bee hive and herb boxes. His house does already have an area made to make his own compost and lastly I would like to implement a worm farm. Any donations or advise around this would be greatly appreciated. #selfsustaining

I would also like to look at solar panels - I know this can be expensive, but adding this kind of value to his home makes an impact on his life - the value of his house and - 1 less person putting high demand on Eskom. #solarenergy

I know that money is tight and with the Corona Virus and all the restrictions - everyone is being penny wise and I totally understand that.

If you are unable to donate in any way shape or form - Following the Campaign - LIKE and SHARE my links - could make a huge difference and all just because you pushed a button.

I wish all the families and businesses out there all the best of luck through these hard times. This is a time where the country (the people of South Africa) needs to pull together and support each other - because the government aren't making much effort to improve the country let alone sustain it.

Thank you for reading my update and if you have ANY comments or feedback I would love to hear from you.


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Update posted by Mandy Day On Mar 09, 2020

In my previous update - I mentioned that the tenants were still in the house and are currently "Squatting" and refusing to leave or pay rent.

So in order not to lose the property - the owner has gone to Legal Aid to get assistance.

The Law in South Africa regarding Rental Rights is shocking!!!

To be honest - if I knew that a Tenant could hold me hostage in this way and I could lose my home - I would rather sell then rent!

In the last month I have also applied with Builders Warehouse for Funding - ISUZU and next week I am speaking with a Lady about a Worm Farm for the house and HiveFlow.

The Owner has "green fingers" and I would like to create a space in the back yard that he could grow vegetables - herbs - succulents etc. Beez are currently endangered - and this way he gets to help save the planet and earn extra income.

Any Donation would be greatly appreciated - you can donate from as little as R10.

If you wish to discuss further please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Update posted by Mandy Day On Feb 18, 2020

I am very sad and frustrated to say that the current tenants have not paid rent in 4 months and now are refusing to move out.

Option 1 - Attorney (we do not have that kind of budget)

Option 2 - Rental Tribual - could take months and lose his house while fighting for it.

The SA Law is very "Pro" the tenant - but to the detriment of the home owner.

Please support us - Monetary Donations of even donation of materials would be greatly appreciated.

Please watch the video I created pertaining to the state of the house.

Saving One Home at a Time

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Update posted by Mandy Day On Feb 04, 2020

Our first donation for the house - we are so excited and grateful to the wonderful women who donated them to this Fund. She has asked to remain anonymous but she knows who she is and I wanted to personally thank her for the donation and the generosity of delivering it to the house.

"One Mans Trash is Another Man's Treasure."

Please share the link for donations and if you are able to assist in anyway please contact me directly.

Thanking you in advance.



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Update posted by Mandy Day On Nov 19, 2019

Good day all,

So our first project with the house will be to replace the windows.


Bathroom - far right in picture 92 x 89cm & Kitchen - middle window 92 x 89cm

Front door & Lounge Window - far left in picture 92 x 169cm

Braai Room Window 2.71 x 1.22m

Braai Room Sliding Door

If you would like to donate funds towards this project or you would like to donate the material please do not hesitate to contact me.

Let's get this ball rolling and turn this "diamond in the rough" into a little gem.



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