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Update posted by Danielle Eyman On Jan 07, 2020

This is what I knew I knew I was getting involved with.

The hospital has an abundance of money and resources they can use to make this lawsuit go as long they want with the intent to bleed me dry- emotionally, financially & physically. To make me get soooo desperate I'll settle for anything because their threat is I chance getting nothing.

After a meek holiday season, while I work on prepping for my upcoming deposition, I got word that in fact opposing counsel wants to postpone my Arbitration date... until AUGUST 2020. And no, there is no guarantee they won't try to do that again because, well, they can.

This time, I put my foot down. I really need this to be over. I am tired.

I denied that postponement.

The truth is after filing the lawsuit I tried to go on with my daily life as best I could. Keeping myself educated on topics that interest me, maintaining my self care, keeping my daughters life status quo.

But sitting here diving into all the documents and emails I have from 2 years ago it's like re living all that trauma. The feelings of panic to a point of paralyzation have become something I can't hide from anymore. My saving grace every day is my local spin class- and my weekly therapist appointments that by the grace of God are being provided pro bono at this time. I don't leave my house unless I need groceries, or I absolutely have to. Yes, no matter what the outcome, I can't live my life in limbo anymore.

The anxiety attacks I would have on the way to work. The feelings of inadequacy as an RN knowing my patients weren't getting the safe and adequate care they deserved and in fact I didn't even trust the hospital I worked for to deliver to my own family and friends are overwhelming. The sleepless nights worrying if I had done all I could, if anything would ever change, if I would be heard. The patients falls, missed orders, and sloppy treatments that could have been avoided... and the liability I was being asked to place myself under every day I walked into work.... what would it take until someone who could make the changes that needed to be made LISTENED???

The absolute harshness of living everyday knowing my once prominent reputation as a professional nurse is gone, stripped from me.

The reality is terrifying! I am not the first nurse nor am I the last to be targeted in the hospital work environment for complaining, writing up and not tolerating illegal staffing, requesting continuously that our floor be equipped necessary medical supplies, insisting on an uninterrupted lunch break, and most importantly standing up for the patients that lie vulnerable in a hospital bed- relying on their nurse to ensure their needs and care are of utmost priority. Each person walking in the door of a hospital hold us to a standard they are promised, not knowing the truth of what is behind the scenes of their daily care.

Exposing the truth is dangerous and has cost me my job and career.

Consider donating even $10 to this cause. I continue this fight for the nurses before me that just couldn't commit to the fight, and for the ones who will inevitably come up after me if something doesn't change in our for profit healthcare system.

The donated money goes into a trust for fronting fees like expert witness testimony and court reporters in deposition for my team. My case has an opportunity to prove to a judge that NOT holding UHS accountable for their lack of ensuring patient safety at all costs- will cost people their lives.

Thank you for following and reading my updates, I am so grateful to have a platform to be heard.

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Update posted by Danielle Eyman On Dec 20, 2019

So Exciting how supportive and encouraging most everyone has been towards me at this time!

Also disheartening at how prevalent workplace harassment is.

I have made my decisions (all of them) keeping in mind the best outlook of my and my families future. A lot of those decisions had to made in just minutes.

Almost every single decision has been one I didn’t want to make and has left me feeling completely out of control... something the justice system takes almost immediately.

Every action and inaction within IVMC Human Resources department has forced me into some pretty dark holes, with no way of knowing how I’ll ever get out.

I can remember when I first voiced concerns about the push back I received on the floor to some of my colleagues. I was questioning the staffing support and patient safety almost daily. It was my impression after many heartfelt discussions (and after no concrete changes made from management and administration) that my HR department would most definitely be protecting first and foremost the company they worked for. NOT me, the employee.

I felt singled out and alone. I felt threatened and up against a wall. I felt like a “bad person” because I spoke up. Regardless of what I said or did, how I said or did it- the bottom line was I was making waves and that would be MY problem.

A lot of the details of my final days at IVMC I need to keep to myself due to on going litigation. All of which I will make public after it is over.

I have been severely traumatized by the way this has played out. I have been challenged by the very system I grew up believing I could count on.

I believe that the systems with the money not only believe they will be successful in silencing me or anyone like me, but that dragging out litigation proceedings is more of a preferred strategy. A strategy of how long it will take before I fold and just go away.

This money raised will be my second coat of arms. A way to bring even more evidence of truth and proof in front of what I pray is a just and fair judge.

My depositions are coming up and this is where the rubber meets the road- and also how I know I am finally able to be heard.

I am grateful for the laws in place that are designed to protect people like me- the whistleblower act, protection from workplace retaliation, unlawful termination, the fair accommodation requirements, even our right for uninterrupted breaks! So many laws made because others before me have faced these exact issues.

And these continue to be horrendous issues- not just for nurses or healthcare workers but for all employees of large corporations.

Mine is just one persons journey and experience- and in sharing my journey, I have learned of so many others!

Every single story I hear inspires me. Every message, every share, every “like”... it’s like the universe is sending me support through strangers! I love it!

This Christmas my gratitude lies in so many areas... mostly for the support I am getting during this time in my life. It has moved me beyond words!

Thank you for reading!

Happy Holidays 🎄

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Update posted by Danielle Eyman On Dec 17, 2019

This past week stuff has really picked up! It has been 2 years of crickets on the legal end and blows from UHS HR department at every turn.

I’ve had to do a lot of waiting while IVMC HR department led me on a goose chase... would they accommodate me? No. Then Yes... then no, wait then yes... uh then nope. Stating they had not one open position for an experienced RN in all three local facilities.... during a country wide nursing shortage, not one open position. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

So I went on a hunt of my own and within 3 hours found internet listings dated months old for about 7 possible positions they were actively hiring for, but somehow failed to offer me.

I emailed them to HR immediately, and about a week later was told those positions had been filled and were no longer available.

That is just ONE of the hoops I have proof of HR making me jump through in these past 2 years!

Today I turn in my final 4 inch thick binder of legal discovery to UHS’s legal team. It’s chalked full of emails, professional evals, job postings, private medical information, every skeleton in my closet, pictures, text messages, notes from the board of registered nursing, notes from the many meetings I sat in, the discovery from when they denied my unemployment and I had to appeal the EDD to have them over turn their decision, letters on my behalf from colleagues, letters from all my doctors and therapists- you name it, it’s in there.

It’s exhausting because for every piece of paper I turn in, I know the over bearing legal team at UHS will counter the truth sitting in front of them in some way.

I wish every single day this was handled in a private way, a professional manner. The fact is- it wasn’t. It’s unfortunate, and it’s rampant.

Of the people who have reached out to me- many have been Nurses who are going through the exact same thing I am- RIGHT NOW!

The stories differ only slightly, but the bottom line remains the same. We have been able to trace active nurse bullying back 30 years! Statistics from OSHA report workplace bullying and retaliation in hospital settings to be 80% of the complaints they receive, and those are just the stats that have been reported... OSHA suspects many don’t report for fear of workplace discrimination and job loss.

What saddens me is this a primarily a female nursing administration operating under CEO’s and CFO’s who are male and NOT NURSES. The female administrators get their perks and bonuses as long they meet the corporate bottom line... and this incentive is all it takes for them to turn a blind eye when a floor nurse recognizes and states the need for change.

Someone made a comment stating this lawsuit sounded like I was upset because “nursing is hard” to that I say- it’s been hard for my entire career. There isn’t a law against working in “hard” conditions. And going to “work somewhere else” doesn’t solve anything, it bandaids the issue.

There are many laws however against retaliation, unlawful termination, hostile work environments... there is also a whistleblower act that is supposed to protect people like me from the retaliation I have been subjected to when speaking up about unsafe and illegal conditions for patient care.

I guess HR at Inland Valley has recently enacted a policy that prohibits bullying... that policy came out 3 months ago. About 1 year and 9 months to late for my benefit. At least there is some action being taken to hopefully offset this burden for the future nurses that bless that hospital!

That’s why I am making my private struggle public. I don’t know that I’ll ever work in nursing again, but I am still a nurse. This fight is, as many legal battles become, to prevent this from happening at such a rampant pace for the future nurses.

We NEED nurses, YOU need nurses... and everyone deserves RESPECT.

Thank you again for reading, and your continued support!
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Safe patient ratios need to be laws everywhere. I’m shocked families don’t ask or investigate safe patient ratios. Hospitals make money off of nurses and doctors with ridiculous ratios

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God give you the strength and willpower to continue your quest to have a safe patient environment and respect of nurses by hospitals. Letting them know without us nurses, hospitals would be defunct!

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