Dancehall/Krump/Hiphop dancer goes to Jacques Lecoq!

My name is Cindy, I am a Hiphop Dancehall Krump dancer, choreographer and theatre maker. I have been offered a place at the International School of Theatre of Jacques Lecoq (a pioneer in physical theatre, physical comedy, and more). I will be temporarily relocating to Paris for this incredible opportunity. I am asking for your HELP TO COVER THE COSTS OF MY TUITION FEE. Please check out the REWARDS when making a contribution. 1. Investing in me is investing in future generations to come Throughout my career as an artist, I have set up numerous projects to support young talents to reach their dreams. One of my flagship programs is 1000 Pieces Puzzle. Participants have set up their own non profit organizations, went on tour with their own shows, and changed their local communities. After my training at Jacques Lecoq, I want to continue setting up these programs. In order to be a great role model and a great mentor, I must continue raising my own game as an artist. Testimonials: “Cindy’s given me permission to empower myself in ways I didn’t know how, everything she’s taught me I will take on with me through out the rest of my life.” – Ffion “Cindy is a sun and a bright light shining. I never knew I could do this as a performer.”– Paola “1000 Pieces Puzzle… Hands down the best dance experience I have ever had. I say ‘dance experience’, but it was so much more than that. I learned … Continue reading Dancehall/Krump/Hiphop dancer goes to Jacques Lecoq!