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Hi everyone! This is actually my 3rd attempt I think of creating a fundraiser though the first ones are a failed it's all about how I need help with my depression and getting helped by a psychiatrist before.I thought really hard if I should do this or not because I so afraid of people judging us, telling how we are just looking for pity and attention but the helplessness that I feel and this thing that we are going through made me decide to reach out for help.My mom was diagnosed with COVID 19 last September. We don't go out as much as possible. We try to keep everything sanitized specially since we have kids in the house. We didn't expect that anyone would that virus. It happened when she was visited by one of my cousins, who unbeknown to us has already tested positive. The next day after the visit, my mom had a fever. We thought it's just becauses she got rained on previously. Days have passed and the fever did not go down. That's when I noticed that she is having a hard time breathing.My mom is so worried and scared of what will happened that she didn't even tell us that her chest is hurting and that she is already running out of breath. One of my cousin gave us an oximeter and emergency oxygen in can in case that her breathing will get worse. My mom's tears were streaming down her face when she admitted that it has been a while since she cannot breathe properly, but she endured it all. She kept it to herself, she didn't want to go to the hospital. The reason aside from being scared is because she is worried about the money.We all cried so hard and told her that we'll get through this but we have to make sure that she will be okay first. We brought her to the city because there was no space available in our province. She got tested and ended up being positive for COVID 19. The doctor told us that her case is SEVERE. That we were lucky that we got there in time because her lungs is already collapsing. If we had waited longer, she would have already stopped breathing.I was so lost, I didn't know what to do. I filed for leave on my work because I had to take care of my mom. She cannot function alone. I stayed with her the entire time and assisted her. I was scared for myself as well because I am exposed with other covid patients but I had to be strong. I prayed everyday to God for her health and mine.Thankfully, she survived. After weeks of being in the hospital, they finally gave us the signal to get discharged. My mom has been isolating at home, same as me since I have been exposed and might be a carrier of the virus too. The doctors told us it would take about 6 months to 1 year for her to fully recover but the remnants and effects of the virus is still there. She's not allowed to work and do lots of chores anymore as her chest will hurt and she'll run out of breath. We still have an emergency tank of oxygen for her.I'm so happy that she's alive but then reality kicks in. The hospital bills and the bills that we have left behind for our house, it was there. Everything just piled up. We cannot even buy groceries anymore.I didn't even know that this event will trigger my depression too. I missed and wasn't able to go to work for about 2 months. Because of what happened. It took a while before I was able to go back but no matter how I tried hard to work, I just can't seem to payoff our debts.

Then the last straw came in, I lost my job and now we currently don't have any sources. I'm still trying to look for a work. It drowned me and people might call me weak but I started thinking of just ending myself to escape all of this, which is ironic because I just recently realized that life is too short. But my mind is telling me to do so.I had no one else to ask for help from so I'm hoping that I can knock on other people's heart. I might sound shameless but I just don't know what to do anymore. I've already asked my friends, family and almost everyone but it's just doesn't work.If you could just lend us a hand, even if it's just a tiny bit. We would definitely appreciate it.You can support us here on this page or you can also send help on to any of my accounts below:



Evangeline F. Antonio





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