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AiTech (PTY) Ltd is a company that was opened and registered in November 2020 in South Africa. The name AiTech stands for Artificial Intelligence Technologies. The company is focused on solving problems in the realms of Engineering an Information and Communication technology (ICT).

AiTech was funded by Sydney (PhD) and Owen, two brothers with a passion for technology.

AiTech has the ambition to position itself as a leader in the technology provision industry. Currently, South Africa is the base country in terms of development. However, the aim is to solidify AiTech presence in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

One of the product’s AiTech is currently working on is CoAccess. CoAccess (Corona Access) is an ideology that emanated from the current COVID19 pandemic. CoAccess’s ideology has been translated into an application system that has multiple components that are listed below:

CoAccess – Airport (CoAccess-A) – DRC’s Version. Below is the initial architecture CoAccess-A destined for DRC:

The Figure above, we present the architecture of CoAccess-Airport DRC in which each testing stations is required to register all the tests certificates (Certificate Number) that are issued to potential travelers. These stations must also register any results that were positive (to COVID19). In the instance a certificate is issued, the traveler must present it at the Airport (or any other port of entry/exit) within 2 days as prescribed by the law. At the airport, the operator will ask for the following details: NAME, SURNAME, PASSPORT NO. (TRAVEL DOCUMENT NUMBER) and DATE OF BIRTH. Once these details are captured, the system will be able to tell where (at which station) the traveler did his/her COVID test. Moreover, the system has the ability to notify the relevant authorities when a positive test has been picked up.

The aim is to ensure that all the COVID19 tests that are conducted for travelling purposes are tracked adequately. Moreover, this system will ensure that no fraudulent certificates are issued. CoAccess-A DRC is undergoing rapid development (in terms of its architecture).

The other version of CoAccess is the South African version. This application has the sole purpose of eliminating the use of paper for the COVID19 screening at the port of entry/exit for local (domestic) and international flights. The MVP navigation panel will look as follow:

Currently, travelers are filling a paper form at the airport before travelling. In the instance of a domestic flight, a person would fill in a self-screening online form with various details before their flight (within 2 days as per global regulation) as shown below:

When at the airport (or any other port of entry/exit), the user will provide his NAME, SURNAME, ID / PASSPORT NO. to the health officials for verification as shown below:

This system will have the possibility to send suspicious travelers’ details to the relevant authorities through the CoAccess-API.

Finally, CoAccess – Building will be available anywhere in the world.This application is for access control in different kinds of building. The application ensures that each access (a person entering a building) is checked for temperature. This temperature along with a person details (Name, Surname, etc.) are kept into a central database. One of the advantages of the CoAccess – Building is that it will have the ability [through its Application Programming Interface (API)] to notify the relevant authorities should a person’s temperature is beyond the acceptable range. This database can be accessed by a Government upon request (This depends on where the system is implemented).

Roadmap and Goals:

Currently, the immediate need (goal) of AiTech is to develop CoAccess-Airport (DRC and South Africa) proof of concept (POCs). The POCs development are meant to be ready for marketing in the next 7 to 9 months upon the receptions of funds. CoAcces-Building will be marketed to different companies around the world (Mainly in South Africa and in the Democratic Republic of Congo). However, CoAccess-Airport is to be marketed to governments. The advantage of using CoAccess-Airport is that there is a possibility to easily trace COVID19 contacts in the event of a spike in infections caused by a specific traveler.

The priority is given to the development of the POC of CoAccess-A (DRC) version because the feasibility study has already been conducted and the development time is well known.

The funds received by our backers will help us with following:

  1. Cloud Server leasing
  2. Domain rentals
  3. Cloud Database Leasing (Digital Ocean 8G 4CPU Disk 115G)
  4. Fast Internet Line
  5. Purchase of development computers and monitors:2 X Dell inspiron 5593 i7 16gb 512gb ssd 1tb hdd 4gb graphics notebook4 X Samsung Samsung 32" UHD Monitor
  6. The marketing required to put the product out there
  7. Living expenses.
  8. Any additional hire required for our project during the development phase.



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No more donations are being accepted at this time. Please contact the campaign owner if you would like to discuss further funding opportunities