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I came out west to help mom who is a cancer patient.

Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong

EVERYONE we ( mom and I) do not have anyone but the community for hopes of getting any support.

over the last few months we have had 2 family losses a (major) job loss ,2 cars


and mom was also in and out of hospital which totaled 3 weeks all of this in a two month period since i have posted a gofund in hopes to get our family back to seeing brighter days well then other (major) things begun to take place. (our home) . it is slowly falling apart, i am very concerned that everytime it rains that it was spark the electircal wiring and the windows leak badly. and the roof of the porch isnt going to hold up much longer.

i will put the links BELOW of the house ( ( no insurance) will not cover the house. this i have already checked into

link1#windows also get flooded when it rains

windows on inside of house get flooded

when it rains, and more and more damage being done to porch everytime it rains/needs repaired really bad before it gets to the point of having to be torn down

link2#more damage being done to porch everytime it rains/it greatly needs repaired.

i forgot to add that the value of our cars one was 9000 and one was 6000 BUT ANYTHING THAT WE COULD GET AT THIS POINT FOR ANY KIND OF CAR WE WOULD BE GREATFUL FOR. EVEN ONE THAT WOULD NEED WORK DONE TO IT WE DONT CARE. WE JUST WANT TO be able to pick ourselves up and continue on.

then to go on our cat of 12 years we found out she had cancer and she had to be put down everything from october 2016 to last month have been worse than traumatizing for our family. im not really feeling much pressure being lifted from our house. but we still pray for any funding that we can get.

we have some major medical expenses still and we are hoping to be able to replace one of the cars ive seen a few for around 4500 that looked really nice, but again still saving from what i get on here. and im only hoping that you have it in your hearts to help us even a little dont matter 20$ or 10$ everything at this minute is going towards a car. to be able to get back out there and be productive again, mom will find out if she is cancer free in a few weeks this last year or so has been a journey so hopefully she will be free of this. we are praying , .without a car she has had to use transportation back n forth to doctors thank god for them but as far as getting anywhere else. its been the luck of the my son who is autistic thats also a task for me but love him to death wouldnt trade him for the world.but he is also missing his dad, it was a big decision to pick up and come 4000 miles . which i understand i only have 1 mom. but she is getting better and so its time for my son and i to go back home. but with all the tragic things that have happened since we have been here. im not finding it happening anytime soon. we could really use your help. not just mentall and physically but mostly emotionally., i understand that their are people out there way worse than us but again everyones life situations are jouneys are different. and without support i dont see getting back on our feet anytime soon. any donations would help dearly

this link is what mom went threw before i even ever came to az to help her EVERYTHING HAS BEEN WAY TO MUCH FOR THE BOTH OF US

we are reaching out to you whatever you could spare,AND IF YOU CANT WE UNDERSTAND BUT PLEASE DO HELP TO SHARE OUR STORY

. see we have had tons of things since october happen. and it wasnt a little at a time it seemed to be everything all at once and everyone tells me things will be ok. but things only got worse.and they really without lieing are still hard till we can get back on our feet any questions at all, please feel free to message me if nothing else we really are in need of a vehicle!!!


god bless


(TO EVERYONE IN REGARDS TO PAYMENTS TO OUR GOFUND i got an email stating that my 120 days is up so therefor any payment)( set up on this account has been cancelled) unless i create another gofund i have already done that once. its a lot to master so with that being said here is MY PERSONAL PAYPAL LINK BELOW AND IF THAT IS A PROBLEM PLEASE DO EMAIL ME THANKS. JENN) is also another way of funding if you would like again thanks to all who fund or share our story/..

p/s now as of january 16th mom was told after being released from the hospital and was seen by a specialist. that she has kidney failure with one of her kidneys .and she has copd and a bad heart.



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Nov 09

god bless to all those who fund and keep us in their prayers

Update posted by jennifer welch at 08:09 am

thanks to the person who funded our account 200 a few days agogod bless there ius still hope

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Jul 04

wanting to save for a car ( like this one that got taken from me) VERY GOOD GAS SAVER .

Update posted by jennifer welch at 08:45 pm

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Jun 17

our campaigne

Update posted by jennifer welch at 02:26 am

thanks to the person who just donated to us that was very kind of u .

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