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You can help me attend my Art Graduation in Person; October this year!

Behind the Brush;

Hello there You art-loving Adventure seekers!

My name is Jullie-Ann and I am a South-African artist and a work in progress..

I didn't know how, but just knew that I had to.. so this is me pulling the very last strings together and being genuine.

Please watch my very personal video and read my blog on: to know the truth about me and why I can never stop being an artist. The reason for this is because I would like you to connect to my art on a deeper level..

My website and video has been released and on there I share my journey and so much more with you; Gifting you my full story!

Thank you to each and every future seeker, trailblazer, and explorer alike.

Thank you to every one of you who cheered & supported me on this journey to becoming a professional artist! I applied for my Graduation at the prestigious Milan Art Institute.

It took me a year longer than expected, but the time has finally arrived!! I just got the mail, I made it!! I am now a Milan Art Institute Graduate at the age of 40 something! (Who said 40 is too late to take the plunge!!

I am a bit of an art collector myself, but did you know that by taking interest in art you are shaping art history? You recognize the value that artists bring to communities, and you are in a position to ignite interest in a particular artist’s oeuvre.

Something wonderful that I learned in my exciting art mission is that by curating an art collection, is that you end up using your art as a means of self-expression which reflects the artist's individual personality.

The emotions evoked by acquiring an artwork are deeply personal, whether you identify with the subject or if the colours take your breath away.

That deep connection between you and the artwork you buy is absolutely priceless! (I will write an art blog about why people collect art..)

With my art graduation just around the corner, the time has finally arrived.

My motivation behind my blogging and this fundraiser?

My blog posts, and this fundraiser intends to provide a space for me to share my story in an honest and open way, unhindered by fear of judgment or repercussions.

Yes, I'm scared to expose myself to such raw vulnerability and to share so many personal details, but I truly feel that I owe it to you to be sincere as an artist.

(Please Read my latest blog, it meant some deep diving…)

Truth Bomb "Courage doesn't always roar, and being happy doesn't mean you're perfect.." with other words;

Bravery does not always make a loud noise, and being content doesn't always mean that everything is perfect…

I believe that we all have a story to tell, and your story is uniquely your own, and no one else can tell it the way you can…

I hope that you also find your way, maybe by following mine you will one day have the courage and strength to share yours...or maybe my vulnerability will help you to have more compassion for someone else's trauma & hurt...

Our stories are powerful because they evoke compassion even among strangers. We also create opportunities to understand others better and cultivate empathy toward them.

What I do…

I am a full-time South-African Artist, Wife, and Mother of 2 Beautiful Teens.

I have this highly sensitive and extremely talented photographer friend and mentor.

When I asked her what made her want to become a photographer, she replied that she was going through a very difficult time in her life and that she felt like she needed to start looking/searching for the beauty in life.

Her humility and caring heart make her one of the most beautiful people I have ever met.

Who my art is for…

If you crave adventure and want to discover the world or yourself..

Are you a restless soul always in search of new ideas & inspiration?

Then I'm hoping that when you look at my art, that it will ignite a spark, a smile, or even a tear..

Something that will move you to your core.

Like my photographer friend, I want people to feel more alive and to stop and look for the unseen beauty all around us!

My art is very modern and I have found that even the younger generation tends to find appeal in my art… Definitely entrepreneurs and adventure seekers of our world!

I have found that my works speak to outdoor people who love to engage with nature. The trailblazers, long-distance runners/cyclists, and active people…

The purpose of the themes that I choose is to make people feel inspired, to make them ask questions like why or why not... To encourage people to think outside of the box and discover new things. I want people to dare to dream.

Always remember this famous quote: "You are free to be different."

My Vision/Future plans & goals:

Sooo many!!

My dream is to create a space where art collectors, artists, and just mostly art lovers all over the world will have an opportunity to meet artists and spend a bit more time with art.. Basically staying over at an art gallery in the heart of Africa..

I believe that this will create the perfect opportunity for the wanderers, the serious art collectors, house designers & anyone in the Decor market to just spend a bit more time, and even feel and dream what it's like to live with an art piece; to help find the perfect art, especially for you and your space!

My dream also includes art of other well-renowned local and international artists. (Stay Tuned).

My next Adventure:

This is where you can make the world's difference for me; see I have worked very hard, even during Covid.. This is my plead to you to help me to attend the In Person Graduation & Milan Art Experience this year! You can help me to travel from South-Africa all the way to to Miami early October (2023) and you can also help me to have accommodation close by! I can offer to share my travel journey and maybe (if possible) some Instagram live videos with you!


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  • Cannot wait, well-done Julle-Ann.


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  • Cannot wait, well-done Julle-Ann.



JullieAnn Viljoen
raised of $4,648.00 goal
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No more donations are being accepted at this time. Please contact the campaign owner if you would like to discuss further funding opportunities