Christophers Right To Free Speech

This campaign is in support of Christopher Spivey. A man who is being relentlessly targeted by those in control who wish to stifle his voice. To get a glimpse of what happens when someone speaks the truth click this link Free Speech should be free, yet Chris is constantly being targeted for his by the British Government, to the point where he has been forced to incur unnecessary debt totaling over £4000 during the course of his brave and stoic work. No one should be saddled with debt for highlighting government corruption, yet that is the truth of the matter. In other words Chris is being silenced by stealth. Not on my watch. Without free speech we have nothing. If we do not fight back when the government attempts to quieten truth-tellers, we have nothing. If they successfully silence, we have nothing. I wish to raise more than enough funds so that whatever the-powers-that-be try to take, we, the people, give twice as much back and then some to keep this utterly important man in a position to tell the TRUTH. Christopher Spivey does not claim benefits and is dedicated full time to researching and writing the ugly truth. I would like him to not have to worry about anything other than his writing. Thank you in advance for your generosity.UNITED WE STAND!