Chase’s funds to cover his expenses after Typhoon Odette

Update posted by Cosmic Owl On Jan 19, 2022

Hello Everyone! I'm sorry it's been awhile since last update things have been busy, this will be the last update as I'll be ending the campaign as soon as I post this. There has been a total of 50 USD donation since the last update, and I already sent it Chase as soon as I received it, I just haven't got the time to post it. Here's the final receipt:

In total, we have raised 790 USD offline and online donations for Chase.

I'm honestly baffled at the support you guys gave for him in his time of need. I hope you'd be happy to hear that he didn't celebrate his New Year's Eve in darkness. They managed to buy a generator, enough to get them comfortable in the blazing heat of their area. I'm just happy for our fellow from our community thrive through this hardship of his, and I really can't say anything but thank you, this community has done a lot, you guys are amazing. I'm ending this update with Chase's message to all of you.

Hi Everyone, Thank you all very much for reaching out to me and for providing help in my dire times. I cannot express enough how thankful I am to be a part of this community and I never expected this to have even happened. I felt hopeful and humbled when I heard that you guys were finding ways of helping me out during the aftermath of the typhoon and it felt great knowing that random people I met on the internet would be kind enough to help me, my family, and my community to get back up our feet. In your small donos, I was able to provide 15 sacks of 50kg rice and give it around to our neighbors with the help of my parents. I also bought some groceries for my family so we could enjoy a bit of Christmas even though it was filled with darkness, we found a bit of hope to carry on. I am just filled with happiness knowing that I have friends like all of you. I may not always display the best of behavior but it has touched me to a personal level. I also won't lie that it was probably the first time ever that I was able to give that much to our community since I am not that good in socializing and I am also a demure young lad in person. This act of kindness has truly made me change my approach in life. I would like to say thank you specially to the homies Kahlil and Cosmic who DM'ed me and did what they can to be my voice during the hard times specially their initiatives to start the funding site. I will never forget those times and I will forever be grateful to all of you.

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Update posted by Cosmic Owl On Dec 27, 2021

Allo again,

As of December 27, 2021 11:00pm GMT+8, Donations yet again increased by another 140 USD bringing it to a total of 740 USD, as of writing this I'll be sending the amount 140 USD (7,040 PHP) to Chase.

I asked him to personally give us an update:

Update: I bought a lot of groceries for the family during Christmas and made sure I had water but only enough for a few days since they are limiting the purchase of goods. Things are starting to get better. Last 26/12/21, me and my family has decided to donate a percentage to our neighbors in the form of food and basic commodities (Rice and some canned goods). We specifically looked for those whose houses were nowhere to be seen after the storm. Lastly, today, 27/12/21, I started to see VECO linemen (local electric company) repairing the posts nearby. I am hoping that the lights and water will be back before New Year's eve since my dad and I cannot sleep well due to how hot it is at night. We even tried sleeping outside our houses but it's still hot and there's mosquitoes as well.
More good news, coming from him.

We hope he and his family doesn't spend New Year's Eve in darkness.

Again and again, Thank you guys.

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Update posted by Cosmic Owl On Dec 26, 2021

Allo again, Sorry it took awhile for the update, but for the past 24 hrs there are 3 more kind souls that donated which gives Chase another 100usd and totaling to 600 USD donations (as of Dec. 26 10:45PM GMT +8), I'll now be sending him the 100 USD (5k PHP) that came after the previous update. As from the words of Chase, their situation is getting better. He said his electricity power will comeback on January 1, 2022, but hopefully its back before the new years. Also his family started giving out supplies in their neighborhood. You can hear the updates from himself in the MC channel ( To which Im sure all of the donors are in there). Again, thank you for the kind donations.

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Update posted by Cosmic Owl On Dec 25, 2021

As of 11:30am GMT(+8), the total amount of donations for the site is 190usd. The site fken lied when it says it'll only take 6.9%. It actually takes 9% of everything. I'll be covering that 9% so Chase gets 100% of the funds you gave him. I'm gonna send this amount to Chase (190usd is equivalent to 9.5k PHP) by the time I post this. I'll post updates in MC chat and the fundraising page. Thank you again, for the support. Here's to hoping to at least make the holidays a bit better for Chase and his family.

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Hope this helps


Backed with $50.00 On Dec 28, 2021


Happy Birthday neighbour. Stay safe.

Inberbe CutestMC

Backed with $50.00 On Dec 27, 2021


Hopefully you can get through this especially difficult time Chase and get to celebrate New Year with your family asap! <3

Goobie 123

Backed with $25.00 On Dec 26, 2021


Hope this is enough of a donation for your recovery chase, I look forward to hearing from you again and wish for your speedy recovery


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Backed On Dec 26, 2021 Amount Hidden


Dilan Zangana

Backed with $25.00 On Dec 25, 2021


Stay safe!

Bellemiku .

Backed with $50.00 On Dec 25, 2021


I may be new to the community, but I wish you a Merry Christmas and hope this can you out.


Backed with $25.00 On Dec 25, 2021


Hope you can get through all this soon, happy holidays in the meantime <3


Backed with $70.00 On Dec 24, 2021



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