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Update posted by Martha Tharp On Aug 06, 2014

UPDATE 8/6/14:

Best news ever!! After a very hard and uncertain future for Greg during past 2 weeks, he received his heart transplant this morning. With news of kidneys and lungs failing, in addition to his heart failure Greg was rushed into surgery for an LVAD about 8 days ago. And again 4 days later rushed in for an RVAD... he was being completely support by machines, aka on Life Support. Scary words for sure. Thankfully the doctors were determined & skilled and managed to get him stabilized enough to receive the new heart that arrived yesterday. This made 3 open heart surgeries in 8 days. The report within hours of the transplant was good - Greg was stable, resonding to requests by sqeezing his mom's hand and blinking his eyes... miracles do happen!!

Although the road to recovery for Greg is going to be a tough one and it is still quite uncertain, the future has most definitely gotten much brighter this morning. Thank you to all for your support, concern and donations... you have made this trip a much better ride!!


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Update posted by Martha Tharp On Jul 28, 2014

Many of you know that this last week has been challenging for all - after battling with pneumonia & cdiff for a few weeks the doctors decided to implant an impella device to help relieve his heart. That caused a few other complications that seemed to be worked through but then they determined his kidney's, lungs and heart were failing. He was rushed into surgery Thursday night 7/24/14 and put a sort of dialysis machine that basically supports all of these organs (not sure of what it is called). This is to keep the blood flowing, build oxygen in his blood and get his kidneys to start functioning again. He has been heavily sedated since but thankfully it seems to be doing what it's intended to do. Today they will be preforming open heart surgery to implant a VAD (Ventricular Assist Device)... once this is complete they will be removing the support. This is Greg's big chance to get past his current condition and self sustain again.

The hopes are that once Greg beomes stable with the VAD he will be able to go home for a few months and build strength. Once all of these planets align, Greg will be back on the heart transplant list.

There is still plenty of hope, he has a huge support group and with all of our prayers how can he possibly not do this?!? Go G-Reg, we got your back bud!!!


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Update posted by Martha Tharp On Jul 11, 2014

As many of you know, Greg went back to Shands Hospital on Monday and its been a bumpy ride. He was not feeling well on his return and started coughing up some blood Weds night, the coughing became very painful for him. They believe it is possibly pneumonia and are doing further testing today to determine the next step. It hurts him to move & breath. If any of you have ever had pneumonia, you know that it is very painful and not fun but extremely dangerous when combined with a weak heart. It sounds as though the doctors will not release him until they get that new heart & make the transplant. His mom Martha & Aunt Cindi are headed up this afternoon and will give us more details tomorrow. Please keep those prayers coming... our boy needs us!!

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Update posted by Martha Tharp On Jun 18, 2014

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to those who have donated to the Change of Heart Fund! We are only 48 hours into our fundraiser and are nearly at 20% of our goal already, amazing family & friends we have! Greg is home until the end of the month unless a heart becomes available (keep praying) and then he'll go back up to Shands Hospital in Gainsville again. We'll keep you updated if anything changes. Thanks again!!

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Get well soon Greg.

Rob Lipofsky

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Keep strong xxx

katarina Kety

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Greg you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers everyday!! You are definitely a fighter!


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Linda Russo, Tristan Russo

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The Vidmar Family

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This guy is cool as fuck. What's a couple bucks??

Michael Camerino & Kaitlynn Garrett

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