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Hi friends, I am Lore. I am a writer, having had the idea to involve GoGetFunding, and invite the whole world to participate in "Humans and Animals".

These fairytale eyes belong to Arielle, the best being I ever met.

Love can change it all for everybody. From one moment to the next you are in love and your world has converted to the best. Love is the motor of all, especially of this campaign, because the animals are unifies.

It is always the animals that help us humans. When you go to the v e t with your pet: Who do you help? The vet and his family with children.

When you buy food: Who are you supporting? The people working in the production industry.

When you buy beds, toys, medicine, collars, leaches, outside cages, fences, cages, bags, and when you pay for the transports: Animals are helping people, also economically!

We could also talk about who is more faithful to you, who gets the best out of you and who is only living for your happiness: It is the animals!

S o h e l p i n g a n i m a l s , i s f i r s t o f a l l h e l p i n g p e o p l e .

A r i e l l e , t h e M e x i c a n P i t B u l l a n d b e s t b e i n g e v e r, was in one of those transport cages on the photo, showing one of the pilots with the leaches!

In Mexico they had threatened "to cut off her head", as well as the head of my pets Goldie & Baby from Bali which were life savers themselves - they saved so many cats, dogs, wild animals like birds and sea turtles! - and they wrote "when they will be cutting of my head, all the animals will have nobody to take care of them, hahahahaha!"

We had to leave the country. They added: "It is impossible to save that many animals in such a short time!"

One cage after the other was brought to the plane. The leaches were put onto the wing of the plane!

If you read newspapers you know Mexico is on the list of the most dangerous countries worldwide. When I looked it up last time, it was in the first place of the list.

Nevertheless, I did not leave the country when I was threatened to be murdered. I only thought about getting the animals out of Mexico.

So I was hiding in so many places that I do not remember them all, being followed all the time. My family wanted me to come home at once.

I thought first of saving the dogs and the cats, one by one.

While I planned and organized all, I still made new rescues. I did it under circumstances which are unknown in the USA, Canada or Europe and other parts of the world, and I give an insight into them in the books I wrote for charity.

Of course, you are afraid, but love is so much stronger. You don´t have to focus on anything, l o v e focuses y o u on a l l : Which is s a v i n g l i v e s , no matter the circumstances.

So I c r e a t e d the circumstances and s a v e d t h e m a l l. This is how I started to get them out of the country and into safety:

Soon there was no space on the plane, we could not even shut the door.

They all had to fit and so many more: Oso, Celine, Happy, Daphne, Balu from top to bottom.

One of the pilots tried to open the cages to give the dogs some water, but it was too crowded. We could not open all the cages. We had had to take all the seats out of the plane minus mine.

Goldie & Baby, my personal pets I rescued from Bali, had to forget about their beautiful river and the beaches in Mexico we made excursions to every day, and get on the plane to leave forever.

So this was my front view at take off. What l o o k s like some space for my legs, w a s no space,

b e c a u s e...

... there have been my own two pets, Goldie & Baby from Bali which could not move nor stretch out.

I was sitting on my legs, there was no space to put them anywhere else. I have been surrounded by cages in my back and on my side as well, and on top was the cage of the cat Clown.

I had to go two times in the same plane from Mexico to Canada to get all the dogs into safety. When we arrived for the first time in Vancouver, the officers o p e n e d the plane - and were so shocked that they

c l o s e d the plane!

They had never seen anything like that: A plane without seats, without passengers, just me in the back with broken fingers and a sea of cages filled with dogs and one cat, Clown, on top of all, who knew she was a pit bull ;-).

One of the officers was investigating me. "Did you write the book with Arnold Schwarzenegger?"


"Ok, we believe you!"


These guys had asked me seriously before what I would do with the dogs, if I wanted to sell them!

It would have been difficult to explain l o v e to them, and that I sold all I had for helping, because I did not

give a damn about money, nor lots or my house, as an empty place without a heart can never replace the luxury of sleeping on a mattress on the floor, surrounded by all the saved souls.

I took out my mobile phone and wrote back to those monsters who predicted me all this was not possible:

"I d i d i t a l r e a d y !"


When I went to Mexico a second time to fetch the rest of the dogs, Cleo wanted to make sure I took her with me. She jumped into a very small suitcase and refused to leave. This photo was taken in the bathroom of the Hacienda San Angelo which belonged to Richard Burton who had stayed there with Elizabeth Taylor.

I know, Elizabeth Taylor would have cheered to what I did: Stay there with 22 dogs and some of the 39 cats.

Elizabeth Taylor, who took part in one of my books, had once been flying with a duck on her knees.

Balu was Arielle´s soul partner. I have never seen two beings loving each other that much! The photo of Balu was taken at the Hacienda San Angelo before the escape.

Here Arielle was with Balu, the brother of Balu, Oso, and their friend Cherry as well as many other former mistreated dogs at their favorite Mexican beach.

The beach was endless into both directions. Cherry and all the others lost themselves in freedom and happiness.

The dogs came from hell to paradise.

Arielle got quickly her own roof built...

...which she left to her Balu...

Happy Cherry had no wishes nature could not fulfill.

Goldie and Darling felt they were at home.

Cherry and Arielle playing.


We also made almost every day excursions to the river. On our way we found Disney.

This was Disney after a week with us and well fed. Disney was chained and I demanded the woman to hand her over to me.

Here Disney touches grass for the first time. Disney was a very sweet Doberman who got along with everybody. Disney was only friendly to all.

While I went with Baby from Bali and all the Mexican dog pack to the river, I met m a n y animals like Disney and saved them all. This is how the dog pack and the cat pack grew. Every single member of the pack had its extraordinary story.

Arielle and Balu , as always together. Balu was murdered in Canada, Arielle made it to Europe, but her soul was broken.

Arielle loved Balu s o much, and Balu Arielle, they had always had to put their head on the other one´s paw or snuggle up otherwise. Arielle, the Mexican pit bull, was super tender with Balu, but Balu was rougher on Arielle, who took it for granted that it was an expression of love.

Sweet Arielle at the river, watching Balu.

This is the rescue vehicle which brought the pack every day to the sea or to the river and the ranch where I had saved horses, donkeys and the sheep Amigo, as well as wild animals, cats and more dogs for which I had a private rescue center built, with a huge swimming pool inside the 3m high walls.- On the photo there is Goldie investigating on a hill in the background. And on the left I can see Daphne´s tail.

Here the dogs got out and ran to the beach. They can only be seen as small dots. They were so happy!

Now saved to Spain they are again happy, so are the Spanish rescues - the dogs and the cats!

I will tell you what I did also for this project: I just wrote f o u r books for charity, and will give all I earn to humans and animals.


The animals are a pack of cats and a pack of dogs having escaped from Mexico to Europe as well as many Spanish animals I saved from death.

I myself do not want a thing but that all are happy: The animals and the people participating in making their lives liveable and joyful!

So first of all I tell you about the four books saving lives:

DANACH... won the scholarship of literature of the Secretary of Education and Arts. It will be translated into English and Spanish as soon as I have got time, because first come the animals :-) I am taking care of. The book is written in German.

So in this campaign you are not allowed to sell or ask for making promotion, but I can tell you about the books.

I and Jenny, who was kept for seven years in a room for breeding. The moment she was with me, she was only happy. I was offered Jenny by a widespread newspaper whose owner was a friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger and me. Arnold wrote the foreword to a book about him I wrote, also for charity. I gave all I earned to the Austrian States TV ORF - organization "Light into the dark" helping children with the Down syndrom.

The President of the State to everybody supported me. The American Ambassador Dr. Roy Huffington, who took part in one of my books, sent money to me, I passed it on to the kids of the TV - organization. When we saw each other, we fell in love and both of us forgot about the President of the State standing next to us, and about a room of five hundred people.

Our world turned around or we turned the world around. We went to Mexico and started a Non Profit Foundation.

When Roy died, his multi-millionaire daughter Terri Dittman or Huffington, kept all the money in h e r family foundation, although she had to sign her father she will not get anything after his death, because Roy knew his daughter.

She did not only keep the money for our house construction(!), and threw me (!) and our pets (!) out of my own apartment, claiming it for herself (!), but she also wanted and kept the money meant for building a village for kids and animals. There was not one Cent in our Non Profit Foundation!

I felt I can do it anyway. She even did not return a ramp for a paralized dog, and that was just the beginning in which she showed her character.

She is rich, but she is poor. I feel so much pity for her, and I would not want to change with her for anything.

I am so happy! I have it all, I had it all, love can never die, feelings stay forever. Roy had said to me: "I love you more than anybody ever loved anybody", and he lived it. To me love counts more than anything, and when my favorite person who died, said: You must go on living for the animals!", he was right.

I want to live for love - and where is it to find if not in the beautiful appearance of a dog, a cat or an always happy pelicane!?

I wrote books for helping and was writing for one year back in Mexico - while the animals stay safely in Spain. All I earn goes to the project of helping humans and animals.

This is my book DANACH...


LET´S GO! It is told by a Pit Bull who gives you some insight into his favorite recipe, about health and life itself, and how you can help the pack of dogs and the pack of cats having escaped the Mexican Mafia and many more mistreated, now happy animals from Spain I have been saving all the time.

In fact, they are saving m e ! I would die if I could not go on helping whoever.

LET´S GO! is written in English. It will also be translated later on into German and Spanish.

GATOS MÁGICOS is written in Spanish, and will be translated into English and German also.

GATOS MÁGICOS - is saving humans and animals.

GATOS MÁGICOS for Spanish readers.

PERFECT DARLING DOGS - politicians make war and say Pit Bulls are dangerous. The book lets you know the truth about w h o is dangerous and it is n o t the Pit Bulls. It is about Pit Bull heroes, from a Pit Bull having saved his owner from a shark and a Pit Bull having kissed a police officer after having been saved by him from a dog fighting ring and then became a police officer himself, to three nuns who decided to go to a kill shelter and save a Pit Bull from death row.

It explains how dog fights r e a l l y work and that it is a billion Dollar business around the world. But it is about so much more, touching the secrets of life and of love which unite us all.

PERFECT DARLING DOGS is written in English, will be translated by me into German and into Spanish.


So this is what I did. What y o u can do to help S a r a who takes care of the cat pack and loves the animals, is sending donations which will be used

1. for paying the vets and staff at the animal hospital in Vinaroz, Spain, "clinica San Francisco" for operations and treatments of the abused cats and dogs.

2. for paying the boarding where the dogs are safest instead of being put down in a pound or "shelter".

3. for paying Sara to take care of the cats

4. for paying for the rent of the ranch of Paco in whose house the cats are, and he also takes care of them if Sara cannot do it.

5. for paying workers to install outside cages etc.

6. for paying the transports of the animals to the animal hospital and boarding and the ranch and to excursions

7. for paying the food to the vet hospital San Francisco we well as leaches, collars, beds, toys for the animals.

8. for paying a ranch of their own for the animals with their own favorite employees.

9. They all want a deposit for paying all the other stuff necessary like repair costs, fences, and all that the animals need from special natural medicine to sheepfur mattresses and wood for heating when it is cold, as well as all from 1.- 9.

It is a well organized project which has got its vet hospital and vets it is working with, to the taxi drivers for transports of emergencies, rental places, caretakers, boarding for mistreated dogs instead if having them murdered at the pounds.

Leopard, the orange tiger, was hiding in a pipe in Mexico with his twin brother León and his twin sisters Cleopatra and Mantel as tiny babies after their mother was poisoned.

I found the dead mother, and promised to save the babies that same night, because I was told by a guard, the construction workers, who had murdered the mother, would pour the next day concrete into the pipe with the cats in it!

My dogs from Bali, Goldie & Baby, saved the cats with me the whole night long.


Goldie, cat rescuer, sea turtle rescuer, soul rescuer, dog rescuer, love rescuer, leader of the pack and Goddess from Bali.

Baby...learned from Goldie, was a rescuer herself, and my world, together with Goldie.


When Flip loves somebody, she jumps onto the person´s back. When Flip saw Sara for the first time, she jumped at once onto her back. Flip loves Sara and Sara loves Flip.

Sara is one of the guys who does not talk much, but is just there to help. With the pack, Sara is in cat´s paradise.

But Flip & Co. want to live as long as they are supposed to live, and they are entitled to have a great life not just until the end of April. So please give as much as you can and as long as you can.

It is a matter of life or death - we can all give them a marvelous life or a horrible death in a pound. You have got the chance to save lives and know what happens to your money: It makes Flip & Co. more than happy as well as all the humans involved. I myself just paid for the operations of Flip and León, Arielle´s adopted dog, and their treatments and stay at the clinic, 14.000 Euros.

But with the whole world participating we get stronger and stronger and can save more and more lives.

The money goes to the vet hospital´s or to Sara´s account and Sara distributes it to the ones needing it like the vets and boarding and for food, rents, payments of people etc.

The vet clinic must go on, the employees have to be paid by the vet owners, and Sara must live to go on helping. So with this project you are supporting you are helping unite humans and animals in doing what they love: Saving lives and making happy!

Apart from the ones involved, you are helping all of us who read and feel for the animals: Good people wanting to turn destiny of the best beings on earth into a gift from all of us. You are taking part in the Good-news project. I never give up, I never stop, I trust in good people and in better animals.

I see everything already done. If you just do it, thinking with your heart, all will follow to make it go on working. I trust in the good in all of us.- Here is Flip after her second operation, healing at the clinic.

Sara taking Flip home! At last! Flip has been many months enclosed. Flip was so happy, she even embraced Sara with her tail!

Flip was treated in the vet clinic San Francisco in Vinaroz by the vet Mario. She had two dangerous operations, one after the other within a very short time.

One time her heart was opened and a tumor removed, the second time, her brain was opened! But Flip made it. She is a Mexican cat who loves me, Sara, her cat family, and life.

Sara fetched Flip from the clinic after months of having had to stay in a small cage there.

When Sara brought Flip home to her pack, all the cats came towards Flip to greet her, she said.

On the photo below: Mario opening Flip´s brain!

Here you can see a painting of some of the 39 cats, which were saved from Mexico to Spain, as well as get a glimpse into the marvelous life they all had in Mexico. The photos show former very mistreated and then super happy dogs of the pack on their daily excursions to the beach with me.

I would like them to have their own ranch with employees taking care who do really love them. It depends on all of us if the cat pack and the dog pack can lead the same great life in Spain as well as Sara and the vets and Paco taking care of them, so we need an ongoing support of all of you, world!

Adventurous Chihuahua Victoria following her soulmate, lively poodle Darling, at the beach

A deposit is wanted for them all to rest assure there is enough food. I gave myself hundreds of thousands of Euros alone to the clinic in Spain, having sold what I owned for all of them: my land and instead of building my house, I preferred to help kids and the animals. There were more than 60 animals I saved from Mexico to Spain.

Now there are twenty cats and twenty dogs, but whichever Euro or US Dollar or British Pound comes in, is used for helping mentioned humans and the animals, also others, because together we can make happy, save lives and change the world! Thank you all so much!

This is Cielo who was working in a Mexican vet clinic while I was evacuating the dog pack and the cat pack. He was a born therapy cat and rehabilitated all mistreated dogs. In this case he did not know the dog. Cielo just saw him shivering after a bath and had himself wrapped up in the same towel with the dog to calm him down until he was dry.

Above you see Mexican Pit Bull Arielle, best dog ever, adoring Cherry, who became the new leader of the pack after wise Goldie from the island of Bali had to go to heaven.

The photo showing the two little ones running along the beach lets you feel the love Mexican Chihuahua Lady Victoria had for Darling, a white poodle, who was saving her life, because when a vet took her as a tiny baby away from her mother and her brothers and sisters to s e l l her, putting her in a cage(!), she only wanted to die.

I took her at once out of that cage and brought her home to the pack.

Then I saved Darling who was about to be hit by a car, and when Victoria saw Darling she was only happy from that moment on!

Darling watching how Arielle´s roof is made on the beach.


Victoria is one of the original Chihuahuas which fight mountain Pumas off. She is also known as sweet terrorist and secret leader of the pack.

Then joyful Darling was killed by a dog trainer in Spain who has a dog boarding in Masdenverge, because he had waited until her blood turned black until he brought Darling to the vet with a terrible wound on her leg! Victoria was very sad again. But Arielle started at once to take care of Victoria.

When I called Victoria, Arielle turned up to protect her Chihuahua friend. Arielle always accompanied Victoria on every walk. Of course Victoria thought it was the other way round, that she was protecting Arielle.

Angel Arielle: She was the most colorful, tender, charismatic, loving, joyful, giving and f o r g i v i n g being I ever had the chance to meet.

When an inhuman in Mexico beat her up as a baby with a chain in leather, which almost broke her spine, and she saw me bring him food, because I had no idea what he had done to Arielle, she kissed his hand quickly, trying to convince him with her love she has forgiven him and gives him another chance.

Arielle was the favorite of all who ever were lucky enough to have met her, because she was pure love. Had I not believed in God, I would have done so after having gotten the gift of knowing Arielle.

In Spain Arielle adopted Simba. She made Simba the most social animal of all. You can read their stories in the books being published soon.

Arielle adopted another dog, León, who was thrown into a field in Spain by a motorcycle gang and was crying in pain and panic as a baby cries out for love being alone. I fetched him the same moment - and then there was Arielle. She was a teacher to love itself. Here she is at the vet clinic in Spain, shortly before she was called to heaven for being too good for this earth.

León after an operation at the clinic, he had just a few hours ago, still trembling. But it was a benign tumor which had to be removed together with the spleen. The vet thought it was cancer, but it was not, so after having taken out the organ, he can lead a great and long life! Arielle´s son is safe!


But there are all also all of Arielle´s friends: His majesty Minú and Bali. Bali lost his mother due to being mistreated in Valencia. Minú is looking for his son Tesla who was obviously stolen in Spain, Alcanar, Cataluña, in September 2020.

Although he has a microchip, he was never given back. While Minú is waiting for his son Tesla who was with him every second of his life, he is taking care of Bali who really does need him. Being mistreated also like his mother was, Bali was afraid of dogs and of life.

The pack helped Bali to enjoy and Minú is his w h o l e l i f e n o w . He sleeps in his long, white fur every night.

So while Minú is helping Bali, Bali also helps Minú who is so very sad because he is missing his son

T e s l a !


Please help Minú and his son Tesla to get together again and be happy forever!

This is Tesla, but they have cut his beautiful hair, so he has longer hair maybe when you see him!

Tesla has a wound on his sole of the left paw, a cut that never healed.

This is why he was thrown out together with his father Minú by an Italian living in Spain, and I fetched them from a place high up in the mountains on a very foggy day, where we could not see our hands in front of us on a very dangerous mountain street consisting of bends, about one hour from the country Andorra.

I had him operated on twice and he was in treatment.

Whenever you see Tesla, please call the clinic, vet Mario, and leave the message you found Tesla!

Telephone in Spain 964 451 150


659 211 372

and write us an e-mail to: [email protected]

Tesla will be very happy to be back with his loving father Minú and with his entire family!

Thank you for all your help and thank you for existing! Lore

I also want to thank Gogetfunding for giving us a chance to live love altogether.

So, you can help the vets and all the staff of the clinic & good people treating and caring for the dog pack and the cat pack like Sara, Paco and others, as well as Minú and Bali, Flip & all their friends by sending money to Sara´s account in Spain, Benicarló. It is an ongoing project and every Euro makes the sense life itself; being and feeling good by letting others take part!

To me it meant saving my own life when I helped them all, because I love the animals and good people loving them as well. I depend on them, my soul and happiness does.

Here are some other members of the packs which will be kept alive and happy by all of us, reflecting our society and world:

León, Arielle´s adopted son who was thrown into a field by rowdies, and Mausy who they wanted to shoot!

Mausy has always been playing with León a lot as a baby and when León lost his mother Arielle, Mausy was there for him.

The animals always help each other. The pack is a family and they depend on each other.

Loy was saved by me in Madrid from a chain. He is very sweet, strong and great to walk. But he needs friends who play with him! Well, there is Akita...she is on the left on the picture below, and she plays every day for while at the boarding with Loy, but: Akita belongs to Teddy!

Teddy is a Russian Shepherd, having been beaten up every day by a sadistic shepherd in Segovia. When I saved Teddy and Akita, Teddy was broken like no other dog I have ever seen. The pack helped Teddy to get happy again!

And now he is always with his love Akita, every moment minus the time when she goes to play with Loy so that he does not feel alone once a day, which Teddy approves.

León loves Teddy a lot, he is his best friend. Mausy is watching León as always.

But the pack had a huge loss. Baby Simba, Arielle´s adopted daughter, was called to heaven. It is Simba´s greatest wish that we find Tesla, because he was her best friend and she paid already with her life that Tesla should be happy on this earth with his father Minú and the pack for a long time!

Simba was perfect as all dogs and cats and other animals are. She was paradise like her mother Arielle. Simba and Arielle only wanted to make happy and their energy and love is left to be felt by all, here and in eternity.



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  • Keep up the good work!

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  • Thank you for helping!

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  • Thank you! Helping good humans and the great animals is best!


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  • Thank you! Helping good humans and the great animals is best!

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  • Happy to give more! Thanks to all! Lore :)

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  • Hi, it is a pleasure to help good Humans and Animals, thank you all for existing! Lore :)



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