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Hello people from all over the world. We are looking for and need your help. We live in Paraguay and want to open a cat and dog rescue center here. Again an animal shelter many will say.Paraguayos have a different relation to pets. Cats are there or not, sometimes fed , sometimes not. We recently took in 2 foundlings. 4 weeks old and just dumped in the trash. In addition to our three that we rescued from the street in Thailand and of course took here. They look three to four times as old on the street as well cared for, fed animals. Dogs are mostly pure guard dogs. Then when it gets dark the street dogs come out in packs.

The costs for veterinarians are mostly too high for Paraguayans, except for the small layer of the rich.

Nevertheless: Why again an animal help? Is there not enough? Not in Paraguay. There are a few private people who take care of animals. But with these, as with us, the capacities are no longer there at some point.

Especially since we will follow a holistic approach.

First, we want to take the animals off the street, take care of them, castrate them, vaccinate them and eventually try to place them with suitable pet owners.

Secondly, we want to give Paraguayans (especially the younger generations) a different view of animals. Invite schools, let them work with them, feed them, etc.

We also want to offer English and German language courses to those who are interested. Very much in demand, but not affordable for the locals.

Third: Since many Paraguayos live below the poverty line, we try to create jobs. The minimum wage is only about 300,- USD/month. We think that we can create at least 3 to 4 full time jobs. A drop in the bucket, but better than nothing.

We have already found three veterinarians who give us a few hours of their labor every week. Only the medication has to be paid for.

What we need is a small plot of land for long-term rent. Material for kennels, huts,sleeping places, kitchen/storage room for the food. Many furnishings we can get used. The animals need to be able to sleep inside and outside. It can get cold at night.

What we are looking for is seed money and support for the first year. Who wants can of course donate monthly.

3 employees á 3.000000 Gs/month 108 000 000 GS

Land for long term rent. (12x30, standard size in PY). To rent with a small hut/house. Employees should be able to sleep there as well. We already have a few lined up.

For rent about 2.500.000 GS per month (incl. utilities) 30 000 000 GS.

Material for kennels, huts etc. 100 000 000 GS

Food for 12 months with an occupancy of 50 animals (plan is 100) ca.110 000 000 GS

Medication approx. 50 000 000 GS

gasoline, taxes, internet, travel ca. 20 000 000 GS

Fees, registrations, permits ca. 10 000 000 GS

Reserves for contingencies 20 000 000 GS

Total approx. 440 000 000 GS = 63000 USD = 55 000 Euro

We assume that this will get us up and running , we can establish ourselves and generate more help and cover the costs for 1 year. Many of the mentioned private helpers would join in and provide advice, help and work.

But we start with the project as soon as we have about a third of the amount together. It should become, as said a Community - project and it was signaled to us also by different political places goodwill. The whole community should participate in it, animals, employees, craftsmen, residents, etc.

We will start as soon as we have collected 35% of the amount. Approx. 150 000 000 Gs = approx. 20 000 Euro = approx. 21 000 USD

We ask for help. Every penny counts.


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raised of $20,000.00 goal
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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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