Cary Morin 2018 CD Release and Tour!

Update posted by Cary Morin On Aug 14, 2018

Hello All,

We are thrilled to announce that this project, "When I Rise," is on the way and should arrive at Maple Street Music in just a week or so! The official release date is October 26th, but as supporters of the project, we will be delivering your copy in early September - wooohoooo! We may be contacting you to determine what, specifically, to send to each donor and ensure that we have all the correct information.

We can't thank you enough for supporting this effort and for your patience as we bring it to completion. In the spirit of community and the support of fantastic music,

Thanks again,

Cary and Celeste

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Update posted by Cary Morin On Apr 02, 2018

Hello Cary Morin Supporters!

Cary's 2018 Tour is going very well. He was just awarded the 2018 Independent Music Award for Best Blues CD at The Lincoln Center in New York City! Cary is extremely honored and humbled by the experience. We are in the final phases of mixing and mastering his new CD (title and details soon!).

We wanted to let you know that although you may have received a message from Go Get Funding that his project was not fully funded, we want to confirm with you that it is, in fact, fully funded! The largest percentage of donations were off line, meaning that they did not come through this site so were not counted. But yes, your support and contributions have brought him to full funding.

We will keep the page here open for 2018. And bring you updates as they happen.

Have a wonderful and musical summer 2018!

Celeste and Cary

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Update posted by Cary Morin On Feb 25, 2018

t is with immense gratitude that we announce the success of Cary Morin’s 2018 funding campaign for his 2018 CD release and tour! We could not have pulled this off without the generosity of community. A big bucket of thanks to Corinne Govan Packer & Mark Packer for their love and most generous gift, to Anita Morin for her generous gifts and unending love & support, to Sally Thoms for her everlasting generosity of spirit and gifts, to Dani Grant and The Mish Initiative Folks for continuing to support local artists and for helping us get to Folk Alliance International this year, to The Native Arts & Cultures Foundation for awarding Cary a generous fellowship for 2018, and to all of you who have contributed to Cary’s crowd funding campaign: Sara Christensen Durnil our genius biz partner at Maple Street Music, Bonnie Antich, Zelda Phillips, Allayne & Vincent DeOreo, Daniel Marcotte, Nancy Josephson, Roger Brownlee, Kathy Ahlenius, Jeff Koepke, Scotty & Nancy Kenton, Margo Carlock,Andrew Schneider, DeeDee Wieggel, Sunni Dale, Melina Berhardt & Brian Hull, Elizabeth Wilson Hudetz, Joachim Preschner, Mary Beth Printsky, Casey & Tiby Lipok, & Betsy Strafach. Community is everything, and we couldn’t do this without you all!
We are at the end of our 3rd week of a 2½ month tour. We are now listening to the first mixes from Cary’s recordings for the new project. They are sounding fantastic, thanks to the fine work of James Tuttle at Subtle Sound, and the incredible talents and fine-tuned ears of Kim Stone & Jay Forrest. Lionel Young, Steven Amedee, Andy Weyl, & Dexter Payne added some wonderful texture as well. A big shout out to Blake Miller for coming to the studio for video and photography. We are fine tuning details and adding some here and there at this point. We hope to be working with our publicist in the next few months to bring the release to you all in September. Again, thank you all so very much!

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Update posted by Cary Morin On Jan 10, 2018

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Update posted by Cary Morin On Jan 05, 2018

Hi everyone! I hope the holidays were good for you. Things were pretty quiet around here, Celeste went home for a week, the kids all took off the studio was closed and I was here with a couple of dogs and a bunch of guitars. We ate and sang and did dog stuff. My mom came over a few times and we had some meals. Well that's all behind us now and I've been getting back to work. This CD is going to be half solo performances as I usually do and half band stuff. We have a producer that some of you might have heard before. I met him about 30 years ago about the same time he left Spyro Gyra and before he joined The Rippingtons. He is a genius bassist and a fine human, Kim Stone. We will begin recording at the new Etown studio in Boulder, Colorado in a few weeks. I look forward to being there because there are a bunch of fine musicians hanging around there for the radio show. Maybe we can borrow some of them while we are there? In the mean time I have been back in front of the microphones working on the acoustic part of the project. I haven't been singing as much as I normally when Celeste and I travel so that part of it is a little stressful. Today I am at home forcing to sing so when I go to the studio tonight I won't sound like I just got out of bed!

Thank you all very much for your kindness and support on this project and for us all the time. Without you there is no us. Bye for now and again, Happy New Year to all of you!

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Update posted by Cary Morin On Dec 09, 2017

First song down in the studio! Click here to give a listen: Studio Day Two. Thanks for all your support!

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Please help me I am very poor. I can not read due to lack of money. So yours need help. please help me.


Posted On Nov 07, 2018


Hi all, if you have spare time, please support and visit my campaign and help me to over the game and to get married :)

asd asd

Posted On Aug 14, 2018


david franklin

Backed with $5.00 On Apr 17, 2018


What a great guitar player.

Patrick Lynch

Backed with $30.00 On Apr 05, 2018


Thorsten Wroblewski

Backed On Mar 23, 2018 Amount Hidden



Backed On Mar 02, 2018 Amount Hidden


Bonnie Antich

Backed with $20.00 On Jan 23, 2018


Rich Werdes, a childhood friend of my love, Rob Hoover, played Cary's CD for us at a party in the St.Louis,Missouri area over the Christmas holidays. Rich has worked as a sound engineer on Cary's music. I was blown away. Truly. So, I want to support who I love. Done. BTW, he'll be in St.Louis on February 24th. BB's Blues Club.

Mary Beth Printsky

Backed with $50.00 On Jan 22, 2018


Cary has not only a finger style of playing the guitar which is all his own, but also the the lyrics he writes mixes together with the music that make him a must to listen to. I have 4 of his releases and all of them are great! My personal favorite is the Streamline CD, not taking anything away from the others. It's just that a one of the songs speaks to me on a personal level. On a side note, if you get a chance to hear him live, DO IT! I know a few singer songwriters who have a great stage presence, Cary is one of them.

Casey Lipok

Backed with $30.00 On Jan 13, 2018


Thank you for playing the music you play, it talks to me and to my hearth. Love and respect from France.


Backed with $20.00 On Jan 03, 2018

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