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On the origin of the fundraiser

For the past few months, I have travelled through Africa. I feel grateful for visiting many beautiful countries and even more so for meeting all the helpful, joyful and welcoming African people. It is painful to see that these beautiful people and countries are now being majorly affected by the coronacrisis. I want to give something back by informing people of what is happening in Africa and offering the possibility to support the people in need through local organizations. I got to know these local organizations during my trip and now I am in contact with them about the help they currently provide during the coronaciris. Each organization has its own background in supporting the local community, so I will provide more information on them to give a better idea of what they do. If you have any questions, please let me know! Thank you in advance! :)

CARSA (Rwanda):

Slum Child Foundation (Nairobi, Kenya):

Stilts Backpackers (Diani Beach, Kenya):

Rwanda during the Coronacrisis

In 1994, about 800.000 Rwandan people were slaughtered in just 100 days. This genocide was based on a difference in ethnicity and was very violent and complex. People killed their neighbours, friends and even their family because they had a different ethnicity and women were also kept as sexslaves. Over the past few years, Rwanda has developed a lot and has become more stable. However, to this day the survivors and offenders still suffer from the consequences of the genocide, for example in physical health, mental health and welfare. These families are among the most vulnerable in society, making them the group most affected by the coronacrisis. To prevent Rwanda from an epidemic disaster, the government has decided for a lockdown. Many of these families earn their money by for example selling fruits next to the road or driving people around on a motorbike-taxi. Because of the lockdown, these people are not able to work and therefor completely lose their income. As a result, they are currently in a huge need for food and water. Due to the lack of these necessities, crime and violence has increased in Rwanda. The government distributes food and water, but unfortunately this aid is insufficient. Rwanda depends on tourism, as it is their largest source of income. The stop of tourism has a major impact on their economy. It is partly because of this reason why it is so difficult for the government to help the local people during this crisis.

CARSA during the Coronacrisis

Normally, CARSA supports the families of both survivors and offenders suffering from the consequences of the genocide. Due to this work, the organization is in contact with the most vulnerable families of Rwanda during the coronacrisis. CARSA is currently handing out food and water to them. Some of the products the organization distributes are rice, maize flour, beans, porridge flour, sugar, cooking oil, salt and soap. CARSA has already supported over 250 families and they strive to help more families in need.

Background of CARSA (

CARSA is a non-profit organization founded to contribute to the restoration and development of Rwanda. Since its creation in 2002, CARSA has worked with genocide survivors and their direct offenders, accompanying them on their journeys towards healing, forgiveness, reconciliation and sustainable holistic development. Their vision is to have a society where peace, solidarity and unity in diversity are established.

A couple of the projects:

  • Trauma Healing and Reconciliation: CARSA uses several workshops to help genocide survivors, offenders, and others suffering from the trauma of the genocide to find healing through forgiveness and reconciliation. After the workshop, the participants are placed in reconciliation groups. They meet regularly, allowing members to share their experiences in their healing process and support one another physically, economically, and emotionally. Thereby, the groups serve as a platform where the foundation of community is rebuilt and trust is re-established.
  • Community Empowerment: CARSA aims at seeing the Reconciliation groups move from a poverty mindset to self-developing mindset. They want to see them move from communities torn by hatred and suspicions to a community working together in love and mutual trust and help. As they move from poverty to income generating activities. Communities where unity in diversity is lived.
  • Youth Empowerment: The Peace Education program is designed to reach out to the children of the genocide survivors and offenders. As Rwanda’s post-generation, they also deal with the consequences of their families’ backgrounds. The program aims to transform high school students into agents of peace in their families, schools and surrounding communities. This is put into practice equipping them with knowledge and skills on how to resolve conflict, combat stereotypes, promote positive peace, and find ways to share and multiply what they have learned in the training.
  • Peace and Reconciliation: CARSA, in keeping with their mission to serve local communities by supporting their journey towards holistic development and restoration, is committed to emphasizing stories of healing and hope from the genocide, in order that lasting peace and reconciliation may be achieved.


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  • Lekker bezig Sophie! Zouden meer mensen als verjaardagscadeau moeten vragen! Succes en hopelijk haal je veel op!


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  • Lekker bezig Sophie! Zouden meer mensen als verjaardagscadeau moeten vragen! Succes en hopelijk haal je veel op!



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