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Update posted by Dale Cook On Jul 02, 2013
Dear Partners and Friends of Uganda,
Greetings in Jesus Name!
Returned late yesterday from a five day trip into the bush in the Lake Victoria Region. Lake Victoria area which borders Kenya, was the first area to hear the One God Apostolic Message. The Gospel was first preached by Kenyan Pastors who wanted to reach their Neighbors.
I met a dear Sister who had received the Holy Ghost in the early years of the Church having survived Idi Amin and Milton Obote years of persecution against the church. What a great testimony, still faithful and victorious!
   Our first service was in Bukwala, it was a preaching point then two months ago was a branch church, Thursday it became a "Church"!!   Pastor Odwori Collins is the pastor a young man who is doing a great work. We had a great crowd and service, seventeen folks received the Holy Ghost and we baptised twenty seven. They had built a small mud walled, grass roof church house, and now it is to SMALL!
    During the service an elder donated land and plans where made to start making bricks for a permanent house for God! To God be the Glory!
    Friday, we had our Service in Essinde with Pastor Ogalo James. This also was a branch from the Church in Isende (not to be confused with Essinde). As you can see in the picture below, it is just a grass roof shelter, but Pastor Ogalo has built a large congregation. We had several apostolic doctrinal Classes, two visiting Trinitarian pastors in attendance, the Ladies Governor was also a guest (LC5). During the service, God moved in a special way as many young people committed themselves to God and eleven people received the Holy Ghost and twenty where baptised.
   We have two ways we do our Apostolic Doctrine Seminars, we stay in one place and the folks travel to come to us and sleep in the church for four days, or like in this case, we do the traveling as we move to each different church to hold our Seminar. The reason we have to travel is when there is famine, no rain or the harvest is late, there is no food to feed the people and no funds to travel. This time of the year in the East there has been a drought. It has not rained for a long time and most of the crops have been lost and the people were suffering. We prayed at the services that God would send the rain. On Friday, it started raining! When you are a visitor, and it rains, they say, "You have brought the blessing!".  I always seem to forget, I should pray, let it rain after I leave, as the roads become mud and it makes it very hard to move and we always have troubles!  :)
    On Saturday we moved over to Esinde, to Pastor Barasa's church. Due to the roads and other little problems we started late, but once we started...what a move of God!  We taught Apostolic doctrine for four hours then we had a service. It was quite dark by that time, but no problems!  Many healings, deliverances and Forty adults received the Holy Ghost. I was not able to move around to much as the floor was so uneven and couldn't see. Eighteen folks were baptised. During the service Presbyter Mahulu received a message that his wife was very sick and dying. After the service we went to his home in Namayingo to pray for Sis Margaret. God raised her up from her affliction!
    Sunday found in us Namayingo Central Church. The Church is on the grounds of a large Secondary School, so many of the students attend the Church. Again we spent time on teaching doctrinal/life subjects as we grounded the churches in scripture, then we had a morning service, altar call, short break, then evening service, then a Pastors meeting. Sixteen folks received the Holy Ghost and 38 baptised in Jesus Name!
    At the Pastors meeting we had five new Pastors who have been reinstated to the UACU. They had left the church over ten years ago and had become lost, but God has shown favor and brought them back. It was quite a miracle as all had been seeking God independently and were moved on to come home. I marvel at the working of God's spirit! It was a time of repentance, seeking God, healing and restitution.
    Monday morning we were to have a short service in Bulecha then return to Kampala. Not to be, as Gods Spirit fell and as the church was so packed out, there was only room to run outside the building, out one door, come in the other, turn around and go back to the other door. As we were instructing those seeking the Holy Ghost at the Altar, we had just started, when God said, "I've got this in control, sit down and be quiet!" as we were giving the instructions, people started worshiping and receiving the Holy Ghost! So we sat down and let God do HIS work!!  Six people received the Holy Ghost on a Monday morning and two were to be baptised as we left to return to Kampala!
    A total of 91 received the Holy Ghost in the five days and 105 were baptized. Two new churches were started, two new pastors joined the UACU and four were restored to fellowship. To God be the Glory!!
    Your faithfulness in your giving to the P.I.M.s makes it possible to travel and be in these Seminars. If you would like to help us in sponsoring a Apostolic Seminar, please let us know, we covet your prayers!
   In July we will be in Seminar in Bushenyi / Kasesse and Amolotar / Kaberamaido / Lira.
Phil & Twyla Tolstad
Top PIc:   Going to church, follow the path!
Second:  Altar call in new church of Bukwala
Third:  Worship in essinde
Fourth:  Church house in Isende, we need a new building
Fifth:  Isende service
Sixth:  Altar at the Isende service
Seventh: Receiving the Holy Ghost
Eighth: Presbyter David Mahulu preaching on the Portable hailer hooked to car battery.
Ninth: Little Lady receiving Holy Ghost in Bulecha
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Update posted by Dale Cook On Jun 22, 2013

Dear Partners and Friends, Since our last report in May about our General Conference, we have seen several great things happen in Uganda. We thank you for your prayers and support. I just returned from a trip to the Eastern Border, it is our newest District and we are having a great move of God. Six churches have recently joined us as the Pastors have seen the revelation of the Name of Jesus! We also have four other churches in the area. These churches are in the mountain region of Mount Elgon on the Kenya Border. It is a very mountainous region, with many communities having no roads. Some of our churches you can only get to them by walking for several hours from the dirt road. Motorcycles or bicycles can't even make it as the path is so steep and difficult. Four of the new churches were able to come to the seminar as we taught on Apostolic Doctrine and the power of the Holy Ghost. We were in Kamuli for the first day as we had two open air services (street services) at the market to begin a new church. By the end of the second service, it was pitch black, but several hundred folks stayed and worshiped and prayed with us. I felt a little like Paul and Silas as there was only four of us preaching and having the service, but we had great support from the village folks. The next three days we were in the Mt. Elgon region. With meetings in Mbale, Manafwa and Bududa. The church house was very small, but it was packed out as the people crowded in to worship and receive from God. When they stood to worship, they had to lean the benches against the walls to make enough room to worship! Sixty four people received the Holy Ghost, many testified of healings, seventeen where baptized in Jesus Name. Of that number it included two new pastors who where baptized and one of them received the Holy Ghost. On Sunday I was privileged to dedicate twenty babies to the Lord! I so enjoyed that, well except for the little girl who kept trying to poke me in the eye, she didn't like the "Muzungu" holding her. :) . We also stopped in Budaka on the way home to meet with Pastor Dison Namulere, his son is seriously ill and in the Hospital. We prayed for his son, prayed for his school of over a hundred students and looked at a plot of land he would like to purchase to build his church. He is meeting under a tree as he was chased out of the building he was using when he was baptized and received the Holy Ghost a while back. Help us pray that we can buy the plot and build a church house where his congregation can worship! Please keep praying for our Bible School!, we are still working on selling our land in Kampala to purchase the School Campus we need to train our Pastors. Philip and Twyla Tolstad Uganda Top Pic: Baptismal in Bududa Mountains Second Pic: Bro Tonny, my assistant a great faithful man of God. Yes it gets cold in Uganda! Third Pic: S.S. boys Choir in Rwenzori Regional Conference Fourth Pic: Street Service in Kamuli Fifth Pic: Picture of the Primary School in Budaka, Pastor Dison Sixth Pic: Pastor Dison, with the plot of land behind him that he is praying for to build a church house. Seventh Pic: Bridge in Mt. Elgon going to Bududa Church, wonder if it will hold you, When you look out, all you see is the river several hundred feet down. Eight Pic: Thank you SFC!! That we can get to our churches. We carry our P.A. System, Generator, fuel and printed materials and bibles to our Seminars. Ninth Pic. Benches are leaned against the wall to make room to worship and Praise God! Tenth Pic: Altar call as people come for the Holy Ghost and healing! eleventh Pic: The man on the right in the striped shirt is the elderly trinitarian pastor who received the Holy Ghost and was baptized on Sunday.

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Update posted by Dale Cook On Jun 06, 2013
Dear Friends and Partners,
    We have just concluded a great Ministers Conference in Uganda!  As I had been on deputation and medical for two years and we did not have General conference here in Uganda since 2011, I felt we needed to have a meeting as soon as we could. As finances where tight, I was apprehensive about our turnout as we were not able to help any pastors in their transport costs and also we had a higher Registration fee for the conference. There were also some problems with flooding in the West and East in the mountain regions and it was harvest time in the north. However, through all the issues, we had a good number attend and had a tremendous move of the Holy Ghost in the services.
     Thursday was arrival with a service that night. We had a special time of prayer and faith building as we spent over two hours with testimonies of healing's and miracles that God had done. It was a remarkable time hearing the great stories of how God is moving. Three testimonies of the dead being raised, others of instant healing's of deaf and crippled. Healing's of AIDS and other afflictions. I wanted a time of Faith building and it exceeded my expectations as Bro Lovall said "I was listening to the book of Acts happening again".
      Friday we began with  teaching the "Uganda Vision Programs" then Apostolic Doctrine Lessons and Teachings. I saw men I had not seen since 2007/08 attending the conference. My last lesson on Friday was on Holiness as I went through our core beliefs, (some new women immediately began taking of their ear pins and necklaces, one came and apologized profusely, saying she had never been taught such things, and they were in the Word of God!  
    Saturday we had our business session ( 257 Pastors in Attendance), following our business I presented "The Africa Vision" that Bro Richardson asked us to implement.  Holy communion, special service to dedicate our schools in the UACU and pray for all our teachers followed. We now have 19 schools operated by our pastors and the UACU. ( Primary, secondary, vocational and ESL.) Then we had bible school graduation, as we had three students graduate with GATS associate degrees, we honored them with a full march, led by the General board and ceremony with caps and gowns. After lunch we had a split session so each Presbyter could meet with their pastors, old and new, and plan for the balance of 2013 and 14. Each pastor filling out survey census forms so we can have an idea on how to fill our Field Reports.
    Sunday was Pentecost Sunday and ordination service. it was a long day!  We Ordained three pastors, charged over three hundred pastors and had a great celebration. We squeezed in dedicating Bro Christians new baby son (his second). Bro Rick Lovall from Sikeston, MO and Bro Greg Downs, Fayetteville, AR did an outstanding job teaching and preaching. They were a blessing.
    We had 24 receive the Holy Ghost (three new trinitarian pastors in the number), baptized seven, four being trinity pastors. Monday we interviewed 19 new trinitarian pastors who have seen the revelation of One God and Baptism.
    Some of the testimonies of the new pastors where almost unbelievable, even for Uganda. One Pastor Sis Luci Kwagala, was 56 years old. Her husband worked in a different town and married a second wife, when she found out, she separated from him and did not allow him back into her home. She has had four children die due to hardship, but is faithful. She now lives with one of her sons and is pastoring three churches and has the oversight over eight more. She is very crippled, but Bro Christia who has visited her, says she is a powerful preacher and strong on the message. Pastor Nangoli Job had his father in law come and take his wife and baby boy away because he became an Apostolic Man, he demanded he go back to the Islamic faith, he refused as he told his father in law, he would never leave his God. Though a young man, he has started two churches and is in love with this truth.
    Though the church is evangelizing, I am also glad we have reclaimed some old Pastors.  It is the first general meeting they have been attended since I came in 2007. They were so moved by the Spirit of God in the services, they publicly confessed their rebellion and sin and pledged to work with the UACU. So it is Revival. I hope to meet with some more men next month as I am going to their area, as they have expressed their desire to do right. 
     This past month we have seen 13 new churches start and many new areas reached with the Gospel. We thank God for His move in the hearts of people.
    Thank you for your faithful support in Prayers and Finances, we cannot do it without you! We still need help with Church Buildings. At present there are twelve buildings going up, a small sacrificial offering can bless so many with a house to worship in.
Phil and Twyla Tolstad
Bro Lovall preaching
General board Worshiping
Worshiping in distinct Western Ugandan style
KCC Choir
2013 Ministers Conf.
Bro's Lovall and Downs receiving appreciation gifts for being with us.
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Update posted by Dale Cook On Apr 10, 2013
Dear PIM partners and friends,
Just returned from a trip to the Western Mountains of Uganda on the Congo Border. We had five services and four meetings with Pastors in three days. It was a very profitable journey though long and tiring.
Our first service was at a new church that joined us about a month ago. The Pastor was just baptized and wanted us to come and preach to his people. We had a great time as the people where hungry for the things of God. Four received the Holy Ghost and three scheduled to be baptised. We then journeyed up a mountain to a church 20 miles on top of a mountain. We had to back track several times to find a road that was passable as one bridge was washed out and another had a huge ravine cut across the road by the heavy rains. We finally arrived at the church house where we were to meet the Pastor and the Elders for a session on Apostolic Doctrine and Teachings. We taught for several hours and then answered questions for over two hours. I love people who ask questions to know truth, not to argue. :)  I enjoy teaching folks who love God's Word and are wanting to know more. The Pastor and elders promised to come to the Regional Conference next week. I am confident they will be baptised during the conference. See pictures at end of story.
We then drove six hours to our next seminar for the next day, arriving at eleven pm. Saturday we had lessons all day and a service in the evening. One pastor who had come to learn of the Apostolic Doctrine kept saying, "Wow" as we taught. Revelation is a powerful thing, God speaking to hungry hearts. Five folks received the Holy Ghost, two pastors where baptized and three others scheduled to be baptised later. That night after the service we talked to two other pastors who wanted to know more of this truth. They will be coming to the Genreral Conference in May where we will be able to spend more time with them.
On Sunday we met with a group of pastors and elders who wanted to join the UACU. We organized and planned the opening of two new churches in the southwest part of the Country. We will be having a seminar in May at this location to teach and solidify the work. After the meeting we drove for an hour to our Sunday service. After a great move of God, 15 folks received the Holy Ghost, seven baptised and we left rejoicing of the desire of the folks for more teaching. We scheduled a three day seminar in July to continue teaching them. Leaving about four pm, we went back to the guest house so we could have our "lunch". While we were eating, two pastors came and sat with us, having heard the news we were in town, they wanted to know "more". God is truly doing a great work in Uganda as the Word is preached!
Philip Tolstad
Top Row: Left; Bicycle for a Pastor. Right: Suzuki Motorcycle for one of our Regional Evangelists. It allows them to drive to places where there is no taxis and begin churches and Preach the Gospel.
Second Row: Church House, mud walls, but blessed to have iron sheets. Right: Church in the mountains, they need some help to put some iron sheets on their roof.
Third Row: Washed out bridge. Right: Preaching in the grass roof church.
Fourth Row: Teaching Apostolic Doctrine to Hungry Folks. Right: Plot of land we need to buy for a church in Kassese Town. Can you help?
Fifth Row: Presbyter Jacob praying for two new Pastors who just received their Bibles!!!!  Right: Altar CALL
Sixth Row: 15 Folks receiving the Holy Ghost. Hungry, hungry people for God! Right: Church house, thank you for giving so people can have a House of Prayer!
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Update posted by Dale Cook On Apr 10, 2013
Dear Partner and Friends,
    We have been back in Uganda for one month now and we rejoice in what God is doing. From the growth of our churches in Kampala, five new churches!, to the far north border with Sudan, we are seeing the hand of God as Miracles are happening in the church! Over thirty new churches have been started throughout the Districts, we have been able to reach into new areas which we have not been able to start churches, now have a permanent witness of the Apostolic power of God.
    We thank God for all who have felt a burden to help us build a country church, but we are needing more sponsors. We have the land, but we need help with a permanent building. If you can help us, please let me know.
    Next month we will be traveling to several new areas to hold Apostolic Doctrine Seminars. We have men in these areas who are sacrificing to start a work. We need your help and prayers. In Rakai, in a weekend two day seminar, 17 received the Holy Ghost and were Baptized. Three where Trinitarian pastors who saw the revelation of Jesus Name Baptism. We need to go back and continue to build a doctrinal foundation and reach into new villages in the area. Can you sponsor a Three Day Doctrinal Seminar? ... for $500 we can see God do marvelous things as we teach the word of God.
    One of our immediate goals is to secure a place to have Bible School. Please help us pray that we can find the right place. It is so important to train our pastors and young people in the foundational principles of God's Word.
One of our Presbyters with his transportation that has enabled him to bring Revival to areas that would never hear the Gospel! Thank you Bro William Dean for providing this great "Picky Picky" (Motorcycle). (It's called a picky picky because it picks people up so they don't have to walk. :)
We want to thank all those who have sacrificed to build a church in Uganda. There is no better gift than to give a place of Worship and Salvation to those that need God. Thank YOU!
Revival in a House Church in Kampala, Packed full of people, eight received the Holy Ghost!
What a joy to preach to folks who need the Gospel.
 Our greatest need in Uganda is developing our Bible School Training Center. Help us pray that we can secure some property to establish our School to train pastors and evangelists!
Baptismal Service, everybody needs the NAME!
Sister in back of church is from the country of Eretria. She is working in Kampala and was looking for an Apostolic Church. When she saw some of the Church ladies entering the church, she said, "That's my church!" An Apostolic appearance will always
Identify who you are!
Altar Service!
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Update posted by Dale Cook On Feb 12, 2013

The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has blessed Another Life International by allowing Pastor Adams that has been buried in the only saving name Jesus Christ, to started building an 8 bedroom house for the children, the house is still in foundation because of the finances. When we finish the house we will be adding a new church as the Holy Spirit is allowing us to grow by leaps and bonds. After finishing the church structure We then will be building a school.

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