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My dream is to be of service to the world, and make my contribution to you all.

Cultivate love through the messages of my songs, and bring about a unique form of music. Directly from my soul and connected to my heart. I will inspire the world, and new seeds will be planted into the hearts of all. Baring a loving truth, that's the world I picture and dream of.

I have discovered the key to my success in this academy. I have a strong desire to start their program but I need everyone's support.

I now believe in my dream, I am confident in my resolve and I am making strides to become the artist that I always knew I was.

I know that there is great power in Unity. I am asking my people to support me as a community to help me build my future and accomplish my divine mission. So that in some significant way you can directly impact the world with me and be apart of this journey.

I am happy and grateful to receive any amount that you are able to donate. Even a single dollar will make the difference for me. If everyone I know supports me with a minimal amount, I will be able to create my destiny and I will forever be grateful to you.


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raised of $1,500.00 goal
187% Funded
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