Cancer will not take my MOM!!!!

Update posted by Celeste Joubert On Jun 08, 2019

Me and my loving mom

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We have resonantly found out that my mom have breast censer, it turned our everything upside down for all of us, my little sister and brother are not taking it good and my little girl does not understand it that well,but the hardest for me is to see my mom like this, i can see that she is going to stumble and fall and i can not let that happen

as soon as i found out about it i asked my mom what did the doctor say, so he gave her two options to choose from the first is chemotherapy and second is natural healing therapy, so we went and looked at the best one which is the second one, it is costing a lot of money but it does not make you sick like normal chemotherapy, it is more healthier and there is also a bigger percentage of recovering.

My mom lost her job least year November and she is struggling to get a job especially now that she have cancer so me and my brothers and sister decided that we are going to have a fundraiser for our mom, for me and my one brother are the only two working the others are still in school and we do not have the funds to pay for everything for my moms diet that she must stick to cost us over R2000 a month and then we need to pay for the following

Medicine per month

  • Vitamin C 1500mg with Rose Hips Taps - R 240.00
  • Formula VM-2000 Tabs 90 - R 460.00
  • Betaine Hydrochloride with Pepsin 100 Tabs - R 240.00
  • Digestive Enzyme 250 Tabs - R 460.00
  • Colostrum Capsules - R 340.00
  • Lactobasille Culture - R 400.00
  • COQ10 Tabs - R 300.00
  • Vitamin D3 Tabs - R 430.00
  • Quercitin Capsules - R 230.00
  • Tumeric Capsules - R 230.00
  • Artemisinin Capsules - R 180.00
  • Slow-K Capsules - R
  • Kefir - R
  • Naltrex Capsules 4.5mg - R 400.00
  • Melatonin 10mg - R 200.00
  • Before they are going to start with the treatment, they are going to draw blood and sent it for tests and that is going to cost +- R 1600

    Treatment per week

  • First treatment repeat for four weeks
  • Vitamin C + Oxidant + Vitamin C

    R 9300 per week

  • Second treatment repeat for four weeks
  • Chemo + Oxidant + Vitamin C

    R 28200 per week

  • Third treatment repeat for four weeks
  • Chemo + Oxidant + Vitamin C

    R 16400 per week

  • Fourth treatment repeat for four weeks as follow
  • Week 1 - Chemo + Vitamin C

    Week 2 - Chemo + Oxidant

    Week 3 - Chemo + Vitamin C

    Week 4 - Chemo + Oxidant

    R 14100 per week

    This is what needs to be paid, so we ask if there is anyone that would be so kind to please help us.

    The doctor we took my mom to details is as follow:


    75 Lyttelton Rd

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    Tell : +27 72 444 9959

    Email : [email protected]

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