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United for Cabo Delgado (Unidos por Cabo Delgado)
Portuguese "Unidos por Cabo Delgado” A gravidade da situação de terrorismo em Cabo Delgado, deixou famílias sem abrigo, sem o. . . . .
5 Donors
$250 raised
2% funded
Can you please help me fund my Wedding?
After being striped my citizenship in South Africa in 2015, losing all I had, I lived a lonely stressful life. . . . .
2 Donors
$120 raised
Raising funds to support the rebuild of our local village, staff homes and Paindane Beach Resort Rebuild
Well know Holiday Destination has been left in devastation after effects of cyclone Dineo! We have no words, as we. . . . .
1 Donors
$100 raised
Ubuntu Coding Lab
Hundreds of thousand of secondary school students graduate from grade 12 without mastering basics computer skills, despite having computer education. . . . .
2 Donors
$27 raised
Help Me Become A Certified Makeup Artist
Olá! O meu nome é Auria Sucena. Sou uma jovem moçambicana de 21 anos de idade. Tenho trabalhado com maquilhagem. . . . .
3 Donors
$14 raised
Fundraising for a start up of an all inclusive school in Mozambique
Mozambique currently faces significant challenges in providing inclusive education for children with disabilities and learning differences. Many students lack access. . . . .
1 Donors
$2 raised
I - Group Joel Muleia Lda Trading as (JM Group) - The duly registered and incorporated company under the laws. . . . .
0 Donors
$0 raised
Delagoa Bay Residence Inn
Assist two seasoned hotel managers to start their own budget boutique inn
0 Donors
$0 raised
i need to open my own bakery. I suffered a Trombosis in 2011 and from there decided to start working. . . . .
0 Donors
$0 raised