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We’ve helped people from all over Mauritius crowdfund the things that matter to them most. From personal fundraisers, to acts of kindness, emergency relief, and more. Create your campaign for free!

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“Dibout Ansam” for victims of Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Let's help the Drug victims Dibout Ansam is a non-profit association whose mission is to support people affected by drug. . . . .
8 Donors
$722 raised
3% funded
Happy Tails: Paws for a Cause
🌟 **Help Us Create Happy Tails for Every Furry Friend!** 🌟 Dear compassionate community members, We believe that every pet. . . . .
10 Donors
€618 raised
6% funded
Mauritian Wildlife Foundation – Saving the Mauritius Echo Parakeet
The Echo Parakeet Psittacula eques is the last endemic parrot of Mauritus and the Mascarenes, and was close to extinction. . . . .
9 Donors
$188 raised
A mask for every Student!
Zilwa Handmade Accessories located in Mauritius is a fashion company focusing on minimizing the use of plastic and creating employment. . . . .
3 Donors
$160 raised
4% funded
The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation – The Mauritius Kestrel Conservation Project
The Mauritius Kestrel Falco punctatus is unique to Mauritius and is one of the only nine endemic bird species still. . . . .
5 Donors
$117 raised
My Birthday Prayer
Hello I'm Jenna :) I am passionate about music and worship. I write and compose music. I am also a. . . . .
1 Donors
$60 raised
6% funded
Coastal Rowing & Touring
Mauritius is a popular tourist Indian Ocean Island, located east of Madagascar. Its tropical splendor, turquoise lagoons and sun spilled. . . . .
2 Donors
€60 raised
Three Wise Men – Parallel Lives
Three Wise Men - Parallel Lives The film a true story about the journeys of three men who are shaping. . . . .
2 Donors
$42 raised
PROJECT PROPOSAL FOR SUSTAINABLE ORGANIC WASTE TREATMENT USING BOKASHI. Our purpose is to deal with organic waste so that we. . . . .
1 Donors
$30 raised