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We’ve helped people from all over Georgia crowdfund the things that matter to them most. From personal fundraisers, to acts of kindness, emergency relief, and more. Create your campaign for free!

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Let's help Omar
Hello. I want to tell you about Omar. Omar is a war veteran, sacrificing his youth for the love of
15 Donors
$2,740 raised
54% funded
I need to raise money for a dog that has been abused so badly
I made this page for the dog I rescued on the brink of death. SHE had to complete these last. . . . .
10 Donors
$1,370 raised
39% funded
Housing for a queer couple with pets
We are Billy (Elena) and Charlie, a trans couple with russian passports, and we are at the beginning of the. . . . .
12 Donors
$1,015 raised
15% funded
Please help me with medical expenses and rent
Hello, my name is Scott and I am a 37 year old single father with two small children. Back in. . . . .
12 Donors
$605 raised
12% funded
Tako's Dog Shelter
Hello I am Tako, I live in the village of Milo. I have a small shelter for stray dogs. Due
4 Donors
$480 raised
16% funded
Save Ana’s life
Dear people, I am put in a position where my sister’s life depends on the sheer benevolence of complete strangers.. . . . .
28 Donors
$2,373 raised
7% funded
Support for Surgery
Hello my Cheer Champions, I'm Nino from Georgia! I've got a story to share and it is all about resilience. . . . .
15 Donors
€1,103 raised
3% funded
Homeless Dog Shelter
There are many stray dogs in the city of Khashuri, we have to communicate daily. I started raising money to
6 Donors
$740 raised
7% funded
Agro Farm
Hello. I am saving money to build an agro farm. Friends who can help me. Thank you in advance.
6 Donors
$655 raised
4% funded