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Grateful for the minimum donation, every effort is valid and helps us to make this event! We will email you updates on this project.

Donate: $160.00 Or More

Much gratitude to you who can give a little more than the minimum, we are very grateful! You will receive the update of our movements, as well as receive a playlist of indigenous songs from around the world.

Donate: $200.00 Or More

Eliana Karajá will present 3 women with 3 earrings from her Karajá people, one with feather beads, one with feather and one with golden vines. Limited reward

Donate: $350.00 Or More

Very grateful for your contribution without needing a reward. We will send you the playlist of indigenous songs, make a special mention on Eliana's facebook and put your name as one of the film's contributors.

Donate: $500.00 Or More

We'll present you with a small canoe and a paddle (forearm size), handcrafted made by the Karajá, an artefact who represent their people, with wood from the forest at their village, made especially to you.

Donate: $950.00 Or More

Gratitude for your affection and interest in the culture! We would like to present you with a very special Karajá handicraft, a clay doll with Karajá paintings. A precious object for your altar.

Donate: $2000.00 Or More

This donation receives a "SUPPORT" mention at the movie and all media for the 2019 action. Much gratitude for strengthening our work as the official supporter of this project!

Donate: $4000.00 Or More

As EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS, you have your logo on social media, film, materials and banner, we will also share with you a press media kit with photos and social media of the project to post on your media too, spreading your support by adding to your soon.

Donate: $7000.00 Or More

Gratitude for SPONSORING this event, we have 3 quotas for 3 sponsors who want to have their logo on the main t-shirt, banner, movie and media as the main sponsors for the 2019 event, plus a special media kit made for your company. , with designs to post to your social media, and a cut of institutional video especially for your business. Much gratitude to support this much-needed project today and always!

Donate: $10000.00 Or More

Same reward as above, except you will be part of the all-inclusive experience! A sponsor who will accompany us with the experience and we will spend two more days in the village to learn about the tradition and indigenous rituals of the Karajá people, receive gifts and live a special moment, which will be fully photographed and filmed by our team and delivered to you

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Grateful for the minimum donation, every effort is valid and helps us to make this event! We will email you updates on this project.

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