WELL WATER STORAGE DIGGING EditEditEdit ​This is Joseph Adianyo from Nyathuon Gweno village one of the permaculture teacher from Nyathuon Gweno village Homabay county. I want to take this opportunity to say thanks to my FB friends and other donars that have been supporting me in my Permaculture practices and in other areas as well. I want appeal to you once again that in Nyathuon Gweno village we have a serious challenge in getting water for our farm activities and for domestic purposes since the population here is 1780 people living within this village.There are aged people, the physically challenge ,the handicapped and the young school children that actually depend on water for life. We now therefore plan to dig a well in Nyathuon Gweno village that will serve four villages that are basically permaculturists and to help other people that walk far miles searching for Water where sometimes they que because of the large crowd at water the water point. It’s also tiresome to push the wheelbarrow and carry water on our heads since we walk 3km away from our homesteads. The budget breakdown are as follows; 1.The well digging will be 100 feet deep@ksh 2000 ie kshs200,000 $2000 construction materials for building the outersurface of the well _500 bricks@ khs 10 ie khs 5000 $ 50 _4bags of cement@ khs 800 ie Ksh 3200 $32 -5 wheelbarrows of ballast @khs 200 ie Ksh 1000 $10 -12wheelbarrows of sand @ 250 ie khs 3000 $30 -wiremesh Ksh 1000 $10 2.water pump using solar panels costing kshs 70,000 $700 3.transportation of the materials to the site costing kshs 11800 $118 Finally the budget breakdown is totaling up to kshs 300,000 $ 3000.