Call to Help Families in Dire Straits & Difficulties

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Call to help entrepreneurs and families in dire straits. I have seen businesses that are profitable failed for many reasons and causes. One instant which I have recently come across, was due to a pilferage of more than $100,000 by an employee. When the stolen money was discovered, it was already too late to react. Severe cash flow problems took place. Owners borrowed funds from investment companies who turned out to be loan-sharks charging more than 100% interest of the principle loan amounts, causing distress to the owners with emails, etc, etc. The world has many disruptive innovations, yet there are still companies who are being set up to rob and disrupt human lives.

Usually, when such unfortunate events happened, owners suffered a big shock, had to endure countless accusations and try to find means and ways to recover the aftermath of these damages. Some may end up selling off their houses to settle some debts. Spades of unfortunate events continued and may not seemed to have stopped since the unfortunate event happened. Creditors chased, facing law suits one after another, even from the ‘so-called investment company’. For those owners who had foregone their comfort zone to follow their calling to start a noble business to serve the society, it is really a pain to see them suffered at this state, after having worked so hard for many years to bring the company to where it is now, before the tsunami strikes.

Entrepreneurs who have started their companies, especially from ground-up, may find this familiar, and would surely relate to the above scenario, as it was never an easy task to start a business. Much time, hard work and sacrifices, especially those sleepless nights suffered at times when funds are low. Very often, family members are also affected and have to suffer in silence, and could only look forward, pray that tomorrow will be better and with the faith that they have, hope that the worst will not happen, hope that there will be kind heart souls and angels who would help them in their situations in need and end the trauma as early as possible. Severe cases may land the families into separation.

In case, this is a situation you have once gone through and you are now in a better situation to help, I would encourage you to consider to pay it forward to ease their trauma, especially to the young children of the families.

Imagine how every dollar you donate will make a difference and bring relief to the nightmares and sleepless nights of the affected families.

At this point, funds are urgently needed to help a family who also encountered 'investment company in disguise' and are now in dire straits to repay debts and I sincerely urge and hope you would extend a helping hand to them. The money donated will also be used to strengthen the process to prevent future leakages.

Your urgent help is needed and will be most appreciated by the families, and be blessed abundantly.

I thank you all donors in anticipation of your kind and generous donation.

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”
Charles Dickens


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raised of SG$30,000.00 goal
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