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My name is Agnė, I am a housewife and a mother of a beautiful 8 year old girl Ugnė. We are a young family from Lithuania. Just recently we have moved back to our motherland and working to settle in permanently as our family is longing for stability. In the current quarantine situation I stay home helping our child learn the new language (Lithuanian) she needs to be able to function at school and in the new-to-her country.

A little bit more about us

For the past 10 years we have lived and worked in the UK.

Having no formal education, I have done part time unqualified jobs to help bring food to the table, giving the rest of me to our family, home, home schooling our daughter and developing my passion for herbal medicine and overall wellbeing of humans and earth.

I also have creative crafting skills and can crochet and knit to order, but I have not been able to monetise it in the past. Sample/sold items can be seen on our fb page @GaiaForestChildren. Ordering crochet items is one of the ways you can support our family.

My long term partner and the main provider for the family

Besides other different types of work he has done in his working history, for 5 of those years, my life partner Arnas have worked in natural fertiliser industry, first learning the full technology of "worm juice" production perfecting the process in practice, and later as a technician, product developer and research & development in soil fertility and soil microbiology, which is his new found passion, to be able to provide the solutions for soil restoration and improvement, so the food that comes to everyone's table is more nutritious and less toxic chemicals are used in food production. He can offer services in natural soil health improvement and plant help.

Arnas is facing a challenge of being self taught through experience and constant research, so it is hard for him to find that specific qualified job that would be paying enough for us to afford our own home. Currently he is making a small wage working for a car part warehouse to be able to put food on the table and going through high levels of stress.

I would love to see him happy doing what he loves.

The situation we are in

We are temporarily staying in my mom's ex's home and raising money to be able to buy our own home.

Long term goals

Our main goal is to become self sustainable and reduce waste, grow our own food, possibly share the surplus with people in need, while regenerating & preserving natural environments, and build our natural family business which will benefit humans and nature.

Doing the work I love most

Besides being a mum, I am a nature loving herbalist. I have experienced the power of medicinal herbs myself and currently self studying and practicing herbal medicine, nutrition and body, to grow my knowledge in natural healing. I also do photography, brand, product and website design, article writing and marketing myself, while being busy with family life.

To learn more about my ongoing work I put my heart in, please visit our website You can also support us by purchasing our actual products online or donating seeds, sapplings and equipment. The herbs that grow locally are picked and processed by my own hands from the clean wild places, although some of the products come from abroad from other trusted herbalists. To continue our work we need some extra support.

We are also going deeper into the wildcrafting and food forestry, to be able to wild harvest and produce food while promoting and preserving natural biodiversity. We are planning to share our journey publicly to promote such food growing systems and share our experiences and insights as we go.

Buying home

To be able to accomplish what we strive for, we need a firm foundation. A place that we can call home and have space to start setting up our garden and herb processing and other production facilities.

I have found a perfect peaceful homestead with a piece of land surrounded by the wast forests, I have always been dreaming about, currently at the price of €40,000. I would be the happiest person ever if we can buy it.

For our family this amount of money seems unreachable in our current situation, but if 40k people would donate a minimum of €1 each as one off donation, we would have a chance to buy our dream home and build ourselves up.

We are sincerely grateful for any support and your time reading this. If you see value in what we do and want to help, please share our story and follow us on instagram @the_herbalchemist, fb @HerbAlchemistOnline and fb for my photography page @MyWorldThroughTheLense and our new YouTube channel The Explorers for any upcoming fun, practical information and updates.

Blessings all. Love. Agne and fam.


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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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