STAND WITH STANDING ROCK- donate to help us build shelter for the Water Protectors

Update posted by brooke kent On Nov 08, 2016

Quite literally hundreds of lbs of organic produce, cheese, pork, beef, salmon and bread are amassing in the full bloom walk in. Taking strength from the outpouring of support in this neighborhood, and from those resisting in prayer and active blockades on the front lines at standing rock.
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Update posted by brooke kent On Nov 05, 2016

This is a photo of Rodger Parrot holding a box of neoprene screws and butyl tape. These will be used to attach the roofs onto the shelters being built to house the water protectors at Standing Rock.

Rodger is a 3rd generation metal worker and owner of Parrots metal, a small metal shop out of Merlin, Oregon. In the last 13 years he has rolled out 100 standing seam roofs that I have installed. Today when Matt Musselwhite asked how much we owed him for the metal roofs to cover the 3 buildings he replied, "Nothing, its for the cause.

By donating this, Rodger saved Shelter for the Storm $500 in our pursuit of warm dry cabins for water protectors. for all intents and purposes, he just donated $500 to the legal defense fund at Standing Rock.

In solidarity with the brave women and men on the frontlines in North Dakota, enduring teargas, sleep deprivation, rubber bullets, concussion grenades, psyops, batons and armored personnel carriers. We see what is happening to you at the hands of industry thugs in pursuit of profit. To meet you in support and soldarity is an honor and a privilege. #shelterfofthestorm #blacksnakekillaz #standwithstandingrock #bluecollarwhiteguyscaretoo

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Update posted by brooke kent On Nov 02, 2016

First walls framed and stacked. Well wishers came out big at the Shelter for the Storm event on the 29th in support the framing and transport of 3 insulated, heated cabins for water protectors to the winter plains of North Dakota.

Next step: food. Do you grow food, or know folks who do? We are also renting a Uhaul to drive across to Standing Rock, please help us fill it with sustenance.

Housing, legal defense and nourishment are our response to the repression and colonialism of rubber bullets, armored personnel characters, dog attacks and detainment. How will you respond?

#nodapl #shelterforthestorm #standwithstandingrock #welookhappyherebutreallywerepissed

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Update posted by brooke kent On Nov 02, 2016

Things are starting to really come together!

We have now done two days of milling from and ordered the materials for three roofs.

We also have received several generous donations:

-3 wood stoves
-3 doors
-2 sets of door handles
-3 windows

What we still need:

-2 more sets of door handles
-single wall, 6 inch stove pipe in 3 ft lengths
- insulation
-1 door (pre-hung)

If you have any of these materials and would be willing to donate, please let us know!

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Update posted by Inka Rein Jungwirth On Oct 26, 2016

Check out our diagrams of the shelters we are bringing to Standing Rock!

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Update posted by brooke kent On Oct 23, 2016

Wish List from Hoopa & Yurok Tribal Members traveling to Standing Rock November 1 (Shelter for the Storm will collect any of these items that you have to offer at the event on October 29th, or get in touch and we can work out a time to meet up. SOLIDARITY!! PLEASE SHARE THIS LIST!!!):

-Throw Rugs/ things to use on floors of temporary structures/Tipis - used are fine (just not trash)-Quality thermal layers

- high quality under layers - tops and bottoms, larger sizes more common

-duct tape

-nails and other building supplies

-any basic tools for construction

-lighters for stoves

-lanterns or other night time lighting options without batteries

-flashlights or headlamps


-baking soda

-garlic salt


-baking powder

-pancake mix

-oil for fry bread and pancakes

-chicken broth or boulion




-bean soup mix


-2 Propane ready Stove Ranges - w Ovens - plz no electric oven ignitors

-Mr Heater for 5 gallon propane tank (good valves ready for lots of use)

-Propane tanks (can be empty but should have good valves)

-2 13 gallon tanks
-3 7 gallon tanks
-4 5 gallon tanks
-Wool and other WARM winter socks

-Gloves for the people

-12 $300 gas cards for people driving their own rigs (!)


-Solar and Gas Powered Generators

-Excellent quality sleeping bags and pads


West Coast Women Warriors Media Cooperative's photo.

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Update posted by Inka Rein Jungwirth On Oct 22, 2016

If you donate $300, you will receive an 8 x 10 print, donated by artist Inka Linn. You can choose between two pictures, taken during her time sailing in Greenland in summer 2016.

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Update posted by brooke kent On Oct 17, 2016

True South is donating a $2000 solar system that will clip to the ribs of a standing seam metal roof panels. That is POWER WARMTH AND LIGHT for the winter. We are in awe of their generosity and support! See how it works at:

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Update posted by brooke kent On Oct 16, 2016

Today friends and neighbors Rocky Verdugo, Jessica Verdugo-Robinson and their family selected a fir tree of 17" in diameter, and about 80' in height. After prayer, song and ceremony Rocky felled the tree to the earth with a vibration that shook the air and the soil. From this tree we got 2 logs 12' in length, and 5 logs 8' in length. This logs will be milled mid-week into dimensional framing for structures in which water protectors will reside on the North Dakota plains in the Standing Rock winter. The die have been cast. #nodapl #shelterforthestorm #jumponboard

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Limited edition 8" x 10" signed and numbered art print from artist Brooke Kent- details on how to select and receive your print will be emailed. You can view her work at

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8" x 10" signed print by artist Inka Linn

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