Building a Poultry Farm in Uganda

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I want to build a poultry farm in Uganda. Together with friends here in Uganda, Kampala



Name of Project: Self-help to improve our life situation in Uganda

(Poultry Keeping/Farming).

Place of the project: Semuto, Luweero, Uganda.

Contact Person:

Mr. Kisegerwa Micheal (Uganda) – Tel:+256-774-299-121/701-102094
P.O.BOX 35662 Kampala, Uganda

Mr. Volker Glienke (Germany) – Technical Assistant, Accountant

Beneficiaries: Forty (40) Members.

Duration of Period: Two (2) Years.

Total Amount: $ 9,987.78


I. Overview

Uganda is the second poorest country on earth. If you want to know more about Uganda, you can find a lot of information about our country here:

After Britain left Uganda, we tried hard to do it in our way, but we failed. Although our president worked hard for our country and the situation becomes a little bit better, we are still the working class, if we get a job, if we got education, if we get a chance to change our life’s.

At the moment and that is part of our newer history too, we failed in building up economy. Asian people, mostly from India, are the owners of the shops and the companies. They drive the cars, they play golf and we are their caddies.You can find a very good explained video on youtube.

Most of the people here are under 26 years old, most of them are children between 6 to 16, orphans, helpless and jobless that is why there’s a need to start up this project to benefit our community.

The average wage for an adult is $30 dollar or less per month. Paying school fees for 10 children, renting a house costs $15 dollar per month, you have to life with your whole family (Extended family) in 2 rooms, the kitchen is outside the house. There is a toilet for 1 for 30 people, you must fetch water from a well in a distance up to 5 miles and we do live unbelievably painful and discomforting lives.

II. Personal information

As for my personal experiences, finding jobs and then getting paid on time and the full amount of your pay check is a difficult game to play. This is sadly even more true for native Ugandans, who often get the short end of the stick...getting lesser pay for doing the same job as a foreigner or not being offered/getting a job at all.

Many Ugandans face tribal discrimination (tribalism) when applying for jobs or getting help in government offices for official work. Bribery is a constant in the job marketdevelopment.

At present there is a strong demand or market for poultry products or food, especially eggs because of its protein content and meat.

The studies conducted in the central region by the UNBS, it was found out that there is a strong demand for chicken equivalent to 40%, but there is only 10% rise in the supply or production. This means that the supply is too low, even the existing poultry farms in the towns cannot meet the demand for local consumption.

1. Micheal Kisegerwa

Micheal Kisegerwa

I was born in Wakiso Central, Uganda. My father and my mother had 1 child. I attended a primary school. I visited high school and then Nakumba and Makerere University.
After trying to get a job in MAF Aviation, KEA (Kampala Executive aviation), Roofing ,Government sectors and other companies, I found out that the number of jobs is low, there are a lot of people trying to get a jobs and that we nearly have no chance to get into work if we are not fighting for it. With a friend from Germany we discussed the possibilities to build up my own project.

While working on the proposal Beatrice Adikini entered our team. She wanted to start her own project. We could convince her to join our team and start the project with us.

2. Beatrice Adikini

Beatrice Adikini

My name is Adikini Beatrice, I was born in Tororo,Eastern Uganda were l finished my primary school and high school, born of 1994. I have also an extensive labour experience in the area of services. I have worked like office assistant with Myreportorganisation.
That gave me a very rich social and cultural experience in different environments,since 2014, I reside in Kampala, permanently, with my aunt and her family. I became very interested in acquiring more knowledge about computer and systems sciences, so I began my studies at Kampala International University.
I have studied information technology at Kampala international University. I regard myself to be a very open-minded person, ready for new challenge, especially when it comes to technology. People consider me to be a social, temperamental person who does not hesitate in giving my opinion for what I think and believe in, honest and respectfully. They see me like a purposeful person and good in maintaining secrets.

3. Yusuf Ssenkoma

Yusuf Ssenkoma

My name is Ssenkoma Yusuf ,I was born in mukono central Uganda were I finished my primary school .I have experience experience in development studies in the rural development and have worked on different projects as supervisor and assistant manager.
That gave me very good exposure and experience in different projects and development , I stay around central part of Uganda permanently ,with mi younger brothers , ready for challenges ,especially when it comes development project in rural areas to and am very ready to acquire knew skill in advanced project development. Am hard working man and always willing and ready to learn more knowledge, Am social , having quick ability to learn and that’s one of mi strong points everybody comment about me.


Improve the economic condition of the members as well as other sectors of society/community as a whole.

Assist the government in reducing un employment problem within the society thus improving people/ members’ standards of living. Deliver food for about 200 people and deliver more products like feathers and fertilizer to support other projects.
As we know, that chicken is one of the nutriment we can produce without having expensive machinery, we want to grow and expand to other production areas. Growing maize to feed the chicken on our farm, will decrease our costs. But growing more maize could help to make some income with it and feed more people.
The tools we have then could help others to grew plants on the field next to the field we rent. So we can support others to grow vegetables or fruits. If they use our tools, they can give us some fruits for the time they rent it.

Future possibilities:

If we have enough fertilizer, they can get it from us when they clean the farm, and we can use it in our agriculture farm, also supply the rest in the community so that fertilize their crops as well. This will increase food for commercial as well family food. Poultry manure/litter is an important source of fertilizing crops.

Aggressive marketing set up for eggs.

Rural Development through promotion of livestock rearing. There will be bright future for poultry farming in Uganda, because it saves space and also it is better for birds to stay in layered cages. There are California cages available in the markets which are the best ones for poultry farming.

There are a lot of people that want to work, but they get no chance because of no jobs available so our farm will help a lot to give out the jobs to different members of the community.
There is possibility in future of making and hatching our own chicks from our eggs from the farm chicken by this we can get both chicken for production and cocks for food as in selling to the market hence source of income to our project in future.

More still in future there is plan to buy more land for farm in order to enlarge our project and still to start growing maize so that to make feeds for our birds and workers on the farm, thus minimizing the costs involved in buying feeds.

In additional to the above there need to start up sister projects such as banana plantation due to manure from the poultry farm and still pigarly coz they can each waste products from birds thus expanding our project and source of income in the future.

Source of education centre to the community that people could come and learn new skills around the country thus helping the community with skills and new knowledge thus promoting development of community as in developing roads and promoting poultry information for self development among the surrounding people and the community at large.


A.FIRST PERIOD – Preparation (First Quarter)

  • Look for workers and proper site for the project. The workers shall consist of the
  • Preparation for the tools, equipment, and necessary documents.
  • Construction of fences and poultry facilities
  • Giving of orientation/training, fundamentals ofhygiene including the methods/strategies in the operation of the project.


Manager (part time) 1

Secretary/Cashier (part time) 1

Poultry Caretaker 1

B.SECOND PERIOD – Implementation Proper (Second Third Quarter)

1. Purchase of the Layers and care for their growth

2. Distribution/Marketing of the chickens

C.THIRD PERIOD – Terminal Period (Fourth Quarter)

1. Assessment/Evaluation of the project

2. Continuity and expansion of the project

3. Preparation of documentary report to be sent to the donor agency









Project Board – During the transition period, the Board of Directors shall

first compose the Project Board in order to:

a) Direct the full implementation of the project;

b) Approve/Disapprove large financial transactions involving the project;

c) Possess the documents in the entry and exit of financial matters of the

project; and

d) Arranges quarterly meetings with the personnel who manage the



  • Makes sure of the proper implementation of the project;
  • Temporarily directly the production and distribution/sale in the absenceof a production officer and marketing officer;
  • Arranges the monthly meeting of the workers


  • Responsible for the clerical aspects of the project;
  • Assist the Manager in the day-to-day activities
  • Hold the documents of the meetings, properties, and financial transactions of the project.

Poultry Caretaker

  • Responsible for the purchase of layers, feed, growth, and production of the chickens;
  • Responsible for the care and safety of the chickens, including the poultry structures and facilities;
  • Assumes other duties and responsibilities that may be entrusted by the Manager.


The primary aim of this organization is to improve the economic conditional of its members, to educate and unite this sector of the community in order to assist the local government unit in its

campaign for job creation, roof and food.



When you book 1000 birds, it's wise to put in an extra of about 100 chicks to cater for deaths during transportation, brooding, and due to disease. I will therefore consider 1100 chicks for the start in the budget below; (Depending on our budget)

1100 chicken (each 3500 UGX)

3,850,000 UGX


Disinfectant(5 ltr each 75,000 UGX)[1]

75,000 UGX


Coffee husks (5bags 10,000 UGX)

50,000 UGX


lime (1each 30,000 UGX)

30,000 UGX


Traplines(7 each 40,000 UGX)

280,000 UGX


Small feeders(44 each 4000 UGX)

17,000 UGX


Small drinkers(14 each 9000 UGX)

126,000 UGX


Large feeders(28 each 30,000 UGX)

740,000 UGX


Automated drinkers (22 each 50,000 UGX)

1,100,000 UGX


Plywood (4 each 20,000 UGX)

80,000 UGX


Pots (6each 10,000 UGX)

60,000 UGX


Light source

350,000 UGX


Charcoal (5 each 70,000 UGX)

350,000 UGX


Newspaper( 10kg each 2000 UGX)

20,000 UGX



2kg per bird so 1100 birds need (2200kg each 2000 UGX)

4,400,000 UGX



9.5kgs per bird, each 950 per kg

9,927,500 UGX


Vaccination fees

700,000 UGX


Unexpected treatment

500,000 UGX


Water tank and plumbing

360,000 UGX


Beak trimming

150,000 UGX



23,166,100 UGX

$ 6,435


$1 = 3,650 UGX (Uganda shillings).

Therefore, each bird requires 20,000/= ($6) if you are starting from scratch.


Renting/Leasing of land,

price for rent/square meter/ 1 acre of land per month

price in dollar/month

price for 2 years (24 month)

300,000 UGX






Total Amount/UGX

Total Amount $






Iron sheets




















Labor(For construction the poultry house)



TOTAL Amount




$2,000 + $1,552.78



The profit will strengthen the organization as the members will be encouraged to join and

replace it, leading to the increase in the capacity of the production which in turn alleviate their

economic livelihood through self-reliance.

Through, these positive result, the project hopes to be continued through the years, and will

become the model in which other­people's organizations will replicate and follow as a means for

economic self-reliance and livelihood empowerment.

VII. Payment/Donation

We use the Paypal account of Mr. Glienke because here in Uganda we are not allowed to open an Paypal Account. He helps us to collect the funds an

[1] Reglementation: We are determined to comply with stricter European guidelines for the use of disinfectants and medicines to obtain the highest possible quality. Compliance with these guidelines will result in what we believe to be a much more biologic outcome, a healthier product and a healthier environment.

Fundraising Team

  • Micheal Kisegerwa
  • Campaign Owner
  • Volker Glienke
  • Technical Assistant
  • Goch, DE




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Dec 24


Update posted by Volker Glienke at 10:31 am

See update
Dec 10

Land to rent

Update posted by Volker Glienke at 10:34 am

Micheal visited the land we can rent for our project. Here are some pictures to get an impression of this wonderful country. The land is 1/2 acre (= 1250 squaremeters) and it will cost 300.000 UGX (82 dollar) per month.

See update
Dec 03

Example images

Update posted by Volker Glienke at 08:31 pm

Info:The pictures of the running chicken farm are for illustration only. They show how poultry farms could look or look like in Uganda. We want to build a farm that is safe for the poultry and will help to avoid deseases.

See update

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