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When I was a boy I often wondered how anyone could die of a broken heart? Did their hearts just disintegrate? Break up into tiny pieces and wither away?

Then, a few years ago, it nearly happened to me. Let me explain.

You see, I’m a dog lover. Not your average dog lover but someone who’s spent a great deal of their lives, caring for and ‘spoiling rotten’ numerous stray dogs that I’ve taken home with me and cared for like a doting parent with a new-born child.

A few years ago I came very to losing my own life from a broken heart.

It was a day that I had an appointment in the city and took one of my dogs with me

I left the dog in my car, leaving the rear window slightly open for the dog to get some air.

To my horror, I returned to my car, only to find that my little friend had managed to jump through the window and had disappeared into the bustling city.

After searching for hours without success. I left for home and retired early to bed.

The following morning I was unable to move. It seemed like every muscle in my body had seized-up and stopped functioning. All I could manage to do was to pick up my phone and call my doctor.

My doctor immediately called for an ambulance and soon afterwards I found myself hooked up to an antibiotic drip.

After 4 days on the drip my doctor visited me. He told me that he and the nursing staff hadn’t expected me to recover. That my immune system levels has dropped so dangerously low that he and the nursing staff had assumed the worst?

Now, all these years later I now find myself facing another catastrophe.

The pandemic of recent times, closely followed by the current ‘Cost of living crisis’ has left me unable to earn my living and pay my rent.

So now I’m facing eviction from my rented property and face losing all of my beloved dogs.

I can only assume that if losing one dog nearly cost me my life, now facing losing all of my dogs this time around will surely succeed?

So now, as I sit here with my tail firmly tucked between my legs and a much deeper understanding of how the immune system works, I wish you well.

Not farewell, as I still believe in miracles! Although they’re highly unlikely to happen to me.

My landlord’s patience has finally run out and I now have 1 month left before I am unceremoniously ‘bounced out’ of my house.

So right now, I’m literally awaiting the axe to fall!

So there, but for the grace of God, Suzy Q, Perky, Limpy, Lady, Puppy & Panda, go I !!

Then, as I’ve already stated, miracles can happen!!

Mal x


Malcolm Mendelsohn

Malcolm Mendelsohn

Sep 25

Please Help Me Save A Life! - My Own!

Update posted by Malcolm Mendelsohn at 03:32 am

Although the title of my fundraiser may sound somewhat melodramatic, a past experience I had can truly justify my fears.Some years ago, I lost one of my beloved dogs in the city centre. She had managed to jump through the window om my car, I'd left slightly open for her. . . . .

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