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Please Help..... Please Save Dreams

My dear friends,

Myself Susanta Pattanayak from a rural village of India. My state is West Bengal. That West Bengal where Rabindranath Tagore & Swami Vivekananda was born. I am feeling very proud for that. I am 38 years now. Also doing a job at my district. I have a cute baby with 3 years. I am staying at my native with my Father, Mother, Brother & my Wife. Complete happy family.

BUT….. there are 70% very poor & needy family at my native. They have not any minimum education, have not any minimum earning to maintain their basic needs. They can’t get two time sufficient food. Haven’t more than two three cloth also. They are BACKWARD CLASS.

I observed every year at winter season some people are came from big city with their big car to donate some blanket & cloth. They take some snapshot of that innocent people’s poverty and they are left. I always heartily welcome and appreciate to that bighearted persons. My father was a school teacher, now he is retired. I was seeing from my child hood that my father & two other friends of my father continue help to needy family for different issues.

NOW…. I will share a very pathetic & much painful experience with all of you. You please imagine that situation of those pregnant women from that BACKWARD CLASS. Who will become a mother with in some day or month. They can’t get minimum healthy food for two times in a day. They have not money to get better treatment from doctor & doing USG or to take medicine, vitamin or vaccines. They are also physically too week. They have not basic knowledge about daily activity during pregnancy. They always stay with their dirty cloth & unhygienic environment. They also bath in to open polluted pond. They are helpless.

But they have a beautiful dream into their eyes, they are really very innocent. They will become a mother, they will care to her new born baby. But reality are very cruel. Generally they born less weight or immature baby with different disease. Some time they lost their new born baby.

All dreams are washing out by tears. I was feeling that heartbroken incident at my 29 years old. I was crying whole night. That time I was decide that I have to do something for our mothers. I was start a recurring deposit account to gather a minimum fund for my mission. I was start my activity on the year 2012. With only two pregnant women. I arranged healthy food, fresh vegetable and fruits. I was provide them medicine, vitamin & vaccines that was prescribed by doctor. I also give detergent, shop , hand wash & cloth. I was try to give full mental & financial support to their family. That time I was supply all goods with my cycle only. And finally that two mother born healthy cute babies. That time I was crying after seeing their smile face. I am feeling very happy. I can’t express that feelings. That was my happy tears. It’s really a good experience first time I was got. After that I start painting picture and sale for collect more funds to help more mothers. On the 2014 I support to 9 mothers, 2015 support to 12 mothers, 2016 support to 10 mothers, 2017 support to 17 mothers & 2018 support to 21 mothers. I was support total 71 needy pregnant women for become a happy mother of a healthy baby. I arrange so many different awareness programme with women of backward class at different area. I was appreciated from different sides many time.

This year I was roam different location to observe actual situation of tribal pregnant mothers. I am very shocked. Not only in my native, are condition of tribal mother at everywhere same. Then I select only 196 from approx 950 too much needy & poor pregnant women. Who needs really more support from us.

Friends, I want to give full support to those 196 pregnant women with regular healthy diet, monthly doctor’s checkup, providing medicine & vaccines, hygienic environment with healthy practices to bring success their dreams. I also want to give free ambulance facility to bring city hospital for delivery. Friends I just want to bring a smile on their face.

So friends if we can help only 500 US dollar throughout her pregnancy period to each needy mother then amount will be 98000 US dollar. But I have not that much amount to help those needy mothers. I have a dream but I am really helpless.

That’s why I am begging near you. I need your help. Otherwise I can’t wipe tears of those needy & poor women who have a sweet dreams inside their heart, that they will become a mother of a healthy cute baby. So please friends I am requesting to you please donate something to bring smile on the face of that needy mothers. I know that it is a huge amount. But I have lot of trust to you friends, if you all donate little bit amount everyone then it will not impossible.

I am begging friends please donate something and feel an un-expressible happiness and peace inside your beautiful heart & mind.

Thank You

Yours Friend Susanta

From India

My PayPal Account: [email protected]

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Susanta Pattanayak


Branch: CONTAI

Account number : 50363578588

IFSC : ALLA0213479

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