Brian’s Battle with Cancer

Update posted by Brian Andanar On Aug 09, 2018

Hi everyone. I'm halfway through my treatment, just three more and hopefully it all goes well. Last July 23, 2018 I underwent my second PET-CT and the results were promising. It showed that most of my tumors in the body were gone and some decreased significantly in size.

I just finished my third chemo session last July 27-29, 2018. It went smoothly and I had no allergic reactions during the infusion of the chemo drugs but I noticed that after each session I experienced different kinds of side-effects. A day after my first session, I was nauseous and my body was very weak, I had to stay in bed all day. Then on the second post-chemo session, I was not able to sleep because of severe vomiting and diarrhea that lasted all night. Fortunately I was able to hydrate and eventually I was able to recover after 2 days. Recently, I had watery stools which lasted for a week, I opted to test my stool for fecalysis just to be sure and the results showed no parasites which was a good thing. I just had to adjust my diet in order to prevent dehydration and further stomach upset. Overall, I'm feeling ok and I'm able to adapt with the changes in my body.

Once again, thank you so much for your endless support and prayers. Words are not enough to express my gratitude for all your help. Please continue to pray for me because this battle is not yet over. Thank you so much. God Bless us all.

Thank you Lord for all the blessings and for giving me strength and a positive mindset.

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Update posted by Brian Andanar On Jul 18, 2018

Updating everyone regarding my chemotherapy session that took place last July 7-8, 2018.

The second session went smoothly unlike the first one. This time, I had no allergic reaction and the chemo drug was received by my body very well. I also noticed that the lump on my right neck area got smaller as compared to when I first underwent therapy. But, I had to shave my hair off because the side effect of the medications already took a toll on my hair. Alopecia or hair loss is one of the very dreaded side effects of chemotherapeutic drugs. I took this change very lightly because I had this hairstyle back in my college days. And come to think of it, at least I won't spend much on shampoo now. Hehe. Just trying to make things light.

This was taken after I had my hair shaved.

I would like to thank everyone again for your unending support and prayers. I am going through this with a positive attitude because of God and the people around me who keep me motivated and inspired.

Thank you also to my good friend Kevin Obispo for visiting and Pot Luck Grill for sending us some very delicious pork and chicken barbeque.

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Update posted by Brian Andanar On Jul 09, 2018

Maraming salamat sa mga naglaro at sumuporta sa 2-Day Basketball League nung June 30-July 1, 2018

Salamat John Dimaguila sa pag-organize ng Liga, sobrang salamat Tol! Isa kang alamat 😊

Sa lahat ng players, sa mga nagdonate at sumuporta maraming maraming salamat. Sobrang laking tulong ang nagawa niyo. Sa susunod maglalaro na ko. Hehe.

Lalong lumakas loob ko at ipagpapatuloy ko ang laban💪😊

Maraming salamat ulit sa lahat and Lord sobrang salamat sa blessings at sa tulong na natatanggap ko.

God Bless you all!😊🙏 @ Town and Country Executive Village


Thank you team Provocative and team Mangga boys!

Thank you team Titos of Town and team jpx/Guiho boys!

Congrats Day 1 champions, team jpx/Guiho boys!

Team cheerleader!


Thank you team Thugs and team Mejia Clan!

Thank you team DJ Labao and TimberLugs!

Congrats day 2 champions, team TimberLugs!

Maraming maraming salamat John Dimaguila sa pagorganize!

God bless us all! Thank you.


Hello guys, please visit my fundraiser. Your help will be of great deal to me and my mother. Thank you and Godbless!

Kristel Mae Matanguihan

Update posted by Jul 17

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Update posted by Brian Andanar On Jun 19, 2018

Updating everyone after my first chemo session:

The first drug that was given to me was Rituximab (Mabthera). The drug was infused slowly to observe for allergic reactions. Unfortunately, I had rashes and severe itching all over my body so the infusion had to be stopped momentarily. This is the most expensive drug among my chemo drugs, and that is probably why my body reacted because I'm not used to receiving such pricey medications. Hehe. Kidding aside, after a couple of hours, the rashes disappeared and the infusion of the drug continued. I had no apparent side effects such as vomiting, nausea, dizziness, etc. during my hospital stay. Hopefully, I wont have them as well after the remaining chemo sessions.

This picture was taken inside the clinic of my oncologist before I developed rashes:

The following day, the other chemo drugs (Doxorubicin, Vincristine and Cyclophophamide) were infused via infusion pump.

Thank you to my solid support system. They visited me during my hospital stay and have been there since day 1. Thank you to my family and to my girlfriend, Claire Estrada. You always keep me strong and determined.

I would also like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for your continuous support and prayers. I am very optimistic that I will get through this because of God and the people who have extended their help and effort in any way possible. We still have a long journey ahead, but anything is possible through Christ who strengthens us. Thank you, thank you! May God bless us all.

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Update posted by Brian Andanar On Jun 14, 2018

Hi, everyone! Thank you for your donations and messages of hope! I read every message and truly appreciate everything! I will be admitted tomorrow at the De Los Santos Medical Center in Quezon City to prepare for my chemo on Saturday!! I'll update you guys soon how the 1st session goes!! Thank you, dear God, for surrounding me with so many good people. Thank you everybody for giving me strength! #blessed #briansbattle

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Hi. I also need donations for my dad. He was diagnosed with kidney failure and needed to have kidney transplant to have a long life. We’re not yet ready for this kind of problem. We’re not capable to handle that kind of amount for my dad’s operation. And also, we can’t afford his medications and dialysis while waiting for the transplant. Hoping for your help.. My dad is the only one who’s working for us.. That’s why we’re really desperate to do this. Thank you in advance.. :(

Kristel Almirez

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Kathleen Reyes

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iuliana daniela dima

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iuliana daniela dima

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Laban lang. Sending hugs from TF international chapter!


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Praying for you. Godbless

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