Biboys fight against tuberculosis

Update posted by Sanne Sevig On Feb 24, 2017

We are so happy to announce that Biboy (and all his kids) are officially free from tuberculoses! That means 2 things: 1, He can recover fully and gain strength again. 2, He can now created things in his recycling art studio without being cautious that he will spred the bacteria.

We spent the money raised via this campaign on the follow:

- Weekly allowance of PhP1000 to cover for food for Boboy and his family. Total of: PhP 13,000

- Medical journey to see lung specialist and medicine: PhP 10,000

- Renovation of the house when it got destroyed by typhoon: PhP 20,000

- Emergency medical assistant at ER when Boy got the flu: PhP 7,000

Total: PhP 50,000

We now started a ned fundraising to continue helping. How: The first stage of the project was to ensure Biboys health. 4 kids depends on him and we needed to make sure he will survive the TBC. (FINISHED)

Second step is to gain strength for the whole family, psychically but also mentally - we want all kids to attend school and everyone to be able to eat properly - every day. Meaning allowance of PhP 1000 / weekly. (ON GOING)

Third stage - Continue ensuring the basic need of the family - their house was falling apart, they did not have enough clothes, etc. Build a kitchen, install toilet and shower. Cost: PhP 13,000 (ON GOING)

Forth stage - Set up business "Recycling Art Studio" for Biboy. Cost for material, sign, buying the first basic material: PhP 20,000

Fifth stage - Support the beginning of the business - help Biboy get clients and orders.

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Update posted by Sanne Sevig On Dec 11, 2016

Since last time we updated Biboy & Sunny went to Surigao City to see a lung specialist. We were nervous and had many questions - does Biboy still have tuberculoses? Does he have lung cancer? Will he ever gain weight and strengthen his immune system? How about his children, might they have TBC now as well?

After 4 hours of waiting, we were able to see the doctor. She has been part of the medical journey since Biboy's second round of treatment, 2015 and could now answer most of our questions. It was better than we could ever hope for!

Biboy does not have lung cancer. His one lung (the one still functioning) has actually improved since he stopped his last treatment. That also show that Biboy most definitely do not have tuberculoses anymore. This coming days we are doing a last "spit-test" in the local health center and after that we will know 100 %.

Regards to his immune system - with the founds you all helped to raise we were able to purchase an inhalator that improve Boy's lung capacity on a daily basis, we also got him temporary medicine to improve his appetite and some vitamins to strengthen him. If Biboy respond positive to the medicine and continue eating proper food (also supported by you) he should slowly be able to come back. Not 100 % because his one lung will never function again. But at least enough procent to see his kids grow up, start his small little business (we are now talking about a "recycling art studio") and to provide on his own for his family.

To ensure his kids health they will all undergo a test to see if any have active TBC.

We promise to keep you updated as we go and give you a over-view where the funding is being spent.

We celebrated the positive answers from the doctor to eat (Biboys very first time) in Mc Donalds. Minutes after this photos were taken Boboy burst into tears saying "This is the happiest moment of my life. I am not going to die, I am going to stay my kids".

Thank you for your support!


Sunny & Biboy

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Update posted by Sanne Sevig On Nov 22, 2016

Met Biboy today with his 2 kids and niece. He became very, very happy and less anxious when we told him we are going to help him to raise money.

This is not just a medical journey for Biboy and his family, equally it is a mental journey where your faith and hopes are being pushed to the limit. 2 thing Biboy have been dealing with lately is a verbal diagnosis from another doctor (not lung specialist) and the communities opinion that TBC medicine is for free and no money need to be raised.

Biboy went to see a local doctor, she is a specialist in hearts. He showed his x-ray of his lungs. The feedback he got was that she think it might be lung cancer and that he only has 1 year to live. This diagnosis was being made without any tests, only by looking at the x-ray. Biboy is off course devastated and announce the news to his family and church members. Please note that diagnosis is not yet backed up by any tests, not even blod sample.

Second thing us and Biboy spend time and emotional energy on is the saying that TBC medicine is for free. And yes, it is. But to refer to Hannah Thea Teves Garcia the NTP Coordinator of TB DOTS in Gen.Luna wrote on Facebook,

"Natreat na namu twice c biboy, have gven all d medications nd has completed his treatment already..nd he wasreferrd to specialist Dr.Lagunzad before the treatment startd."

Translation: Biboy completed his free treatment twice but without success. Now he is being referred to Dr. Lagunzad befor the treatment starts.

Conclusion: Biboy needs stronger medicine and need to run more tests.

We are aiming to personally assist Biboy in Surigao City on the 1st of December if the weather permits us to travel.

Thank you for all your support, please keep helping and we will keep you updated. <3


Nature Kids of Siargao

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Good luck Boboy ! & thanks Sanne & Steph ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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We met at church once or twice this year while we are staying on the Island. God bless you and your family Boboy. We will keep praying for you.

Jon Ransom

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It will be great to see you healthy again.

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