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Hello! We are Bulat and Diana (father and daughter), creators of the board game " Gladiators". If you are reading this and thinking about how to help bring Gladiators to life, you are likely:

- looking for a new fascinating game for an interesting pastime

- You like strategies based on individual battles. However, children can play without a well-thought-out strategy, but with a lot of time to win.

- or you will read and forget about it as a bad dream

But nevertheless, now, while you are still reading and there is not much time left before sleep, we are glad that you like strategies in which you need to make responsible, far-sighted and thoughtful decisions leading to victory! We have created a game that is not in the store, there is no emphasis on violence and cruelty, but there are competitions among themselves, exciting tournaments and battles for the provinces of Rome on the global map! Having started playing the first game at 12 o'clock at night, after 2 hours we realized that we were gripped by excitement, we had fun eating the time, which means we were on the right track.

We're new similar companies, but not new to organization and strategy. Therefore, we will use all our life (54 years for two) and entrepreneurial experience so that you get a beautiful and exciting game for your family, friends and acquaintances.

Without your help, we will not be able to bring this idea to life and give you an exciting excitement! We estimated that 100 people would be needed to print launch and other procurement costs. Since the game can be played by up to 8 people, please tell your friends and acquaintances, plan a joint purchase and give us time for production and delivery. We promise you will get an addicting game and have fun!

How to play

Participants walk in sectors, buy gladiators, armor, amulets, buy or receive resources and build buildings. They fight among themselves in tournaments, but most importantly, they capture the provinces of Rome! What can be captured from each other. For battles, there are separate game cubes and bonus chips that show the number of bonuses earned.

All this is insanely interesting and exciting, especially if you play in a circle of acquaintances, friends or family!! Communication, play and pastime without electronic devices are forgotten things in our time.

Risks and problems

We promise that we will make every effort to organize the production as soon as possible and send it to your address. It will take a certain time to refine all the details of the game so that you get a finished and high-quality product. We are ready for the problems that will arise in the performance of this work, since experience in organizing, negotiating and solving problems is already behind us. We will be honest with you and will report on all stages of work, unforeseen delays or vice versa good news. You can always email and ask how things are going.

Estimated shipping rates: Shipping is not included in the pledge tiers. It will be charged in the pledge manager later on, and will be calculated depending on your location and pledge. See below for shipping cost estimates for each pledge level based on current shipping rates.

Customs: Note that you may be liable to pay customs charges on the shipment, depending on your country of residence. Please check with your customs office to see what fees might apply.


Wish you success in the business you have started!

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Game "Gladiators" Basic. The game "Gladiators" will come to your house and you will be one of the first to play it! Each game includes 248 game cards, 5 battle dice, 2 game dice, 8 player tokens, tournament card, main card, images of paper coins of the Roman Empire. Delivery date: second half of December 2020. Not including shipping amount.

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Game "Gladiators" Rudius. You will receive the game Gladiators and the decorative sword Rudius. You will hardly feel the sensations that the gladiator who received Rudius felt, but you can still imagine all the greatness of this moment and take it home as a sign of victory in the game with friends and acquaintances (of course, with a return for the next exciting game).

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Aug 27

I apologize for the quality of the image, but people ask to show a prototype game in a natural environment)). There are no chips or dice in the photo.

Update posted by Bulat S at 11:16 am

Взаимодействие с другими людьмиВзаимодействие с другими людьми

See update

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