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Medical Malpractice; Lawyers and Cost (and what you need to know)

If you, or someone you love, has been the victim of medical malpractice, you may be experiencing a whole range of emotions right now. You may be wondering what went wrong? Why did this happen? Could it have been prevented? How will we cope financially? You may  be feeling angry, frustrated, worried, stressed, want answers but not […]

Sep 1, 2017 Fundraising Tips
Sandip Sekhon
GoGetFunding Founder

If you, or someone you love, has been the victim of medical malpractice, you may be experiencing a whole range of emotions right now. You may be wondering what went wrong? Why did this happen? Could it have been prevented? How will we cope financially?

You may  be feeling angry, frustrated, worried, stressed, want answers but not know what to do.

Having a good understanding of the different ways you can have closure for your malpractice complaint is one way of taking control of your situation and moving forward.

What are the different ways to resolve a medical malpractice complaint?

If you or a loved one believes you are the victim of medical malpractice, it is important to understand what resolution processes can be explored.

  1. If appropriate, contact the health care professional involved. Occasionally, discussing what went wrong with your treatment can result in a mutually agreeable solution.
  2. Contact the relevant Medical Board or Licensing department to report your concerns. They have the ability to initiate disciplinary hearings and provide you with additional guidance.
  3. Understand that many medical malpractice claims are subject to statute of limitations – this means there may be a time limit for you to report your claim. For example, if you live in the US, the statute of limitations for medical malpractice claims will vary depending on which state you live in.
  4. Consult with an independent health care professional to review your medical records and write a report on their findings. This is an important document as it can form the basis of your medical malpractice claim.
  5. Consider hiring a lawyer who specialises in medical malpractice claims. Their experience can prevent costly mistakes, saving you both time and money during the collation of evidence and the representation in court.



Many victims of medical malpractice not only suffer with ongoing pain, treatment and other stress related conditions such as PTSD, but are also dealing with new additional costs for treatment, therapy and medication arising from the malpractice while also facing a real possibility of a loss of future earnings, and so, are guided to claim adequate compensation for the associated costs.

Medical malpractice claims can take some considerable time to settle. In the meantime, victims are expected to continue with day to day living costs while paying for treatments, therapy, medication and any other costs that may be as a direct result of the injury.

To cover such costs, some patients have resorted to drastic measures such as remortgaging their home, selling their home and downsizing, selling other assets, taking out loans, maxing their credit cards,  turning to friends and family to borrow money, or even appealing to the generosity of strangers through the power of crowdfunding. This added burden understandably adds pressure on the whole family, and can have a detrimental impact on relationships and at times can make you feel like giving up. However, it is important to record all such costs and keep a diary of the effect this is having upon you and your family as it will become valuable evidence when assessing your case.

How much does a medical malpractice case cost?

Medical malpractice lawyers will often offer free consultations where you are able to discuss costs with them. The most common option for malpractice claims is a contingency based fee, more commonly known as a no win, no fee option with the average fee ranging from 25% – 40% of the award.

There are options to hire lawyers on a hourly basis, but this can prove incredibly costly with most fees being paid in advance – which can become another burden, and even risk you abandoning your claim.

Leading medical malpractice law firm Mary Malpractice state:

At Mary Malpractice we believe in putting clients first and treating them fairly and with complete transparency. As such, all costs and charges will be outlined to you at various stages of your case – you will see exactly what we have been doing for you. And we offer a complete range of payments plans, including specialist loans, monthly and weekly options, ‘Pay As You Go’ choices and even reduced rates for the out of work, students and persons over the age of sixty. We can help, whatever your circumstances!


Can I Afford a Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

If you are considering pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit the thought of the cost involve can often be enough to make even the most financially secure person wince. However, if you truly believe you are a victim there are mechanisms in place for you to resolve them matter.

You just need to find the right way to finance your lawsuit and the right lawyer to represent you.

If you hire a lawyer you should remember that you will still be subject to costs and potentially other out of pocket expenses. These could involve travel and accommodation costs, costs associated with the courts, plus other costs that are not covered by the no win no fee contract.

How Can GoGetFunding Help?

With  instant access to the internet and the explosion of social media platforms, crowdfunding has become an incredibly popular financial option for those in need of legal assistance or help with medical costs.

GoGetFunding has been a leading crowdfunding platform since 2011 and has been dedicated to ensuring it provides the best platform for people raising funds.

GoGetFunding is a traditional crowdfunding platform which has always focused on helping  personal causes such as funding to help family though a medical crisis or lawsuit. In our experience, people now consider crowdfunding as an option BEFORE loans, borrowing and remortgaging their home. If they are not crowdfunding for themselves, they may  see a family struggling and want to do something to ease the strain and burden they are under.

If you have been the victim of  medical malpractice and are worried about costs of pursuing a lawsuit, global fundraising platform GoGetFunding is here to guide and support you as you raise funds from friends, family and even strangers, who understand and support your cause and want you to get the answers and compensation you deserve.




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