Who launches a fundraising campaign?

Crowdfunding and fundraising is everywhere. You only have to read your local paper, browse the internet or see posters and flyers to know that there is a lot of fundraising happening – on your doorstep, in your area and across the world.


So who launches a fundraising campaign?


Fundraising campaigns are usually created by the person actually needing the funds, someone very close to them, or someone moved by their situation. For fundraisers who are raising funds for someone close to them it is always advised that they seek permission from the individual or family of the individual first. This not only helps improve the trustworthiness of the campaign, but encourages open dialogue and clarity between those involved – particularly in relation to the intended use of funds raised. For fundraisers motivated by an event or cause, this is more difficult, however transparency with donors can help generate a keen following and close ongoing support.


Why do they do it?


Have you ever stopped and wondered what actually motivates someone to launch a fundraising campaign? What actually makes someone go that step further and start raising funds, instead of simply giving funds? The truth is, there is no one answer. We have spoken to hundreds of fundraisers over the years and no two answers are exactly the same. Some have said they felt helpless and didn’t know what else they could do. Others say it was the obvious thing to do. For some, they wanted to ‘pay it forward’ and others they simply wanted the challenge.


What type of person chooses to fundraise?


To understand what type of person chooses to fundraise, you first you need to think about the cause. For example, at GoGetFunding.com we have seen a huge number of crowdfunding campaigns created following the recent and very ongoing migrant crisis. Here, there are two very distinct types of fundraising backgrounds for campaign owners. We have experienced fundraisers, some of whom have partnered together to strengthen their presence and reach. And we have first-time fundraisers who have been motivated by what they have seen and want to do something personal and hands-on to ensure they can distribute the funds the way they want them distributed.

So, we have the professional or experienced fundraisers, and brand new fundraisers motivated by an event or cause who want to control how funds raised are distributed.

Who else might want to fundraise? Well, you also have the very personal causes – these are often for close friends or family, who may be suffering a financial or personal loss, or may be in desperate medical need. These types of fundraising campaigns are often for unique, never-to-be-repeated events where friends and family want to show support beyond the physical and emotional support they are already offering – a way to help ease the burden of the situation. In circumstances like this, the fundraising campaign becomes a focal point for funds, messages of support, updates and news and of course, thanks.


Is there anyone else?


Charity, of course. This ranks highly in types of fundraising campaigns. Have you been touched by an event in your life and felt the need to do something about it? Just look at Marathons. The London and New York Marathons combined have almost 100,000 runners annually, all running for a cause close to their hearts. With social media, each one of those runners has the power to reach out to their families, friends, colleagues and other contacts for donations. Having money donated to your chosen cause is incredibly motivating and helps pull those trainers on in the morning!


Is that all?


Of course not! Fundraising, and in particular crowdfunding, is helping people raise millions – whether it is to continue education, get backing for a sporting venture, volunteer, get married, start a business and more! Fundraising knows no bounds and its potential is as wide as your imagination.


How easy is it to fundraise?


Fundraising can be exciting, challenging, hard-work, fun, disappointing and amazingly rewarding all at the same time. One thing we can guarantee is that with the right crowdfunding platform, you will have the best tools available to make your first fundraising campaign as successful and easy as possible.

If you’re ready to fundraise – what reason would you choose?

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Author: Sandip Sekhon

The founder and CEO of GoGetFunding. He graduated from University of Westminster and also holds an MSc from Cass Business School. Sandip is an avid martial artist and an absolute tech geek!

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