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When people think about crowdfunding, they immediately visualise viral campaigns appearing in newspapers and on social media sites. But, did you know crowdfunding can also be an incredibly discreet, private affair, too?

May 11, 2017 Fundraising Tips
Sandip Sekhon
GoGetFunding Founder

When people think about crowdfunding, they immediately visualise viral campaigns appearing in newspapers and on social media sites. But, did you know crowdfunding can also be an incredibly discreet, private affair, too?

So why would anyone consider using a crowdfunding platform for a private fundraising campaign?

There are a number of reasons someone may choose to use a crowdfunding platform for a private fundraising campaign. Here are just a few that we have seen:


Crowdfunding for a special occasion such as a wedding or honeymoon

When you are organising your wedding and honeymoon, you will undoubtedly be asked ‘what would you like as a gift?’ ‘Do you have a gift registry?’ ‘Is there anything you need?’. These questions will come from your loved ones, family, friends and colleagues. Does anyone else really need to know about your wedding? Do you want anyone else to know about your special day? Probably not – which is why a private fundraising campaign can be a discreet way for everyone to give monetary gifts (or donations to a charity of your choice) and leave messages of love and congratulations for you.

Crowdfunding for a private charity fundraising event

We have been surprised at how popular this has been. We have many large companies coming to GoGetFunding, because they want to host a fundraising charity event for company employees, but don’t want it to be in the ‘public domain’. By creating a private fundraising campaign, they can share news, photos and information about their targets, employees and so on, without disclosing this information to a wider audience. It also means that the company is saving time and resources by using a ready-to-go fundraising platform that is reliable, trusted and secure.

Crowdfunding for a sensitive cause

We regularly see fundraisers using our site for reasons they do not wish to become public. For example, they may need private surgery, debt assistance, urgent short term financial assistance for things such as business difficulties or even matrimonial separation and legal costs. By creating a private fundraising campaign the fundraiser can have complete control over who can view their campaign – which for some individuals is not only important, but vital.

Crowdfunding but minimising any online footprint

Some fundraisers are seeking funds for things such as relocating,  clearing debt or minor fines or simply registering for memberships for particular organisations that would help them potentially land a dream job or promotion. They know their future boss or landlord is likely to research their online presence as part of their background checks, and so by making their campaign private they know they are minimising any online footprint regarding their financial history.


Crowdfunding for a surprise event

This is always fun! Someone is reaching a milestone birthday or anniversary,  a couple have been saving for IVF, so the family secretly raise the funds needed for an extra round of treatment. or someone has simply been ‘going through a rough patch’ struggling privately with day to day living and this is an opportunity to show them how many people care. The list is endless, and always a delight to be a part of. A private fundraising campaign really helps control any accidental reveals!

Phased campaigns

Some campaigns on our site have exclusive rewards, and as an added incentive to encourage donors to donate early and help the campaign momentum build, some campaign owners will make a campaign private and invite managed groups of potential donors to visit the campaign. Once the first phase of donors have had the opportunity to donate and have access to the exclusive rewards, a second phase of donors can be invited and so on. This is a fantastic tool for business start ups, individuals and organisations that want to offer valued customers or members advanced access to some of the offers and information held in the campaign.

How is a private fundraising campaign different to a public campaign?

As the name suggests, a private fundraising campaign is private, but there are different levels of ‘private’ depending on just how important it is for the campaign to be concealed from the public or the intended recipient of the funds.



A public campaign can be not only found on our website, it can also be found through search engines and it’s own unique link.

A private campaign can  be protected in one or more of the following ways:


  • You can manage the distribution of the link, by controlling who you share your unique link with and how you share it. So for example you could just privately email the link to those you intend to see it. This in theory should be simple. However, as a campaign owner you have no control over who those people then share your link with and what starts as a simple private campaign can quickly extend beyond the group of people you intended to restrict it to. With this in mind, and with such great tools available, why take the risk, or have the worry when it can be avoided? This would only be suitable for those who want donations from a select group of people, but are not worried if the campaign enters the public domain.


  • It can be hidden within our site. This means if you search for the campaign, either by browsing through our site or by typing the campaign name into our search engine, it cannot be located. It should be noted that this level of privacy does not protect it from being searched and discovered by search engines.


  • You can choose for it not to be indexed. This means it will never appear in results via search engines.


  • It can be password protected. This means the campaign is not only not searchable on our site, but it also means that if anyone has access to the link to the campaign they are not able to view the contents without first entering a password that you have personally created specifically for your campaign. This has proved invaluable for some sensitive organisations, or for individuals that have very specific reasons why their campaign cannot be made public (for example legal reasons).


  • It can be any combination of the above – ensuring you have complete control over the accessibility to your campaign.


So, as you can see, crowdfunding can still be an enormously helpful tool in raising funds – even if you don’t want the whole world to know about it. Conversely, if you change your mind at any time and decide you’re ready to share your cause with a wider audience you can simply adjust your privacy settings at any time you wish.


If you want to learn more about creating a private fundraising campaign, why not register on our site and reach out to your personal fundraising coach, who would be very happy to guide you through the best options for your cause.





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