GoGetFunding Newsletter – March 2017

Message from Sandip (CEO)

Hi everyone!

Yet another busy month for the team at GoGetFunding. We’ve been delighted to see how many people our new Global option is helping. More people than ever can now raise funds quickly and securely through our custom-made crowdfunding service.

This month we have been concentrating on helping organisations provide crowdfunding as an exciting way to help their visitors achieve their dreams through our partner affiliate programme (read more about it below).

If you have any ideas or suggestions you would like to make to make GoGetFunding even better, let us know – we love to hear your feedback.

Features, Updates & News!

This month GoGetFunding has opened it’s doors wide to businesses, charities and organisations who have the same passion for helping others achieve their dreams as we do. You’ll be amazed at the diverse way in which crowdfunding can help. Below are just three examples of the types of businesses that want to help their clients get the funding they need, by joining our affiliate programme.

If you have the same passion for your visitors, why not get in touch? We’d love to hear from you. You can find out more about it, here




Absolute Sports Academies

Established in 2015, this Australian business offers services to Schools, Clubs, etc. who wish to provide an extra coaching service, for whatever sport, at any level with qualified and experienced coaches from established Local, State and National organisations.


Animal Experience International

Canadian company AEI empowers students, professionals, animal lovers and adventure seekers to travel by providing exceptional volunteer adventures.
It doesn’t matter who you are, AEI can help you make a difference



Chantilly Rose Weddings & Events

Chantilly Rose is a wedding and event planning company based in the UK. Launched in 2014 the company specialises in making others happy and making their event as memorable as possible.



Campaign Highlights:

hmfHenry’s Medical Fund

Henry’s campaign has really captured the hearts of his backers, thanks to the dedication and hard work of campaign owner, Cindy. With a great description, lots of photos and interest from newspapers, this campaign is being kept in the public’s mind – exactly where you want YOUR campaign to be!

Visit Henry’s Campaign, here




mbThe Tail of Mr. Biscuits

This campaign is a great example of what makes a campaign stand out. It has a great video, a memorable, relevant hashtag, total transparency on costs, updates, social media links, lots of photos an entertaining appeal and the cutest personality at the centre of it all too. We love it!

Visit Mr Biscuit’s Campaign, here





Take a look at some of the other fantastic campaigns raising funds right now!



From Our Blog:



Crowdfunding for Education and Learning

Whether you are an educational institution in need of an injection of cash, or an individual looking for self-improvement or self-discovery, crowdfunding is becoming an important element in helping achieving it….


Timely Fundraising Ideas for YOU:


Easter is coming! A time of new beginnings, fresh starts…and Easter eggs! Here are some Easter themed ideas for your campaign

mar1Easter Egg Hunts

It had to be here, didn’t it? Why? Because they are a perfect way to make sure the FUN is in FUNdraising! If you’re planning an Easter Egg Hunt, why not approach local businesses to donate eggs and prizes (perhaps even agree to a little free advertising along the way)? Make sure you have some ‘golden eggs’ that have extra special prizes inside – like gift vouchers, big discounts, or tickets to the cinema or free restaurant meals etc




The Easter Bonnet Parade

This is not just for kids! A fun way to get the competitive juices flowing at work. Charge a small ‘donation’ fee to enter, and make sure you have some great incentives as prizes. You might discover some new hidden talent, too!





Scavenger Hunts!

If you think Easter egg hunts are a little too tame, try scavenger hunts. These are great fun and can last the whole day (or even longer) as teams explore and gather items (or take specific photos) of things on their scavenger hunt list. Distance no object, travel method no object. If you want to make things more difficult but fun, present the list in the form of a crossword, map or set of cryptic clues. Happy scavenging!




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Author: Sandip Sekhon

The founder and CEO of GoGetFunding. He graduated from University of Westminster and also holds an MSc from Cass Business School. Sandip is an avid martial artist and an absolute tech geek!

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