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GoGetFunding Newsletter – April 2017

Welcome to our April Newsletter! Your chance to catch up on everything that has been happening this month at GoGetFunding

May 1, 2017 Fundraising Tips
Sandip Sekhon
GoGetFunding Founder

Message from Sandip (CEO)

Welcome to our April Newsletter!
April has been a pretty intense month for our developers. We have been looking at all the suggestions YOU have been feeding back to us, either through our user surveys, Trust Pilot or correspondence with your fundraising coaches and customer support advisors.

We believe the additional features we have introduced this month will contribute to a better experience for campaign owners and donors alike.


Features, Updates & News!


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New Features

This month our developers have been working through the suggestions and ideas YOU have been telling us you want to see, together with ideas we know will help improve user experience with GoGetFunding.

In the coming month you will notice some subtle but important changes to help your campaign:

We have now introduced an email reminder for donors who did not complete their donation. This means that if they accidentally fail to complete the donation process, abandoned it (we all get interruptions at the most inconvenient of times), or were unsure about donating, our emails will gently remind them their donation is waiting to be completed and provide them guidance and reassurance regarding the donation process.

You may have noticed new pop-ups up on select pages on our site, such as our FAQ section. These have been introduced to help visitors get the more detailed answers they need quickly from our support team.

Our ‘live chat’ service has been expanded and has broader operating hours than ever before.

We have redesigned the layout of each of the category pages, to maximise appeal to visiting donors.

We now have an additional sharing feature which reminds visitors to your page they can quickly share your campaign, even if they choose not to donate on this occasion (every share helps! ).

These are just a handful of changes, however, we still have some BIG additions coming in the next couple of months, so watch this space!


Campaign Highlights:

Sometimes there are campaigns that simply ‘break the rules’ for typical campaign promotion success.

These two campaigns disclosed very little in their campaign appeals, minimal photos were used and for the Cullen’s campaign in particular there was not even any great social media activity. However, they both attracted immense support from their respective communities. For Cannon it was the university community. For the Cullen’s it was their local community.

A great tip to remember when you are creating your own campaign; focus on those closest to you. If they know and believe in you, they will support you.


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Medical Student Fighting Paralysis

Cannon a 23 year old international Medical student at Ovidius University, Constanta suffered in a devastating car accident 24/03/2017.
Within days there were over 2500 shares on facebook, 316 backers and €20,110.00 raised.

Visit Cannon’s Campaign



unnamed (4)

Cullen Family Home

Glenn Cullen and his family lost their home in a fire on March 19th.

This campaign shows the power of local community. There are barely any images, very little story, but a community who know the family, were there for them and raised of $15k

Visit the Cullen Campaign




From Our Blog:



Your Crowdfunding Planner – How to get it right.

What will help maximise the chances of your crowdfunding campaign’s success?

Having a great looking campaign
Having a solid crowd of friends, family, business associates or community
Having a worthwhile cause that your crowd will identify with and want to back and share
Having a realistic target
Have a realistic time frame to raise those funds

So if you can tick all of the above, how do you actually plan and sustain interest in your campaign in order to achieve success?

Continue reading….


Timely Fundraising Ideas for YOU:

Can you believe it is almost May already? Easter is considered a time of new beginnings, and for some, setting a summer goal, target challenge usually starts straight after the last egg has been eaten.

Why not use this as a time to revamp your campaign, or if you haven’t started one, but have been meaning to, decide to do it today!

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Weight Loss Challenge

Why do slimming clubs and fitness clubs work so well? Because of motivation. If you have to attend a session every week, your willpower, commitment and determination is greatly improved. Why not use this to raise funds? A sponsored weight loss challenge is a fantastic way to keep that motivation going!




unnamed (16)Take It Off Line

If you have a fundraising campaign, don’t forget your offline efforts can make a massive difference. Now the weather is improving why not consider mini events to boost awareness for your campaign. Sponsored car washes, grass cutting, sponsored walks or litter collecting activities not only engage the community but are a great way to spread the word about your campaign while helping others.


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