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Fundraising Ideas For Kids

Getting kids involved in fundraising is not only fun, it can also be educational and inspirational. Fundraising helps to shape the next generation, actively creating a kinder, more understanding society.

Aug 25, 2021 Fundraising Tips


Getting your child involved in fundraising for charity educates them about the world around them and teaches compassion for others. There are lots of great causes you could consider, such as charities focusing on:

  • LGBTQ+ youth
  • Mental health
  • Fighting bullying
  • Disaster relief
  • Animal rescue
  • Helping children in poverty, and more!

10 Fundraising Event Ideas For Kids

There are plenty of great kid-friendly fundraising events you can run to help those donations start flowing:

1. Bake Sale

Get your kids and their friends baking, then sell their products at school or in the local community. It’s simple, tasty, and fun for all involved!

2. Yard Sale

Have kids go through their belongings and pick out things they no longer use to sell in a yard sale. As an added bonus, you get rid of some clutter around the house!

There are so many sponsored events you could run, for example, a sponsored walk, a bike ride, a fun run, or even a sponsored silence.

4. Fancy Dress

Have a fancy dress party or parade, or even a dress down day at school. Kids will love the opportunity to get dressed up and show off their outfits. Don’t forget to collect donations to take part.

5. Dog Or Car Wash

All you need is an outdoor space, some soap (pet friendly if you’re doing a dog wash), and some sponges. Everyone can pay a donation to have their dog or car washed and the kids will have a blast!

6. Themed Sleepover or Party

A sleepover or party allows kids to have fun with their friends while encouraging donations to attend. Set a theme to make it even more fun.

7. Art Wall

Have kids pay a donation to take part in this fun challenge. Provide plenty of art supplies, set a theme, and get the kids drawing and painting. Display their art on a wall for everyone to admire (this is a great one to get the school involved in).

8. Odd Jobs

Get those kids working for their donations, offering to do odd jobs locally for a small fee. Ensure they’re supervised and safe, of course.

9. Readathon

Set a reading goal, for example reading a book each week for a month, and have the kids gather sponsorships for reaching their goal.

10. Sponge Throw

A good old sponge throw involves plenty of sponges, lots of water, and a teacher or parent to throw sponges at. Charge kids a fee to have a turn and watch them giggle for hours. This is a great one to do at a party or a school fete.

Fundraising has so many benefits for kids and can be fantastic fun for children and their guardians! Why not start your kid’s fundraising campaign today?


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