Crowdfunding for Animals and Pets

If you are thinking of fundraising for animals or pets, we have created this post just for you!

While animals and pets may sound like two very similar types of fundraisers, the approach for each is very different.

For example, pets, are often considered to be one of the family – there is a unique and ongoing bond between you and your pet, so if you are creating a fundraiser for them, it is usually for a one-off reason i.e. vet bills etc.

Fundraising for animals is  more likely to be for ongoing causes such as helping to keep an animal shelter open, helping with ongoing repairs etc.

If you need to create a fundraiser, here are the top tips for each:


Fundraising for a pet:


  • Create a timed fundraiser for your pet – this creates a sense of urgency as the deadline approaches.


  • Photos – even though plenty of your family and friends will know your pet, adding lots of photos will remind them how special your pet is
    to you


  • Add a scanned copy of the vet bill. This adds validity to your appeal. Some people really don’t know how expensive pet care can be.


  • Explain why pet insurance is not being used. This is a common query from potential donors, so take the time to explain. If your pet is a rescue pet and too old for insurance, or if your pet care claim has been declined, let them know.If you never had pet insurance, or lapsed on the payments, let your donors know that too. Donors really do respect honesty, and would not want to see an animal suffer.


  • Be proactive. See if your local pet shop, vet or grooming centre would be happy to put a fundraiser notice in their windows or even a little collection box near their till. Some may even be willing to donate a little to your cause.


  • Provide updates on your fundraiser. If you reach certain milestones, thank all your donors who have help pay for the first part of your pet’s treatment, so they feel great about being able to help.


Fundraising for animals:



  •  Consider which type of animal fundraiser is best. In most circumstances it is best to create an ongoing campaign – this helps donors see that your fundraiser is committed long-term to the ongoing survival of the charity or organisation you are raising funds for.


  • Add a video of the centre/organisation highlighting their dedication and also why they need the funds so badly.


  • Add any logos or website links the centre may have (with their permission of course) to your fundraiser. This helps the donor see the connection, and adds authenticity to your fundraiser.


  • In your description, introduce a couple of the animals and talk about some of the success stories that have been as a direct result of the centre.


  • Be proactive. Get local newspapers and radio stations involved. We guarantee they love stories like this (and so do their readers).


  • Keep your followers updated. Even though you may have a long term fundraiser, you should aim to provide regular updates, to let them know your fundraiser is still open for donations. You can send out regular tweets and social media messages, but also need to keep the fundraiser updated with news, fresh photos and if you really want to grab their attention, some rewards or freebies.


If you want to create a fundraiser for your pet, or an animal cause close to your heart, click on the link below. You could be fundraising for your best friend within minutes!


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Author: Sandip Sekhon

The founder and CEO of GoGetFunding. He graduated from University of Westminster and also holds an MSc from Cass Business School. Sandip is an avid martial artist and an absolute tech geek!

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