Chronic Pain Therapy – Treating The True Cause Of Most Persistent Pain

On GoGetFunding – we often see medical campaigns fundraising for surgery and to improve the quality of life or care for those with medical needs. This changes the lives of many for the better. However, we also know that a good portion of these people used to or still do live with chronic pain – that might be chronic migraines, repetitive strain injury, back pain, fibromyalgia and more.


And now, as the founder of GoGetFunding – I’m happy to launch a complimentary venture that’s very personal to me – Pathways – the chronic pain therapy app.


Just a few years ago, I suffered from debilitating RSI pain throughout my arms and I tried every conventional treatment that you can imagine. That involved a lot more rest than I would like (thanks GoGetFunding team for being able to continue running every element of the platform without me!), massage, acupuncture, diet changes, stretching, yoga and finally – two invasive arm surgeries that one highly credentiatled doctor believed would address the root cause of the pain.


Nothing provided relief lasting more than a few hours. I felt like I had exhausted all options. I reluctantly, went to see what I thought would be the last doctor I’d visit. After a couple of examinations, the doctor explained that there was nothing wrong with my arms.


Mechanically, they were fine. But due to the initial injury, and years of desperate treatment, my pain system had become overactive and oversensitive. My brain was now in the habit of creating pain whenever I used my hands to do anything even remotely taxing.


She explained how the brain can sometimes create pain, with little to no stimuli. Like in the case of phantom limb pain, where someone will feel 100% real pain in a limb that isn’t there. The brain needs to be retrained so that it stops creating pain when it’s not needed or useful.


I went home and digested all the pain science that I could, knowing that if there’s a chance I could influence the pain, I’d do it.


74-pain science



Within 2 months, I was 100% pain-free. Life-changing and something that still amazes me to this day.


I now realise how many people suffer from chronic pain that will not find permanent relief unless they perform brain retraining techniques. This is the case for all types of pain that lasts more than a few months. From back pain to migraines, fibromyalgia, joint pain and more. It might not help everyone become 100% pain free, but the strategies and techniques will most certainly help.


Billions of people are living with pain when they don’t need to. That needs to change and I created Pathways, alongside chronic pain patients and with the influence of some of the most respected pain scientists in the world. We’re living in a chronic pain crisis and things need to change.


It’s hard to believe that I needlessly suffered for years and so many others are still in the same position. In this day and age, why is this still happening? This video explains it:



If you or someone you know suffers from persistent pain, download the app or let them know about us and our process. It could change their life! And if medical expenses for you or friends/family are the concern, as always, we’re here to help with that too 🙂



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Author: Sandip Sekhon

The founder and CEO of GoGetFunding. He graduated from University of Westminster and also holds an MSc from Cass Business School. Sandip is an avid martial artist and an absolute tech geek!

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