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Support Campaigns for Crowdfunding

What Are Support Campaigns And How Do They Work?

Support campaigns are, put simply, a campaign that helps raise money for another existing campaign.

But if there is a campaign already raising funds, why does it need support?

An excellent question! However, once you understand the purpose and flexibility you can achieve with support campaigns, you’ll wonder why they haven’t always existed! Support campaigns have all the benefits of a traditional crowdfunding campaign, however, they are bound to a master campaign. The master campaign will automatically collect all the funds from a support campaign, but has no involvement in the management, marketing or appearance of the support campaign.

Here are a few examples where support campaigns work really well:

Team events:

If you have a competitive fundraising event where you have teams raising funds for a specific cause, you are able to have your Master Campaign displaying the total of the funds that have been raised, but also a tab where you can view what each team has raised through their own campaign. This not only adds to the competitiveness of the event, but means each team can individualise their campaign page. So, if one team wants to have a sponsored head shave, but another team wants to enter a marathon, they are able to create their own campaign, rewards, targets and team members so that they can maximise the appeal of their campaign.

Phased fundraising:

If you have a campaign running but have other needs, you can create support campaigns. A great example is if you are raising funds for an animal shelter. You might want to break the campaign down into construction, materials, food, running costs, veterinary costs and so on. This allows donors to choose what element of the campaign they wish to donate to. Giving donors a choice of whether to donate generally to the campaign, or to a specific element of the campaign is incredibly rewarding for them.

Call for help fundraising:

If you have a fundraising campaign, you may just need some extra help. There are many campaigns where this could be applicable. For example following the recent refugee crisis, we had many fundraising campaigns on our site, but also many people contacting us asking how they can volunteer or donate or help. By allowing others to create their own support campaigns, they have the freedom to raise funds in the best way they know how – and with their own crowd – without worrying about how to get the funds where they are needed. This leaves you to continue focusing on your main campaign. Perhaps you could even offer rewards for the support campaign that raises the most money for your cause!

Here is an excellent example of how support campaigns work:

The campaign below was created by a division of Vodaphone based in Luxembourg. Their aim was to raise as much funds as possible to Help Luca Walk Again. They divided their work-base in to 5 groups and asked them to raise funds for Luca.

5 support campaigns


As you can see this was an amazing success, with each of the five teams fully participating in the campaign. You can just imagine how competitive things became! Take a look below and see that each support campaign has a clickable link taking you directly to their page (to see this for yourself, click the campaign link, here and visit the support campaign tab).

5 support campaigns extra

Feedback from the organiser clearly indicated that the creation of teams was highly motivating and encouraged everyone to raise funds, whilst having competitive fun in doing so.

Here are some frequently asked questions about support campaigns:

As a campaign owner, how do I enable the option to create support campaigns for my campaign?

If you would like to enable support campaigns for your main campaign all you need to do is click on the ‘enable support campaigns’ from your dashboard.


Just how easy is it to create a support campaign?

In three quick steps, a support campaign can be created with in minutes. All you need to do is click on the words create support campaign, next to the heart on the main campaign page (if the campaign owner has enabled the option) and follow the instructions provided.

create support campaign

Where do the funds go?

Now this is the amazing part! If you create a support campaign you do not need to worry about funds or bank accounts or any tax implications. Your support campaign is linked directly to the Master Campaign and all funds you raise go directly to them. As a campaign owner, this will be fantastic news!

How will I know who has donated?

Both the support fundraiser and the main fundraiser will be able to access the donor information at any time they wish, making any accounting, auditing or issuing rewards to donors as effortless as possible.

Are there any fees for creating a support campaign?

Support campaigns are an extension of the main campaign. All standard fees apply, but as they are taken at the time of the donation – which is processed through the main campaign donation method, the support campaign owner does not face any fees whatsoever.

What if the main campaign owner hasn’t enabled this option on their campaign?

If you want to raise funds for a particular campaign, but cannot see the support campaign heart on their campaign page, let our customer support team know. They would be very happy to approach the campaign owner on your behalf and remind them about this fundraising feature. We’re sure they will want to enable it for you!

Any final words for campaign owners?

If you’re thinking of creating a campaign for a cause close to your heart, remember there may be someone out there who wants to do more than just donate (even though we know how amazing that is for your campaign). Why not give them the option to raise funds for you, too?

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How to Fundraise for a Family or Friend in Need

Crowdfunding to help a friend or family member is an amazing gesture. Whether they are facing unexpected medical costs, legal costs, have a business that undergoing hardship (or desperately needs to expand), are in need of money to achieve or save something very dear to them a fundraising campaign can not only be an amazing experience of love and support, it can literally be life-changing.

Our website has seen many people raise funds on behalf of friends and family, but did you know these causes often raise more money than those that are started by the individual or family themselves?


Although we don’t know for sure, our years of experience and feedback from fundraisers suggests that when a campaign is created for someone else, it immediately tells potential donors that someone is trying to help someone else (one of the most basic elements of humanity), this often ignites an urge to help in others.

Think about it; If a parent has lost a child in a busy area, and is looking around for the child and asking people if they have seen the child, people who do not know this person, and will probably never meet them again, will automatically start helping or comforting them, or at the very least start telling others to look out for that child. They want to help and support the person asking for help AND they want to help the person who is the subject of concern.


Many fundraisers who are raising funds for a friend or family member in need will begin the campaign without them even knowing – which is understandable. There is no guarantee with crowdfunding, so to make a promise to them that crowdfunding will solve their problems is a risky strategy that could actually build false hope. Isn’t it better to start a crowdfunding campaign discreetly among friends and family who know about the issues they are facing, and let them know when the campaign is building momentum or has reached it’s target?

Please note; if you are not directly associated with the intended recipient of the funds, or are aware that they do not wish their issue to become the subject of a fundraising campaign, you should respect their wishes.

We suspect part of the success of campaigns such as these is because of the excitement around raising money for someone that doesn’t know what’s being done behind the scenes to help. Imagine their surprise when they realize that the financial burden that they thought they had no longer exists – and you were a part of that happening!

We regularly receive emails from people in desperate situations, asking for help or guidance with raising funds to help themselves. However, they are so constricted by their situation they literally do not have the time or energy to focus on managing a fundraising campaign too. This can lead to a downward spiral of despair. When we suggest asking someone close to help with the campaign to help ease the burden it is as if the curtain has been lifted and they start to realise they don’t HAVE to do it alone.


tears of joy


So how do you go about starting a fundraiser for a family or friend in need? Thankfully, our website makes it quick and easy. Here’s how:


1. Click this link to start creating your fundraiser.

2. Fill in the required information – that usually takes less than 5 minutes.

3. Share your fundraising link with friends and family. You’ll receive any donations immediately and will be able to track visitors, donors details and more.

It really is as easy as that!


Visit GoGetFunding & Start Your Own Campaign >


Security Concerns & How to Overcome Them

When you’re raising money for someone other than yourself, potential donors that don’t know you very well might have concerns about where the money is going. For example, they might wonder if the beneficiary will actually receive all of the funds raised.

As your fundraising link can quickly spread out of your immediate network and even go viral, it’s important to alleviate these concerns so that you can raise as much money as possible. These steps will help you do that:

1. Explain who you are and what your relationship is to the person / family that you’re raising money for. Most people you share your campaign with initially will already know this, however as the campaign grows people you may not know will still want to feel confident you are connected to the person the funds are being raised for.

2. Explain when and how the money will be sent to the beneficiary. Having an end date for the campaign not only focuses the campaign, it gives you an opportunity to tell your donors when the money is going to spent or handed over to the intended recipient. Providing proof of this with simple things such as receipts, order confirmations, or transaction confirmation notices in the update section of your campaign should satisfy any query they may have when the campaign ends.

3. If possible, obtain the bank account / PayPal information from the person you’re raising money and connect them directly to the campaign, so that everyone knows the funds are going straight to the person in need. This of course, is only likely to work if the person you are raising funds for, is made aware of the campaign (If you intend to use their PayPal account remember PayPal will email them when a deposit is made into their PayPal account. The last thing you want is for your loved one to reject the donation as suspicious!)

4.  Use the updates feature to keep everyone up to date with the situation. This is also a great place to keep people informed of upcoming fundraising events you may be hosting (things such as quiz nights, bake sales, parties etc are incredibly popular)




Other Ways to Help

Fundraising for a family or friend in need is an excellent way to help them when there’s financial difficulties. However, here’s a quick reminder on other ways to help:

  • Provide emotional support or get them in touch with a relevant help organization if needed.
  • Reduce everyday burdens. From buying their groceries to helping them wash-up – these little  gestures can go a long way.
  • Rally your friends and family in so that they have a network of support and aren’t just reliant on you.


Raising money for a friend or family in need can go a long way and the sooner you start, the better.

Ready to go now? Go ahead and create your fundraiser – it’s quick, easy and free to start. Need some inspiration? Discover great fundraisers.


Visit GoGetFunding & Start Your Own Campaign >

Update: We’ve just published a useful infographic on raising money for a friend in need. See it here!

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Private Fundraising for Individuals

When people think about crowdfunding, they immediately visualise viral campaigns appearing in newspapers and on social media sites. But, did you know crowdfunding can also be an incredibly discreet, private affair, too?

So why would anyone consider using a crowdfunding platform for a private fundraising campaign?

There are a number of reasons someone may choose to use a crowdfunding platform for a private fundraising campaign. Here are just a few that we have seen:


Crowdfunding for a special occasion such as a wedding or honeymoon

When you are organising your wedding and honeymoon, you will undoubtedly be asked ‘what would you like as a gift?’ ‘Do you have a gift registry?’ ‘Is there anything you need?’. These questions will come from your loved ones, family, friends and colleagues. Does anyone else really need to know about your wedding? Do you want anyone else to know about your special day? Probably not – which is why a private fundraising campaign can be a discreet way for everyone to give monetary gifts (or donations to a charity of your choice) and leave messages of love and congratulations for you.

Crowdfunding for a private charity fundraising event

We have been surprised at how popular this has been. We have many large companies coming to GoGetFunding, because they want to host a fundraising charity event for company employees, but don’t want it to be in the ‘public domain’. By creating a private fundraising campaign, they can share news, photos and information about their targets, employees and so on, without disclosing this information to a wider audience. It also means that the company is saving time and resources by using a ready-to-go fundraising platform that is reliable, trusted and secure.

Crowdfunding for a sensitive cause

We regularly see fundraisers using our site for reasons they do not wish to become public. For example, they may need private surgery, debt assistance, urgent short term financial assistance for things such as business difficulties or even matrimonial separation and legal costs. By creating a private fundraising campaign the fundraiser can have complete control over who can view their campaign – which for some individuals is not only important, but vital.

Crowdfunding but minimising any online footprint

Some fundraisers are seeking funds for things such as relocating,  clearing debt or minor fines or simply registering for memberships for particular organisations that would help them potentially land a dream job or promotion. They know their future boss or landlord is likely to research their online presence as part of their background checks, and so by making their campaign private they know they are minimising any online footprint regarding their financial history.


Crowdfunding for a surprise event

This is always fun! Someone is reaching a milestone birthday or anniversary,  a couple have been saving for IVF, so the family secretly raise the funds needed for an extra round of treatment. or someone has simply been ‘going through a rough patch’ struggling privately with day to day living and this is an opportunity to show them how many people care. The list is endless, and always a delight to be a part of. A private fundraising campaign really helps control any accidental reveals!

Phased campaigns

Some campaigns on our site have exclusive rewards, and as an added incentive to encourage donors to donate early and help the campaign momentum build, some campaign owners will make a campaign private and invite managed groups of potential donors to visit the campaign. Once the first phase of donors have had the opportunity to donate and have access to the exclusive rewards, a second phase of donors can be invited and so on. This is a fantastic tool for business start ups, individuals and organisations that want to offer valued customers or members advanced access to some of the offers and information held in the campaign.

How is a private fundraising campaign different to a public campaign?

As the name suggests, a private fundraising campaign is private, but there are different levels of ‘private’ depending on just how important it is for the campaign to be concealed from the public or the intended recipient of the funds.



A public campaign can be not only found on our website, it can also be found through search engines and it’s own unique link.

A private campaign can  be protected in one or more of the following ways:


  • You can manage the distribution of the link, by controlling who you share your unique link with and how you share it. So for example you could just privately email the link to those you intend to see it. This in theory should be simple. However, as a campaign owner you have no control over who those people then share your link with and what starts as a simple private campaign can quickly extend beyond the group of people you intended to restrict it to. With this in mind, and with such great tools available, why take the risk, or have the worry when it can be avoided? This would only be suitable for those who want donations from a select group of people, but are not worried if the campaign enters the public domain.


  • It can be hidden within our site. This means if you search for the campaign, either by browsing through our site or by typing the campaign name into our search engine, it cannot be located. It should be noted that this level of privacy does not protect it from being searched and discovered by search engines.


  • You can choose for it not to be indexed. This means it will never appear in results via search engines.


  • It can be password protected. This means the campaign is not only not searchable on our site, but it also means that if anyone has access to the link to the campaign they are not able to view the contents without first entering a password that you have personally created specifically for your campaign. This has proved invaluable for some sensitive organisations, or for individuals that have very specific reasons why their campaign cannot be made public (for example legal reasons).


  • It can be any combination of the above – ensuring you have complete control over the accessibility to your campaign.


So, as you can see, crowdfunding can still be an enormously helpful tool in raising funds – even if you don’t want the whole world to know about it. Conversely, if you change your mind at any time and decide you’re ready to share your cause with a wider audience you can simply adjust your privacy settings at any time you wish.


If you want to learn more about creating a private fundraising campaign, why not register on our site and reach out to your personal fundraising coach, who would be very happy to guide you through the best options for your cause.




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GoGetFunding Newsletter – April 2017

Message from Sandip (CEO)

Welcome to our April Newsletter!
April has been a pretty intense month for our developers. We have been looking at all the suggestions YOU have been feeding back to us, either through our user surveys, Trust Pilot or correspondence with your fundraising coaches and customer support advisors.

We believe the additional features we have introduced this month will contribute to a better experience for campaign owners and donors alike.


Features, Updates & News!


unnamed (12)

New Features

This month our developers have been working through the suggestions and ideas YOU have been telling us you want to see, together with ideas we know will help improve user experience with GoGetFunding.

In the coming month you will notice some subtle but important changes to help your campaign:

We have now introduced an email reminder for donors who did not complete their donation. This means that if they accidentally fail to complete the donation process, abandoned it (we all get interruptions at the most inconvenient of times), or were unsure about donating, our emails will gently remind them their donation is waiting to be completed and provide them guidance and reassurance regarding the donation process.

You may have noticed new pop-ups up on select pages on our site, such as our FAQ section. These have been introduced to help visitors get the more detailed answers they need quickly from our support team.

Our ‘live chat’ service has been expanded and has broader operating hours than ever before.

We have redesigned the layout of each of the category pages, to maximise appeal to visiting donors.

We now have an additional sharing feature which reminds visitors to your page they can quickly share your campaign, even if they choose not to donate on this occasion (every share helps! ).

These are just a handful of changes, however, we still have some BIG additions coming in the next couple of months, so watch this space!


Campaign Highlights:

Sometimes there are campaigns that simply ‘break the rules’ for typical campaign promotion success.

These two campaigns disclosed very little in their campaign appeals, minimal photos were used and for the Cullen’s campaign in particular there was not even any great social media activity. However, they both attracted immense support from their respective communities. For Cannon it was the university community. For the Cullen’s it was their local community.

A great tip to remember when you are creating your own campaign; focus on those closest to you. If they know and believe in you, they will support you.


unnamed (13)


Medical Student Fighting Paralysis

Cannon a 23 year old international Medical student at Ovidius University, Constanta suffered in a devastating car accident 24/03/2017.
Within days there were over 2500 shares on facebook, 316 backers and €20,110.00 raised.

Visit Cannon’s Campaign



unnamed (4)

Cullen Family Home

Glenn Cullen and his family lost their home in a fire on March 19th.

This campaign shows the power of local community. There are barely any images, very little story, but a community who know the family, were there for them and raised of $15k

Visit the Cullen Campaign




From Our Blog:



Your Crowdfunding Planner – How to get it right.

What will help maximise the chances of your crowdfunding campaign’s success?

Having a great looking campaign
Having a solid crowd of friends, family, business associates or community
Having a worthwhile cause that your crowd will identify with and want to back and share
Having a realistic target
Have a realistic time frame to raise those funds

So if you can tick all of the above, how do you actually plan and sustain interest in your campaign in order to achieve success?

Continue reading….


Timely Fundraising Ideas for YOU:

Can you believe it is almost May already? Easter is considered a time of new beginnings, and for some, setting a summer goal, target challenge usually starts straight after the last egg has been eaten.

Why not use this as a time to revamp your campaign, or if you haven’t started one, but have been meaning to, decide to do it today!

unnamed (15)

Weight Loss Challenge

Why do slimming clubs and fitness clubs work so well? Because of motivation. If you have to attend a session every week, your willpower, commitment and determination is greatly improved. Why not use this to raise funds? A sponsored weight loss challenge is a fantastic way to keep that motivation going!




unnamed (16)Take It Off Line

If you have a fundraising campaign, don’t forget your offline efforts can make a massive difference. Now the weather is improving why not consider mini events to boost awareness for your campaign. Sponsored car washes, grass cutting, sponsored walks or litter collecting activities not only engage the community but are a great way to spread the word about your campaign while helping others.


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