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Update posted by cyndm29 On Sep 06, 2013

Received a referral from a kind friend, to get a second opinion, which we did today @ Greystone Animal Hospital...

Good news is we got a considerable amount less of an estimate.. $591 compared to the original $700-$800 from the first Hospital

Bad news is (well actually its good news in disquise)... the growth needs to be removed asap.. waiting until the end of the month there is a higher/likely threat of it growing and spreading causing more problems for Cody...since it is getting bigger. I was not warned of that from the previous vet either.

She also advised for Cody to stop taking the antibiotic the first vet prescribed him.(.it was making him vomit )..and told me that most dogs do not do well on that antibiotic.. and the milligrams prescribed were way too strong for Cody's size. So he is on a different one more suited for his condition and size.

Thank you again for your help, concern, thoughts and prayers.. i will keep you updated on his situation.






















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