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Update posted by Mikael Falkenfjaerd On Dec 13, 2021

Hi, I want to build a new social platform. Which is more secure than what facebook is today. There are very many fake accounts and not so safe for the user. I want to build a support in every country that you open up in. A support you can contact and which is available 24/7. The social platform must follow the country's laws and rules you live in. I experience that Facebook does not follow all the country's laws and rules. It invents its own rules that are not optimal for the user. I myself have been suspended from facebook for 3 days without finding out why. The support is absent and it is very difficult to find out things for yourself.

I also want to create a charity unit where all users are involved and choose what to do in their own country. What is important to the user. That 90% of all surplus goes back to the local community and the country in which the user lives in. Together we can create a better world. This is something I have been thinking about for a long time that I want to do.

I hope that there are people who are willing to invest in this project and help out to build a better world together.

You who donate are more than welcome to provide input on what you want a social platform to contain and work. I'm just happy to get tips from you all.

Best regard


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