Updates on Dog rescue project in Lombok / Karin & Dede

Update posted by Muhaidi Muhaidi On Dec 04, 2021

Especially after the update yesterday I can't believe I have to write this. Still in shock and honestly heart broken. We have to let you guys know that precious Hope past away this morning. We didn't see any signs showing she wasn't doing well. It was very unexpected. She was still running towards us, wiggling her tail, this very morning. One hour later she suddenly stopped breathing. We tried giving her CPR but unfortunately that was unsuccessful.

Though we are still in shock, we are so grateful for the time we did get to spend with her. She was one precious, sweet and special soul. We can only hope she was happy for the time she was here.

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Update posted by Muhaidi Muhaidi On Dec 03, 2021

So happy to update you guys that Luna and the puppies have been doing amazing this past week!

After a major down again when Luna got more wounds on her leg again, they finally all seem to be healing well. We still have a long way to go, but things are finally really looking up. She's eating and drinking well, looks way more vibrant and energetic and is starting to enjoy cuddles and affection very much. She has found her favorite spot outside her dog house and is enjoying laying in the sand again when possible (raining season). We haven't been able to focus much on her back legs for the last few weeks, but we do see her still moving her legs and tail sometimes. There are definitely still working nerves there. So when the time comes to focus on this again, we're gonna do whatever we can to help her walk again πŸ’ͺ🏼

The puppies are still doing great and getting so big. They are just over 3 weeks old now, curious and exploring as much as they can. They're also starting to play and it's the cutest thing to witness!

Let's all hope the next update will be this positive again, and thanks again for everyone supporting Luna and her puppies! 🧑

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Update posted by Muhaidi Muhaidi On Nov 19, 2021

Hi guys! I haven't posted about Luna and the puppies in a few days. This is because Luna hasn't been doing too well, and most pictures of the last few days aren't very nice to look at (more for a vet's eye). She is eating bit by bit, but still not enough and got a few more wounds on her left front leg, plus an extremely swollen foot. It just seems like she can't catch a break sometimes πŸ˜”

She is still taking care of the puppies as best she can, which is absolutely amazing in her condition. The puppies still seem very healthy and have opened their eyes. Even Lucky opened his two eyes when he was supposed to only have one πŸ‘€ another miracle I guess ✨

We are super proud of how Luna keeps going through all the pain and still takes care of her puppies so well. We try our hardest to make her feel as comfortable as possible. We'd also like to thank everyone again for their support. Without that we doubt if Luna would have made it this far and then things could've been very different for her puppies as well 🐢🧑

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Update posted by Muhaidi Muhaidi On Nov 15, 2021

Luna had not been too great for the past two days. She still has diarrhea (normal after giving birth, but it's been a week) but now there is/was also blood mixed in it. She hardly wanted to eat anything. Nothing more than a few pieces of chicken a day. She was very stressed and restless. Pacing around, slapping her broken front leg around, howling like there was no tomorrow and focussing less on her puppies. The last time we changed her bandage we could see the bone again. This made us worry even more. Feeling a bit desperate even. It's impossible to stop her from moving around completely, especially now. But it seemed that everytime she did move around, the bone would come out again. She also just didn't look right out of her eyes, like she had given up a bit. All together, this got us very, very worried. Unfortunately it was Sunday and all veterinary clinics were closed. In the evening a vet student came over to give her some vitamins and something against the diarrhea. But for a complete check up we had to wait till the next day.

So today the vet came. The same vet that has operated on her broken leg before and knows Luna's history. We changed the bandage on Luna's broken leg together. She was also worried something went wrong with the operation and the bone kept sticking out. But that turned out not to be the case. The bone that we saw, was a piece of the bone that completely broke off. A centimeter long maybe. That piece was now stuck to the bandage, and the wound actually looked really well! So even with everything that happened the past week, with her moving around so much and even slapping the leg at times, it still healed more again. That piece of bone was also part of the reason why the wound healed a bit slow. If everything goes alright, the wound should be healed in about a week. When it's all healed and dry, she can finally get a cask around her leg which will help heal her broken leg.

The vet also gave Luna additional vitamins and other medication that will hopefully stop the bloody diarrhea. It's a good chance that she doesn't eat because of the diarrhea so that would be solved then too. It should be better in 1 or 2 days. If not, it might be a virus and she would need antibiotics. That wouldn't be ideal in her situation, so we hope for the best.

After checking Luna, the vet went on to the puppies. We are very happy that all three seem healthy. However, she did notice that Lucky probably only has 1 eye. But as you know, what makes us different is what makes us special. And who knows, we might change his name to Pirate and then he'll just grow up to be one bad ass one eyed dog πŸ˜‰.

Tonight Luna eat some dinner again! And she also craved affection again. We are hopeful these are both signs of her getting stronger and happier again. Thank you all for making this possible!! 🧑

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