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Update posted by Maria Alyn Jante On Nov 19, 2021

Dear friends, this is a message from Red'd father Michael, and a youtube video tribute to his memory:

"As we have already laid my son Red to rest, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who extended help may it be financially, spiritually, emotionally, and in your own little ways during our family's extremely trying time. Our family deeply appreciates everything.

We may have lost Red here in the mortal plane but we gained an angel in return.

Please continue to pray for Red and for our family."

- Michael Santos (Red's dad)

The family is still trying to find out what caused Red's sudden illness and death; they are waiting on the final autopsy report which may take several months.

We are keeping this fundraising page up for anyone who wants to help the family pay the hospital bills which is in excess of a million pesos.

God bless you all.

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Update posted by Maria Alyn Jante On Nov 12, 2021

I write this with a heavy heart. Early on Friday morning, after more than a month of valiantly fighting for his life, Red's heart went into arrhythmia and then simply stopped. His fight is over and he is beyond pain; our brave sweet boy dwells now with the angels. His memory will be engraved forever in our hearts.

Thank you for your prayers and support - Red's family needs them now more than ever. Unfortunately the hospital bills are massive - more than one million pesos. The family is on an installment plan to pay it off but any small amount to help would be deeply appreciated.

God bless you all.

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Update posted by Maria Alyn Jante On Nov 04, 2021

Today Red had a tracheotomy to insert the ventilator tube directly into his throat and by God's grace it went well. In about a week they will train him how to talk with that in. He is awake most of the time now; in fact sometimes unable to sleep for days. We are still waiting on results of the genetic test from UP.

Please continue to pray for Red, that he continues to fight this mystery illness, and that a path for healing may be found. We are so grateful for all the kindness and donations from family, friends, and strangers who have reached out. May the Lord bless you all and keep you in the palm of His hand.

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Update posted by Maria Alyn Jante On Oct 22, 2021

Yesterday was scary - Red's BP crashed and he was back in critical condition, unable to breathe on his own and unable to move his body from the neck down. But with the help of your prayers he is awake now and can slightly move his leg, although he still needs the ventilator. His courage is indomitable.

Please keep praying for him - it really helps.

Good news on the Paypal front - they have started verifying donations so funds are beginning to get reflected on the fundraising total. Bad news is the hospital bills are mounting fast and are already at a million pesos. If you can find it in your heart to donate, any amount would really help.

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Update posted by Maria Alyn Jante On Oct 15, 2021

Wonderful news - Red woke up for the first time in ICU today! It is a a very hopeful sign and shows that everyone's prayers are working! He is still going in and out of consciousness, but he is fighting hard to beat this sickness.

Please continue to pray for him.

Also, if you want to help but don't have Paypal, we have added the GCash and BPI account numbers of Red's dad to the main page. Any amount is deeply appreciated.

The family is so grateful for everyone's loving support and kindness.

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Update posted by Adelaida Santos On Oct 13, 2021

Thank you for your support and donations. Currently the site is waiting for Paypal to verify each transaction, apparently this may take days. In the meantime Paypal is keeping a hold on it, so it may take days until the amounts update.

Guardedly good news - the doctors say Red is showing some minimal signs of improvement. They are reducing his meds slightly to try and rest his kidneys. The most optimistic prediction is two more weeks in the ICU.

We are praying he regains consciousness soon. Thank you again for your support - it means so much to everyone who loves Red.

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