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Update posted by Rissa Egitia Yuniarti On Oct 04, 2021

Hi kindest people,

For the last few days since my donation is live, I remember again how good gratitude feels. It warms my heart so much knowing that you're offering your help without hesitation, especially in this difficult time. I'll be forever grateful for this.

Thanks to your help, I'm able to pay off some of my debts in 3 different online loan apps. You have no idea how soundly I'm sleeping since last week. This possibilities instill a big hope inside of me, that somehow I'll make it out of the woods, with your genuine help (both with your donation and with your prayer). Thank you, thank you, thank you, and I'll say a thousand times over because that's how tankful I am for your help, for your existence. :)

But, I'm still deep inside the woods. I'm doing the best I can to stay afloat, to take one step at a time, I'm still trying to find another side job that would fit into my daily schedule, and I'll never stop doing it.

Once again, thank you!

With love,


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