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Update posted by Marina Evriviadou On Sep 10, 2021

Giorkos has his remaining 2 teeth removed and got to keep his canines! Unfortunately though the x-rays showed his jaw bone are disintegrating and a small tumour, which a sample was taken for analysis. This results in our need to raise a lil more for his vet bills. I have attached the vet bills in the photo album. Here is a photo of Gio at his foster mummy's home, the day after the surgery. She is doing her best to keep him happy and pain free. Donate a lil to help him have a chance to get adopted and live a wonderful life!

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Update posted by Marina Evriviadou On Aug 29, 2021

Giorkos went for his check up and is due to have a shaky canine and other teeth removed in 10 days and we have hardly raised any funds for him. Rescuers and fosters care for many cats and such bills are hard to cover. How can we rescue more when we can't pay the bills? Please consider donating for this ex tom cat, who lived in pain in the streets. He walked through the kitchen window on afternoon and cried for help! How could I look the other way? He deserves a good life. Help make his dream of a loving home come true!

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