Update posted by Bunny Rescue Bulgaria On Jun 30, 2021

It was Gracie's turn for her ear procedure. Both her ears are inflamed, but fortunately only one bull has pus (in Elliott both bulls are full of pus). Gracie's ear canal width allows us to use a video otoscope to flush both ear canals. For the procedure, she was anesthetized (intravenously and with gas anesthesia), and a rigid endoscope was inserted into the external ear canal with a video otoscope. Bacteriology samples were taken during the procedure and both canals were flushed. The left canal is very narrow and even with the narrowest endoscope we cannot reach her eardrum. Her right canal was filled with a lot of pus and parts of the mucosa and steam torn the eardrum. This procedure is repeated weekly. Until the next procedure, Gracie will drink anti-inflammatory and put antibiotic drops in her ears. Elliott was with her for company and a checkup. Unfortunately, there is a complication in the healing of his wound, and the ear heals more slowly. Although the wound on his ear looks painful, he feels good - he eats very well. The wound is cleaned daily and the veil is washed (then a bandage is applied).

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Update posted by Bunny Rescue Bulgaria On May 25, 2021

Тhe aforementioned foundation still decides to give Elliott BGN 772 / EUR 395, this amount has been added as collected offline.

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Update posted by Bunny Rescue Bulgaria On May 21, 2021

We are happy to announce that, thanks to your support, the first procedure was done successfully!

2 more to go!

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Update posted by Bunny Rescue Bulgaria On May 18, 2021

Hey guys, just a quick update! The organisation that promised us the help for the bun-buns has decided to help some kitties instead and to cease activity, so ... it is only us again!

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Update posted by Bunny Rescue Bulgaria On May 03, 2021

Hi, everyone! We would like to inform you that a lovely organization stepped in to help us cover the costs of the surgery at Central Veterinary Clinic. That organization is Handmade Orange Cat's. They will be donating 1700 BGN (850 EUR) towards Elliott and Gracie's expected surgery bill. This fundraiser will cover the rest plus aftercare. In addition, we will be getting maximum discounts so that the expected total is 2160 BGN instead of 3400. The surgeries will be done one ear at a time at Central Veterinary Clinic, and the bunnies will be monitored and provided aftercare at Green Do Veterinary Clinic. We will be posting regular updates. We would like to thank our vets, our supporters, and Handmade Orange Cat's.


Wonderful! Fingers crossed for the little dears.

Filipe Carvalhosa

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